How To Get The Sacred Relic Sword In Elden Ring?

How To Get The Sacred Relic Sword In Elden Ring?
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All around the Lands Between, there are several weapons. A few of these arsenals are discovered while exploring the locale, while additional weapons are obtained after fighting formidable adversaries. Frequently, you have to complete the latter for the reason to acquire the greatest armaments. In Elden Ring’s you frequently receive what you paid for. 

The Sacred Relic Sword, one of the game’s most effective rune-farming weapons, adheres to this criteria. Getting that S-Tier sword be the subsequent thing you ought to accomplish if you want to advance your Tarnished. One of the top Faith weapons in Elden Ring is the Sacred Relic Sword. The weapon is a giant greatsword with the Wave of Gold Skill, which can produce enormous and lethal area-of-effect hits. With this weapon in your hands, you have the power to dispatch dozens of adversaries with a single hit.

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Finding The Elden Beast And Defeating It-

You have to eliminate Elden Ring’s endure boss if you ambition the Sacred Relic Sword. There are obviously plenty of routes that will eventually bring you to the game’s previous competitor, but these are a few that are 100% required for the end of the game:

  • Trek to the Giant Mountaintops.
  • Switch on the forge.
  • Players will be able to enter the Erdtree even though they set it on fire.
  • As that you proceed, the Crumbling Farum Azula
  • Win the Gauntlet of Destruction by defeating Maliketh.
  • The Elden Throne Voyage

Once you have arrived at the Elden Throne, proceed through the fog and up the steps. Here, you will have to battle Radagon regarding the Platinum Order, the champion of the Elden Beast. After he is killed, the work of Elden Monster will show up and engage you in combat. You’ll see that he is holding a huge replica of the weapon you want to use. Be on the lookout for the Beast’s magic assaults, which can quickly devastate you. You’ll get the Elden Remembrance once God is dead.

The Sacred Relic Sword’s Purchase

When you are granted the Elden Remembrance, go to the Forum and consult with Enia, the Finger Reader. Engage with the woman to obtain the Most Holy Relic Weapon and gain power from the memory.

This greatsword is powerful and primarily scales with dexterity, strength, and faith. Additionally, the sword has the Wave of Gold weapon skill and does holy damage. This ability calls for a two-second recharge that fires a long-range Holy damage arc that widens as it approaches farther away. This talent scales up and down based on Faith. 

Running a farm

Go from the Royal Entrance Ledge-Road Place of Mercy once they are done upgrading the weapon as you deem fit. The best way to defeat foes is to supply the medal of excellence Scarab Talisman, face the sea of Albinaurics in front of you, and utilise the tsunami of Platinum weapon skill. Repeat this process until they are dead, then repose at the Place of Construction of Grace. Using this strategy, individuals may accumulate five million runes or more per hour.

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  • Where can I purchase the Sacred Relic Sword?

When you receive the Elden Remembrance, go to the Roundtable and speak with Enia, the Finger Reader. Engage with the woman to obtain the sacred Remnant Swords and receive power from the memory.

  • How do I obtain the legendary weapon +?

A link has to communicate with Berry, the robot, after turning on the Ancient Furnace in order to exchange a thousand Rupees, 15 Old Wells, 5 Archaeological Shafts, plus 2 Antiquity Cores for the blade.

  • How do I obtain the Anubis sword?

The sword Anubis Axe is attainable in the Americas and the Caribbean. It is a loot with the boss Anubis, who can be found on the island of the Dead Tundra. There is a 10% probability that the axe will fall.

One of the strongest Religious armaments within Elden Ring is the Sacred Relic Sword, a potent greatsword with the Wave of Gold Skill that can generate massive and lethal AOE strikes, killing dozens of foes with a single blow.

  • Which artefact is the most powerful?

Unquestionably, one of the best artefacts in God of War: Ragnarok is the Hilt of Hrotti. Nearby opponents are marked by this relic, and striking them via the arc reduces the runic timers of anything instrument Kratos is using.


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