XDefiant: Clearing the Air on Delay Rumors

XDefiant: Clearing the Air on Delay Rumors

Today, we are discussing Ubisoft’s upcoming game, XDefiant. There has been much discussion about whether the game’s release is being pushed back because of Call of Duty. Let us discuss XDefiant more so that you will understand it easily.

What do you understand by XDefiant?

So, there is this report going around that XDefiant is taking a rain check on its release date because it is trying to be too much like Call of Duty. However, hold up, Ubisoft has officially said, “Nope, that is not it.”

A bigwig at Ubisoft stepped up and shared some fresh information. They said the delay is not about trying to one-up Call of Duty. Instead, they are having bugs and giving the game’s social system a makeover. They want to make sure everything is smooth and fun for us when we play.

What are the key features of XDefiant?

XDefiant is shaping up to be a thrilling first-person shooter with some standout features:

  • Players can choose from factions from popular Ubisoft franchises, each with unique abilities and skill sets.
  •  Engage in territorial control battles in Domination and Occupy modes, with more modes expected at launch.
  •  Play as attackers or defenders in shifting objective points in Zone Control and deliver packages in Escort mode.
  •  The game includes locations from Ubisoft’s iconic worlds and brand-new original maps.
  •  Customize your loadouts with a wide array of weapons and over 40 attachments to fit your playstyle.
  • Join friends across different platforms for some action-packed matches.
  •  XDefiant will be available as a free-to-play game, making it accessible to a wide audience.

What has Been Going On with XDefiant?

XDefiant first appeared on our radars in July 2021. In May 2022, it underwent a name change, dropping the ‘Tom Clancy’s’ and sticking with just XDefiant. Since then, the game has had several tests to see how it plays, but it has also missed a few release dates.

Ubisoft aimed to release the game by the end of March 2024, but with just a week left, it looks like they might not hit that target.

What should you know more about XDefiant?

This piece by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson got people talking. It suggested that the game’s development hit some snags because Ubisoft kept adding stuff that felt like it was from Call of Duty. A source even said this “never-ending hunt to chase COD” messes up the game’s progress.

However, Mark Rubin, the big boss of XDefiant, rolled his eyes at that. He hopped on Twitter and said that is not what is happening. They are just ironing out the kinks and sprucing up the game’s networking and friend-making features.

What is Next for XDefiant?

Rubin mentioned they have been quiet because there is not much new to discuss. They are focused on fixing things, not adding new bells and whistles. He promised they would share an update soon, maybe even this week.

Some Questions

How can I access the XDefiant Closed Beta?

You can register at playxdefiant.com, watch partnered Twitch channels for a drop, or use a code from the community. Some players can invite up to 5 friends via Ubisoft Connect.

Will my progress from the Closed Beta carry over to the full game?

No, general player and weapon progression will not carry over. However, items earned from the exclusive rewards track and “Violet” Weapons Twitch Drops will remain with you at launch.

How do I redeem Twitch Drops for the Closed Beta? 

Claim your Twitch Drop, visit the redemption website, log in with your Ubisoft account, select your platform, enter the code, and submit. It may take a few hours to receive the confirmation email.


The idea that XDefiant is trying to copy Call of Duty? Rubin says that is a big eye-roll. They are working hard to give us a fun game that works well. Moreover, if it feels like Call of Duty, that is just because they are nailing that action-packed vibe.



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