Beginner’s Track and Field: Learning the Javelin Throw

Beginner’s Track and Field: Learning the Javelin Throw
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 What’s a javelin?

The Javelin toss is a field sport and a popular javelin track that is played in college, high schools, where the metal-tipped spear is hurled as far as possible. This sport is also very popular in the Olympics. You need proper Javelin training and learn Javelin throw techniques and mastery to throw a javelin correctly. You need to have strength and stability. 

 Learn how to throw Javelin correctly?

Approaching the ThrowJavelin

The first step is to grip the pole correctly. Place it in the crease of your hand. Keep the pointed side of the Javelin in the direction where you will throw. Keep in line with your eyes. Keep your fist relaxed and not tense. You can choose from the following grips:


  • The American grip: place your thumb and index finger joints behind the cord. Wrap the hands around the pole, but extend the index finger a little more compared to other fingers.
  • The Finnish grip: place the thumb and index finger joints behind the cord, let the index finger support the pole shaft. The middle finger should be removed from the ring and the pinkie finger.
  • The “V” grip: hold the Javelin between middle finger, index finger, and behind the cord. Similar to making a peace sign with fingers and then place it below the Javelin.

Hold the Javelin up near your head.

Before you begin to run, lift the Javelin up the shoulder level and even with your head. Point the tip towards the ground slightly.

  • Point the elbow forward slightly, and keep the bicep parallel with the ground.
  • Turn the palm in the direction of the sky, and create a natural platform to rest the Javelin.

how to throw javelin

Take the “Approach Run.”

Start running toward the target. Take 9-14 steps if you are a beginner. An experienced person can take 14-20 steps. Make sure to 


  • Keep the hips high and run on your feet balls.
  • Let the free arm swing across the body.
  • Flex your arm that is carrying the Javelin to fix the position.


Do the “Pre-Delivery Stride.

This is just before you throw the Javelin. Move the left leg forward, and the hips and shoulder need to be directed towards the target.

  • Let your left foot touch the ground
  • Your torso should be straight
  • Face towards the direction of the throw. Keep the javelin parallel to the shoulders
  • The throwing hand should be positioned above the shoulder level.

    javelin throw
    Dana Pounds, a 2006 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, was named the Female Field Event Athlete of the Year for the Mountain Region by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association June 1. (U.S. Air Force photo/Danny Meyer)

Perform Delivery

Put your arms as high as possible. When the left foot hits the ground, the left side of the body should be ready to hold the right leg weight. This drives the hip in a right angle with the throw.

  • List the left leg and move the throwing arm placing the elbows close to mid-line. There should be a 33-degree angle to release the Javelin for aerodynamic lift and drag.
  • When the arm reaches the top arc, let go of the Javelin. The arms should be above the head and in from of the body when releasing the Javelin.


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