WASHERS GAME : A good, sociable backyard game that may be played by a group of two to four players is Washers Game. To win this washers game, place more washers in the desired container than your opponent does. Below is a written description of how to perform a washer’s game and a video lesson. 

Washer Toss Instructions:


A washer toss game set requires a minimum of two to four players.


The distance between the target boxes is 20 feet. Depending on the player’s skill, the distance can be altered.  

Players can play one against one, throwing from one side to the other before switching ends, or two against two, standing across from their opponents.


To gain points is the goal of the game. Throwing the washers game in the target box will earn you points.

Play a game

Players hurl washers at the target box in turns to start the game. The player is free to select how to throw the washers. The round is finished after every player finishes throwing all of their washers. 


The washer in the middle of the pipe earns three points. A washer within the box earns one point. Outside-the-box washers receive no points.

Each round, the scores are netted. This means that the points of each team cancel the other out so just one team scores points each round. For instance, if blue receives six bonus points and red receives four points, blue receives two points.

The game is won by the first side to score 21 points!


A washing machine is permitted to rebound into the box.

The throwing player wins the game when the washer lands and remains on the box’s edge.

A game can be played in which a team or player must score 21 points to win. If a team or player scores over 21 points, the game is reset to 15 points.

The skunk rule states that if a player and team achieves more than eleven points earlier than the other team, they won the game.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is the length of the washers game?

Ans. The distance between the middle of the cups is 25 feet. Each player of the washers tosses game three washers into the opposing cup. Players are not permitted to step toward the box’s edge. In each round, just a single player may score, with scoring based on point-to-point cancelling.

Q2) Is there a washers game?

Ans. Washer pitching, like horseshoes, is a game in which teams of players take turns tossing washers over a box or hole. The game is known by several other names, including washer pitching, washers toss, washers, churches, and washes (due to its resemblance to horseshoes).

Q3) In the washers, who goes first?

Ans. To determine who starts the very first round, every player throws one washer over the opposing target, and the player who comes nearest to the hole is the person who makes the throw. Players take turns throwing washers until all eight have been thrown. The team with the most points wins the following round.


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