How to Beat Trace Cool Math Games Escape Room: A Simple Guide

Trace cool math gamesTrace, available on Cool Math Games, offers a complimentary escape room game similar to Escape Simulator. As the game starts, you are in an unknown location and must find an exit. Your inventory initially contains a few items and hints, and as you play, you will gather additional objects and unravel puzzles to move forward.

If you need help winning the Trace escape room on Trace Cool Math Games, the necessary walkthrough and solutions are provided further down.

Starting Off

When you start the game, you are in a strange place and need to find your way out. You will see things you can click on and collect to help you escape.

The Bathroom Puzzle

In the bathroom, you will find scissors and other items. You need to figure out a code from different trace game hints around the room. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find the Scissors: Look in the sink and cabinets to find both halves of the scissors.
  2.  Solve the Light Puzzle: Match the lights above the mirror to open a box and get part of a code.
  3.  Star Puzzle: There is a star puzzle near the toilet. Make the arrows point like the star picture to open another cabinet.
  4.  Use the Scissors: Cut the string with the scissors to get a key for another puzzle.

The House Puzzle

After the bathroom, you will move to other parts of the house. Keep collecting items and solving puzzles. Pay attention to the clues you find along the way.

To get the numbers you need:

To progress in the game, interact with the toilet paper roll by clicking on it to uncover the initial digit of the code, which is 5. For the golden container situated above the toilet, observe the illuminated lights over the mirror and press the corresponding buttons (1, 3, 4) on the box’s side. This action will reveal the number 8, the second digit of the code.

Moving on to the star-shaped electrical puzzle with five colours, locate the puzzle encased in a wood near the toilet, designed to resemble the above star image. Adjust the coloured arrows on the puzzle so that pressing the central button causes the yellow lines to form the star pattern depicted in the image.

Successfully completing this step will turn the red light on the door panel next to the toilet to green, allowing you to open the cupboard. Inside, you will find the missing piece of the scissors and the fourth number for the code, 16.

Finally, merge the two scissor pieces from your inventory to repair them, and then use the fixed scissors to sever the string that’s securing the red key next to the mirror. Utilize this red key to unlock the silver container above the toilet, where you will discover a wrinkled note and the third digit of the code, which is .35.

The Patio Puzzle

Outside, you will have more puzzles to solve. Look around and use the items you have collected to figure out the final puzzles. Use the utility blade to slice through the carpet beneath the desk, unveiling a heart-themed puzzle with red and black hues. Place the two batteries into the desk lamp and switch it on to project arrows onto the black hearts, aiding you in solving the puzzle.

Ensure that all heart tips are oriented correctly by adjusting the black hearts. Press the red button to unlock a compartment containing a puzzle fragment and a yellow submarine, which you should then place in the fish tank.

Next, step outside and insert the final puzzle piece. This action hints at using the utility blade on the sofa’s armrest. Return inside and interact with the area near the plant pot beside the sofa, followed by the armrest of the chair, and then use the blade to expose a hidden compartment. Retrieve the pentagonal key from within.

Look under the desk where numerous digits are marked on the wall. Focus on the key while magnifying the numbers, aligning the key over them to discern the sequence 9, 2, 3. This sequence serves as the access code for the computer atop the desk. After logging in, you will be presented with two icons.

Select the icon depicting a water bowl to assume control of the submarine within the fish tank. Navigate the submarine into the castle structure in the tank to discover the code 26336 6161 marked on the inner wall.

Tips and Tricks

  • Click Everything: Sometimes, you need to click on things more than once.
  •  Check Your Items: Look at the items in your inventory for trace game hints.
  •  Take Your Time: Do not rush, think about the puzzles.

Some FAQs

What do I do first in the Trace Escape Room?

Start by finding the room and clicking on objects to collect items for your inventory.

How do I solve the puzzles?

Look for trace game hints around the room, use items from your inventory, and try to make connections between different puzzles.

Is there a specific order to solve the puzzles? 

Yes, some puzzles need to be solved before others. Pay attention to the trace game hints you find for guidance.



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