The Top 22 Viking-Era Video Games

The Top 22 Viking-Era Video Games

Vikings are one of the many bands of historical warriors so well-known and (mostly) acclaimed that their tales are constantly being retold in media (such as the current film The Northman). There are also plenty of Vikings  games if you know where to look.

#22 Land of the Vikings

Computer System

Date of Publication: November 8, 2022

The Viking games innate ability to migrate and adapt to new environments set them apart from other societies. In the area of the Vikings, you’ll be tasked with assisting a newly arrived horde of Vikings in their efforts to settle and develop the area they’ve discovered.

However, acquiring materials and constructing a shelter won’t be easy. You should plan and stock up on goods that can weather the seasonal shifts. Additionally, you’ll have to cater to the specific requirements of your Viking crew.

You’ll play a role in shaping their decision-making process. You better make it a nice one!

#21 God Of War Ragnarok

PS4 and PS5 Platform.

Due out on November 9th, 2022.

Kratos wants nothing more than to be at peace with himself so that he may spend time with his kid. But the Norse gods have other plans for the pair, and in God of War Ragnarok, everything comes to a head it is one of the best Viking games of all time. Odin’s schemes may be too much for Kratos and Atreus to overcome as they struggle to prevent Ragnarok from occurring as the everlasting winter draws near. The only way to stop everything from occurring is to go across the Nine Realms and find the key to the truth.

The unexpected finale to the Norse Saga. Can you handle what it is?

#20 Valheim

Desktop Computers

Let’s get things off with a game that convincingly portrays a Viking setting and culture.

Valheim is a multiplayer survival viking games where you and up to eight other players go on a perilous and exciting adventure as Vikings in a strange and uncharted world. Due to the procedurally generated nature of the landscape of Valheim, players will need to collaborate (or explore alone) to gather resources and construct permanent settlements, fortifications, weaponry, and exploration tools.

There are a wide variety of creatures out there, and if you aren’t cautious, you can find yourself whisked away to Valhalla before you’re ready. So construct, discover, battle, and enjoy everything Valheim offers.


#19 Crusader Kings III: The Lords of the North

PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 5

The scope of Crusader Kings III stands on its own as a substantial title. The “Viking Touch” can only be obtained by purchasing “The Northern Lords” downloadable content.

The new content of this viking games allows you to assume the role of a Viking ruler and rule the country as you see fit. At the same time, they show their Viking pride by fielding unique troops like Shieldmaidens and holy warriors.

To top it all off, the game has custom visuals and audio that makes you feel like you’re leading a Viking army. They put quite a lot of effort on this expansion, so you should check it out.

#18 Wolves of Midgard

The PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, and the Personal Computer

Doesn’t that SOUND like a title for a viking games? Let me add that. In Vikings Wolves of Midgard, you assume control of a band of Viking warriors whose only objective is to prevent Ragnarok from destroying Midgard.

The realm of Midgard is on the verge of Raganrok, the horrific “end of times” promised throughout its civilization for endless millennia. The gods and monsters are making moves to initiate the conflict and get the upper hand; you must foil their plans at all costs.

You’ll be able to strengthen yourself and get the resources you’ll need to face the challenges ahead by collecting objects and offering sacrifices to the gods along the way.

Can you put a halt to Ragnarok? Get wet and see what happens.

Wolves of Midgard

#17 Volgarr The Viking

Available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch

Volgarr The Viking is the vikings game for you if you like a more traditional Viking experience. This game places you in a world reminiscent of classics like Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts and the original Castlevania. Gameplay is straightforward despite the game’s severe difficulty and expansive world.

You’ll explore seven different worlds, each with over thirty landscapes and dozens of unique enemies, including two enormous bosses. This is not a game for the faint of heart. If you decide to enter, brace yourself to get your butt kicked, and then yell like a Viking after you’ve triumphed.

#16 Expeditions Vikings

Desktop Computers

Expeditions Vikings, like many other games on this list of viking games, casts you in the role of the chief of a band of Viking warriors, but the freedom you have to make decisions during the game sets it apart. One of the best features is the ability to give your Viking Lord a unique appearance and set of abilities. Then, wherever your journey to fame may lead, you will have a ship full of Viking warriors ready to assist you.

If you want to take your tribe along the economic road, you may have them hunt, trade, and barter. You might also be a real Viking who pillages and steals everything. When more individuals are involved, the effect is amplified. How you interact with them will determine the course of events, whether you choose to cooperate or fight.

