BASEBALL MULLET  – With a haircut that is short in the front and long hair in the back, the baseball mullet is making a huge comeback in today’s game. The contemporary baseball mullet, once dismissed as a fad, is regaining favour with young people. The presence of several “Joe Dirts” racing around the field has undoubtedly given baseball a dose of joy and made many people grin.

As a child, I was reluctant to experiment with my hair because of the odd form of my skull. However, one day I decided to forgo prudence and joined the double ear shave craze. Everything would have been OK if I hadn’t stayed there. Though I didn’t. 

I convinced the barber to provide me with a flat top and then shave my baseball number onto the backside of my head. Who is the role model for my edgy hairdo? Child’s Play.

I was overwhelmed since I was a white child with extremely straight hair. When my crush inquired, “Why did you apply that to your hair?” the situation became crucial. At that point, I understood my error. However, I digress.

This essay will discuss the mullet’s return to contemporary baseball culture. We’ll also provide a list of the players with the best baseball mullets.

Baseball Mullet History

The popularity of the baseball mullet was influenced by rock singers who rocked them in the 1970s and 1980s, including the likes of David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Keith Richards, as well as Paul McCartney. As the hairdo gained popularity, several MLB baseball players adopted it.

The baseball mullet was popular among baseball players and reached its height in the 1980s. Famous athletes with remarkable mullets included John Kruk, Mark McGwire, Cory Snyder, and Randy Johnson. The prevalence of this haircut among baseball players at the time was a clear indication of the confidence, boldness, and individuality many of them exhibited both on the field and off it.

Back then, life was very different. People cherished having fun and being carefree. They were less concerned with constantly speaking the proper thing or abiding by rigorous standards. People at the time were more expressive and their hairstyles reflected this. It was a more liberated time.

The mullet did fit this era wonderfully. In actuality, the adage “business in the entrance, party in the back” perfectly captured the mood of the 1980s. The professional and serious style of the hair that was short in the front matched the players’ businesslike commitment to the game. But like the crazy parties and the carefree existence people appreciated off the field, having hair that was long in the back of the head was about the act of having fun and flaunting a wild side.

Baseball mullets, a classic

Rod Beck must be the GOAT of the baseball mullet. He had a mustache, giving him the appearance of Kenny Powers in real life. Randy Johnson sported a baseball mullet that is also well-known. Johnson, often known as “The Big Unit,” had a serious baseball swing that complemented his frightening appearance on the field.

Former Phillies relief pitcher Mitch Williams adopted the mullet hairstyle as well. He was known as “Wild Thing” because of his untamed appearance, furious pitching technique, and passionate personality. Mike Piazza, a great catcher who played for the Dodgers and Mets, also sported a mullet while playing in the Major Leagues.

The ten best baseball mullets:

First Rod Beck

Along with his handlebar mustache and mullet, Rod Beck was well-known for his bullpen pitching abilities. With this combination, he became one of the game’s most recognizable characters.

The baseball mullet of Randy Johnson

Second Randy Johnson

Johnson not only had hot hair but also hot throws. His gorgeous mullet adorned his 6’10” frame.


Kruk’s mullet was evidence of his straightforward approach to playing baseball. The gruff, everyman demeanor that made him a cult favorite was reflected in his hairdo.

Baseball mullet worn by Dennis Eckersley

Dennis Eckersley 

Eck’s game and his hair were both equally well-known. His mound presence had a little amount of a rockstar swagger because of his well-known mullet.

The baseball mullet of Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire 

Numerous records were set during McGwire’s career, including a notable residence run race in 1998. He had a great baseball mullet back when he was first starting to play.

Bo Bichette 

The mullet gets a contemporary spin thanks to Bichette’s acceptance of it. He’s adding some vintage cool to the current game and encouraging a potential mullet comeback.

Jose Canseco

Canseco had a gorgeous mullet and was considered to be one of the greatest sensations in the 1990s. Canseco was the first athlete in the record to score 40 home runs as well as stealing 40 bases in one season. He was well-known for his strength and flamboyant attitude.

Fernando Martinez

Both on the mound and in the haircut department, Pedro was in charge. Off the playing field, Martinez possessed a distinctive look, featuring a dashing mullet that gave his image a dash of flamboyance.

Jeremy Williams

Williams, who went by the moniker “Wild Thing,” served as a reliever renowned for an explosive style that kept opponents and fans on their toes. Williams had a distinctive mullet hairdo when he was off the field.

Jeff Bagwell 

With a traditional baseball mullet, Bagwell launched his Hall of Fame career.

Baseball hats and mullet-styled hair

The baseball community has a lengthy history with mullet hairstyles. Their distinct appeal and appearance have had a long-lasting effect on the culture of the sport.

The ability of the hair to flow out from beneath the cap is one of the key benefits of the mullet hairstyle when worn with a baseball cap. Players who have hair that is shorter in the front can wear their hats without discomfort and keep their hair away from their faces while playing.

The baseball mullet has made a comeback recently among players in baseball and spectators. 

The modern mullet often has tapering sides, hair that is longer in the back area, and a range of lengths over the front part for more adaptability. These modifications have revived the mullet and given an entire new generation the chance to adopt this look.


Not only are little league games filled with baseball drips, long hair, and mullets, but professional baseball games do as well. Because it’s entertaining and makes them stand out, gamers of every age, from the newest to the most seasoned, are deciding to sport this hairdo. It’s common to see various mullets, even at local sporting events. This haircut continues to be very trendy. It appears as though the mullet will be around for a while in baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is a baseball mullet, exactly?

Ans. The baseball mullet represents a haircut where the top, sides, and back of the head are all short-cut, but the hair on the back is left long.

Q2) What is with baseball players’ mullets?

Ans. Baseball players are infamous for their rituals and superstitions. Some players may have adopted the mullet as a lucky charm or as a method for getting out on the pitch. Additionally, it gives their image more personality and rebelliousness.

Q3) What about mullets on baseball players?

Ans. Since the 1800s, baseball players have worn the typical baseball mullet. The “business in the forefront and the party in the back” style was popularized even before the famous musicians of the 1980s.


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