The Best Great Runes in Elden Ring

The Best Great Runes in Elden Ring

The story and the gameplay of Elden Ring revolve around the Great Runes. To finish the game, you must kill at least two Shardbearer bosses in the Lands Between and collect their respective Great Runes. In addition, by donning a Great Rune, players might get substantial benefits while in action. These advantages can only be gained from a Great Rune by first using a Rune Arc. Let’s discuss the best great runes elden ring. 

A player will benefit from a Great Rune until they die. The best great rune elden ring will need to be reactivated with a new Rune Arc after this. Considering how useful these effects might be, choosing the correct Great Rune is important. In light of this, we’ll examine the greatest Great Runes in Elden Ring, how to get them, and the advantages they provide.

The best great rune elden ring, Ranked from Useless to Essential

So, without further ado, let’s get into our top Elden Ring Great Runes ranking.


The Great Morgott Rune

Morgott the Omen King’s Great Rune may not be the perfect Great Rune out of all best great rune elden ring for every situation, but it has its uses.

Ways to Acquire It

As its name indicates, the Great Rune has Morgott, the Omen King, the ruler of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Ironically, players must have two Great Runes before entering Leyndell, the Royal Capital. However, players must defeat Morgott, the Omen King, once there, to continue the story. You may find him at the Elden Throne near the Queen’s Bedchamber. Morgott’s Great Rune will be dropped if he is defeated.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put it to use just soon. The first step in reviving a Great Rune is to go to its associated Divine Tower in the Lands Between. The Divine Tower, where Morgott’s Great Rune may be repaired, is conveniently located near the location of the boss encounter. Once the last enemy has been vanquished, you may enter the Forbidden Lands via the eastern gate of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. The Diving Tower of East Altus is located just south of the lift in the Capital Suburbs. Get to the very top of the Diving tower and play with the fingers there to release the Great Rune.

What’s Great about Morgott’s Rune

The best great rune elden ring considerably increases a player’s maximum HP after being triggered in the Divine Tower, but only via a Rune Arc. Even if other Great Runes exist that enhance HP more, none of them can compare to Morgott’s Great Rune. The fact that stronger Great Runes may be found early in the game means this one might not be the best choice for most players. Players that require a little bit more HP to withstand a strong boss’ attack or who feel the stat boosts from other Great Runes aren’t as important as the massive HP boost from Morgott’s Great Rune may find this rune useful.


The Great Rune of Radahn

Ways to Acquire It

Although it is a good Great Rune in its own right, this one is ranked lower than others because it is hard to acquire. Starscourge Radahn, the leader of the Shardbearers, now holds it. He is well-known for being one of the game’s most difficult bosses, capable of giving even the most talented players a run for their money. 

Redmane Castle, in southern Caelid, serves as the gateway to Radahn. This boss encounter occurs in its own arena, a vast stretch of desert where you may call on allies to provide a hand. If you can bring this massive monster down, you’ll be rewarded with his Great Rune.

Even if you get the Great Rune, you won’t yet be out of the woods. Reaching the Divine Tower and activating the Great Rune may be almost as difficult as it is to battle Radahn. To repair this Great Rune, you must go to the very pinnacle of the Divine Tower of Caelid. However, getting their needs some complex platforming along its exterior is impossible by standard means. Use the fingers at the top to recharge Radahn’s Great Rune.

Good things about Radahn’s Big Rune

When triggered with a Rune Arc, this Great Rune increases maximum Health, Focus, and Stamina, making it a versatile option for your loaded Great Rune. Even if it doesn’t provide quite as large of an HP rise as Morgott’s Great Rune, its more diversified use has its advantages. Those spending much FP on spells and talents will benefit greatly. This alternative is preferable than Morgott’s Great Rune in the vast majority of cases. Nonetheless, some players may not find it to be worth the effort required to get it.


The Great Rune of Malenia

Another potentially valuable best great rune elden ring, again hampered by its rarity and difficulty of acquisition.