Expeditions Vikings

#15 Frozenheim

Desktop Computers

Is it time for you to “let it go” Viking-style? I couldn’t help myself.

You have been given leadership over a band of video games with the best stories exiled from Frozenheim and are now tasked with starting over in a new region. Everyone in your community counts on you, and you must not disappoint them.

In addition to its managerial features, the game also has real-time strategy (RTS) battles, exploration, skill trees, and more. If you want your people to prosper, you must fortify your town and eventually increase its size.

 The next step is to dispatch expeditions on foot or at sea in search of new territory, supplies, and maybe new foes. Whether you want to work together with other players or try to dominate the whole game is up to you. Remember that a better life for your people is the ultimate aim.

#14 Tribes of Midgard

Multi-Platform (Personal Computer, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5)

In Tribes of Midgard, you lead a band of video games with the best stories charged with protecting the world tree’s seeds. Protecting against what? So, armies of invaders, ghosts, and other supernatural beings! You’ll have to fight these foes every night if you want to stop Ragnarok from happening. However, this highlights the significance of your daytime explorations even more.

You’ll need to gather supplies and prepare for the night onslaught by exploring and sailing to other locations, where you may do things like battle monsters and collect riches. This game has much going on thanks to its cooperative and roguelike features.

Tribes of Midgard

#13 Ragnarock

Desktop Computers

And now…for a whole change of pace. Do you ever wish you could party like a Viking? If so, you should visit Ragnarok. That is the correct spelling of the word.

You take control of a Viking ship in this virtual reality (VR) rhythm game and your goal is to beat your opponent to the finish line by hitting the appropriate notes as quickly as possible.

See? We did warn you that this was not the norm. We should point out that this is a lightweight yet entertaining game with cross-platform play and a variety of competitive modes. While also providing you with true Viking rock music.

#12 Jotun

PC, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

When you die in Jotun, your journey to Valhalla officially starts. In this game, you play the role of Thora, a fallen Viking warrior whose dishonourable death prevents him from entering the afterlife.

The Norse elementals known as Jotun have been released onto the world, and only by slaying them with your powerful axe and the favour of the gods can you hope to earn your way to Valhalla.

The game’s hand-drawn visuals are stunning, and they do more than depict the Norse terrain and its kingdoms; they also teach you about Thora and her mission, making you more invested in seeing it through.


#11 Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Desktop Computers

The objective of Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is straightforward: change the past. At the very least, you can. Given that the events of the game take place shortly after 878 AD, when England’s King successfully repels a Viking assault. While there may be temporary calm, Total War is inevitable now that the Vikings and other groups have established themselves throughout the country.

 There are ten unique factions to choose from, and your goal is to emerge victorious as the game’s ultimate ruler. Among them is the ability to lead a Viking group to triumph. The fights will be brutal, but if you succeed? In the end, no one can stop you.

#10 Mount & Blade Warband

PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Mount & Blade Warband isn’t a Viking-themed game on its own, but downloadable content lets you play the game from the Viking video games point of view in a whole new campaign. In an alternate past, you lead a band of Vikings to Ireland, only to find that the Emerald Isle is not what it appears. You’ll also be able to recruit gods and other supernatural entities into your cause.

The downloadable content is massive, with hundreds of playable characters, dozens of towns, and a wide range of gameplay features designed to simulate actual combat. It’s been improved upon, so why not give it a shot?

Mount & Blade Warband

Northgard (#9)

NS Android, PS4, XBO, and PC

In all the greatest ways, Northgard embraces the Viking spirit and Viking culture. You take charge of a band of Vikings who have been at sea for a long time, hoping to establish a new home. And they have discovered that in Northgard.

You’ll need to take charge now as you and your companions establish a colony, forage for resources, and try to decipher the secrets of this unknown continent. Not to mention giants, the undead, and hulking wolves! As long as you’re around, you may shape this colony any way you choose.

Then there’s the plot material, which provides many campaigns to complete as you learn more about Viking history and society and work towards the outcome and future you want.

Rank: #8 The Witcher 3

Computer (Mod)

We get it; The Witcher 3 and the other games in the series aren’t exactly known for their Viking themes. We understand that their focus is primarily mediaeval and fantasy. But don’t assume that the modding community agrees with you!

