How Old is Thorfinn in Vinland Saga Season 1

How Old is Thorfinn in Vinland Saga Season 1

How old is thorfinnIn this article we are going to anwer; how old is Thorfinn? He, called Karlsefni, was a fighter of group Askeladd’s and once served as a person at Ketil’s farm. He is now a trader and an explorer trying to get into Vinland. In the story Vinland Saga, the main character is an antagonist.

Thorfinn was first seen in the story from Vinland Sagas when he was six years old. Thorfinn stayed with the Askeladd family for 11 years until he joined a group of Vikings. Thorfinn was about 17-18 when Askeladd died, and he spent four years as a slave. Right now, Thorfinn is about 25 years old.

He was born in Iceland as the kid of Helga and Thors, the famous fighter from Jomsviking before he left. He is the older brother to Ylva and connected by family to Jomsvikings’ leaders. His mom is the daughter of Sigvaldi, who was the 3rd Chief. For more than 10 years, he tried to get back at Askeladd for killing his dad.

He went with that man into a fight to remain near him. He got more mean and harsh, killing lots of people. When Thorfinn killed Canute because he was mad and shocked for killing Askeladd, the goal of his whole life was to remove it. He went to jail for a while as a way to punish him. After four years, he got back the freedom he wanted and changed his life.

He promised to use his past well and bring peace and a country free of slavery in Vinland, which he had heard from Leif Ericson’s tales as a young kid. Leaving Ketil’s house with a new friend named Einar, he went to Greece to get money for his trip. After three years, he got the cash and people needed for his journey to Vinland. He built Arnheid Village in Vinland.

How old is Thorfinn in Season 1?

At the start of Vinland Saga season 1, Thorfinn is 6 years old. By the end of that season, he had grown to be 17 years old. The time covers 11 years, from the year 1002 to 1013.

Thorfinn’s age is important because it shows his move from innocence to adulthood. At first, Thorfinn is a happy kid who loves the idea of having fun and trying new things. However, when he sees his dad die due to Askeladd’s actions, Thorfinn gets very angry and wants revenge. For the next 11 years, he trains to become a fighter so that one day, he can beat Askeladd.

At the end of season 1, Thorfinn is now a fierce fighter but also loses his simplicity. He is troubled by the thoughts of the violence he has seen and done. However, he starts to grow a fresh feeling of understanding and kindness.

Thorfinn’s age also matters because it shows how rough his Viking world is. Kids often have to grow fast, and Thorfinn is no different. He has to face the truth about death and fighting when he is still young.

How old is Thorfinn At Starting?

Anyone who wants an interesting and new anime style should enjoy Vinland Saga because the show differs from most others. It does not have the big drama and events we see in standard anime shows. The show is about Thorfinn. He began his journey when he was a child and enjoyed being with his mom and dad in Greenland. But, he didn’t know that he was the father of a famous Viking leader.

The story begins when Thors, father of Thorfinn, is shown in a big battle that is believed to have killed him. Then, he pretended to be dead to get away from the ongoing fights and troubles. He also wanted to start a close friendship with the woman he was married to. Then, they went to Greenland and began a perfect life with their great family.

Here, Thorfinn was first shown as a playful and curious kid at six years old. He was a normal young boy living in a quiet town in Greenland. But when the Danish army realized that Thors never really died, they asked him again to join a new battle. Thor thought his family and others might get hurt, so he had to fight.

Thorfinn got on the ship where Thors was going to join the army. But, they didn’t realize that this was a plan to murder someone from the start. Floki Jomsviking, the boss of “Jomsvikings” wanted to get back at Thors because he left them years ago without giving a farewell. Floki hired the fighter Askeladd to beat Thors.

Thors was killed in a surprise attack by Askeladd. The Jomsviking, the famous Viking warrior, chose to die. This allowed his son and others to stay alive. However, instead of joining the other fighters who went back to Greenland, Thorfinn stayed with Askeladd’s group. He did this so he could get even for the death that his father had faced. He picked to join a team of fighters because he wanted to be tough enough. He wanted to fight Askeladd one-on-one so he could kill him with respect.

How old is Thorfinn During Askeladd’s Band?

When Thorfinn was part of Askeladd’s group, he put a lot of effort into getting better at fighting. He had many battles to become strong enough. At only twelve years old, he started fighting against East Anglia. He aimed to get back for his dad’s death by beating the one who killed him. He was young, but it was obvious he played a key role in Askeladd’s unit because he could run faster and shoot better than the other soldiers.

Next few years, Thorfinn worked as a paid fighter with Askeladd during the fighting and fought in battles between Denmark and England. Even though he is older, he becomes a young teen who does not mind what is happening around him as long as they can have a fair fight with Askeladd.


How old is Thorfinn s2?

Thorfinn is the main character in Vinland Saga season 2, and when it begins, he is 19 years old. In the comic book, he is 19 years old when Slave Arc or Ketil’s Farm Arc starts. By the time it ends, he is 22. Thorfinn was sold as a slave because he tried to hurt Prince Canute.

What is Thorfinn’s age in Episode 7?

In episode 7, Thorfinn will turn 16 years old.

In Season 1, Ep 10, how old is Thorfinn?

He sends a 16-year-old boy named Thorfinn to talk to him. Noticing a chance for riches, Askeladd chooses to join a fight between the Franks.

Who is stronger than Thorfinn?

Thorgil is much stronger than Thorfinn and has been in many fights. His battle experience matches that of Thorfinn. In Vinland Saga, Thorfinn and him did not really fight, but if they did, it would be difficult for Thorfinn to win, especially in some death matches.

Why is Thorfinn not in season 2?

By season 2 of Vinland Saga, the mean fighter we learned about in the show’s first season will not be back soon. Thorfin’s character has just grown to a point where this cruel violence is not part of his everyday life. This can be seen in season 2’s episode number nine.


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