Ways to Acquire It

In the same vein as obtaining Radahn’s Great Rune, this one requires defeating one of the game’s most challenging bosses. You’ll find Malenia at the Haligtree’s roots, a place of grace. It may be difficult enough to get through this tree, given its size. However, it pales in comparison to the final boss battle. Due to her ferocious attacks, two-stage combat, and ability to recover herself after taking damage from the player, Maleina is often regarded as the game’s most challenging boss.

However, defeating Malenia is just the first step. In order to recharge her Great Rune, you must go to the very pinnacle of the Isolated Divine Tower. Unlike the other Divine Towers in the game, the one in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, can only be reached by a waygate on the Divine Bridge. This area of Leyndell, Royal Capital, may also be teleported to from the Weeping Peninsula’s Tower of Return.

Great Rune of Malenia’s Many Privileges

The Great Rune of Malenia effectively grants the user the ability to restore health upon attacking. If you take damage and then use a Rune Arc to activate this Great Rune, you may restore part of your health by harming your enemies. As long as you can land strikes on your opponent, this skill will keep you alive for far longer in difficult battles. Malenia’s Great Rune lacks the stat enhancements of the runes above, but its unique ability makes it superior than the alternatives.

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The Great Rune of Godrick

The first Great Rune most players get is also one of the greatest, and it may last them the whole game.

Ways to Acquire It

Godrick is not only the first Shardbearer players will meet in their explorations of the Elden Ring, but he is also a generally useful Great Rune. Stormveil Castle is situated in northern Limgrave, and its head honcho is Godrick the Grafted. It might be difficult for players of lower levels to defeat Godrick. However, doing so is strongly advised since it sets the tone for the remainder of the game. Claiming his Great Rune is also worthwhile since it may make the remainder of the game much less challenging. 

The Divine Tower of Limgrave will need its strength restored after you have vanquished Godrick and taken his Great Rune. To the east of Stormveil Castle stands this tower. Accessible from inside the Castle, the journey begins at the Limgrave Tower Bridge. 

The road to the tower is guarded by Colossal Statues and Warhawks, both of which may cause trouble for unprepared travellers. You may rush past these foes inside the tower if you are courageous enough. Inside, you’ll find the Divine Tower of Limgrave, where you may get access to the fingers and revive Godrick’s Great Rune.

Good things about Godrick’s Big Rune

Godrick’s is one of the best great rune elden ring choices because to the +5 bonus, it provides to all stats when active. In addition to improving your health, agility, and stamina, this is beneficial since it may also aid in the scaling of your weapon’s damage. Obtaining this Great Rune and making haste to the Divine Tower in Limgrave is the best course of action. This is due to its universal +2 benefit, which may prove decisive in later-game fights. If you want this Great Rune’s benefits to last, you’ll need to track down a few Rune Arcs, too.

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The Prenatal Rune of Great Power

Finally, the best great rune elden ring of the Unborn, is our top choice for the greatest Great Runes in Elden Ring. Even though it has no special abilities or stat bonuses, all Elden Ring players should have one.

Ways to Acquire It

Defeating Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, the Shardbearer located near the conclusion of Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes, is required to get this Great Rune. After players defeat Godrick the Grafted, Rennala will likely be the next significant boss they encounter. As a result, you may also get this Great Rune rather early on. Rennala is a decent employer in and of herself, but the Juvenile Scholars she has to deal with can be annoying. In the latter phase, Rennela will actively attack players, yet she is still much simpler to defeat than previous Great Rune monsters.

The Great Rune of the Unborn is unique in that it may be used immediately without going to a Divine Tower to have it repaired or equipped. That’s right, having another Great Rune worn won’t prevent you from reaping the advantages of this one. Therefore, picking up this Great Rune is a must.

The Great Rune of the Unborn’s Advantages

Although it does not directly affect the battle, the Great Rune of the Unborn is valuable since players can change their character’s specialization. Shifting how attribute points are allocated is vital for fine-tuning gameplay approaches. The Great Rune of the Unborn is essential because of its power. At order to be reborn with a new set of statistics, players must bring a Larval Tear to Rennala at the Raya Lucaria Grand Library.

Here is everything that you should know about best great rune elden ring. 

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