It’s a great pleasure to play the game in the role of Geralt the Viking, as has been implemented by several fans of the series. And in all candour, it works better than you’d want to acknowledge.

What more motivation do you need to go play The Witcher 3? It’s one of the finest action and role-playing games, with memorable characters and challenging foes. I don’t care whether you’re a Witcher or a Viking; everyone does it.

The Witcher 3

#7 Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and XBox One / Xbox One X.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is unlike any other Viking video games, and you shouldn’t miss it.

As the player, you take on the role of Senua, who is set to journey to reclaim the spirit of her slain lover. The developers intended this game to provide an otherworldly glimpse inside the psyche of a mourning and emotionally shattered protagonist.

That’s why people have been singing its praises ever since it came out. And its sequel will go even further. This is not a trip for the weak of the heart, so tread carefully if you decide to go on it unprepared.

#6 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and X/S

The Assassin’s Creed series has explored many other civilizations, but the developers spared no effort in making the game seem authentically Viking when it came to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. And as a consequence, you’re in for a great time as you take on the role of Eivor, a Viking raider whose tribe has just landed in England and is determined to claim it as their own.

In this RPG, you’ll have to defend your settlement against other groups, construct new buildings, plunder enemy strongholds, and more. Go out and fight, and if you survive, may you find your way to Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

#5 Respect

PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

For Honour is one of the most enjoyable Viking games available. Because you may assume the roles of Vikings, Samurai, and Knights in this game! You may pick from various interesting and exciting classes in each of these warrior races.

All the while, you’ll get to participate in epic multiplayer fights that may shape the direction of the game’s development, which has been ongoing for years. Many readers have been drawn to this series because of the realistic depictions of the bloody battles between warrior classes and ethnicities. So, choose your preferred strain of Viking and prepare for battle!

#4 Civilization IV

PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

This one’s a stretch, but you can play as Vikings in Civilization VI, thanks to one of the game’s signature scenarios. In this scenario, you’ll play the part of Vikings, ploughing across Europe to meet its demands. If you’re a fan of the Vikings, you owe it to yourself to check out this scenario, which the game itself admits is one of the most thorough they’ve created.

The primary game of Civilization VI is, of course, also highly intricate. In this game, you will choose an ancient civilisation and its leader to lead to the development of the most advanced society ever. Building, extending, and developing in Civilization VI is more intricate and enjoyable than ever before. If you’re new to the game, how would you describe it? Ignore this at your peril.

Civilization IV

#3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Games available on PC, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO, NS, PS5, and X/S.

We realise that Skyrim isn’t your standard “Viking Title” for obvious reasons. Still, you have to agree that the similarities and parallelism between your main character and the other people you encounter very much fulfil the requirements of Viking in some respects.

Also, being a Viking means going out and seeing the world, fighting for what you believe in, and learning from your mistakes. Skyrim is one of the few games that succeed at that. You, the Dragonborn, will be free to choose your path while strengthening yourself.

It won’t be simple all the time since there are so many monsters and adversaries to vanquish. But if living as a Viking were simple, it wouldn’t be nearly as legendary, right?

#2 The Banner Saga

Included are the following system types:

For the most basic of reasons, The Banner Saga might have been the best game of all time. This game fully immerses players in the experience of being a Viking, enhancing that immersion with fantasy elements and challenging decision-making.

In The Banner Saga, you’ll take charge of a Viking voyage in search of a new homeland. You’ll need to gather resources to ensure everyone makes it, fight off enemies when they show up, and find out how to effectively deploy a cast of up to 25 to further your expedition while keeping everyone safe.

In The Banner Saga, every decision you make has consequences, and if you’re not cautious, some of your favourite characters might die for good. This is the game for you if you’re looking for a genuine tale.

The Banner Saga

#1 God of War

God of War

Xbox One, PS4, PC

When put in context, the last entry has an ironic twist. Since its origins are in Greek mythology, God of War has no place in a list of Viking-themed games. On the PS4, however, the game’s “successor” abandoned the classic Greek myths favouring Norse legends. 

And Kratos, who had before boasted loudly and thrown swords, became more sombre and even Viking-like, armed with an axe powerful enough to bring down gods. God of War on PlayStation 4 does a fantastic job of immersing players in this Norse world and depicting it visually, mechanically, narratively, character- and interaction-wise.

To prepare for what’s to come, it’s a good idea to play this great game before the release of God of War: Ragnarok, which will include Thor.

This list contains plenty of viking games. 


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