Mission Overview: Medical Mule DMZ

Mission Overview: Medical Mule DMZ

Medical Mule DMZ – There is a mission called Medical Mule DMZ in the intense world of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ. Imagine being a courier, shuttling important medical supplies through dangerous territory. Your mission? To collect and deposit these life-saving goodies into the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop.

How do you complete the Medical Mule DMZ Mission?

To complete the Medical Mule DMZ mission, follow these steps:

  1. Deliver 3 Self Revive or Revive Pistols to the dumpster deaddrop in Zarqwa Hydroelectric.
  2.  Now, large medical bags or 5 AFAKs are delivered to the dead drop.

Your Supplies Checklist

Here is what you need to collect:

  1. Revive Pistols or Self Revive Kits: These are like magical defibrillators. Deliver 3 of them to the dumpster dead drop.
  2.  AFAKs or Large Medical Bags: These are your medical backpacks. You must deliver five of them to the same dead drop.

Where to Find Your Loot

The Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop is situated on the backend of the southern gas station.. However, be cautious. It is a heavily guarded area and may also serve as a spawn point for the Juggernaut with the help of Weapon Case.

It is guarded, and rumour has it that a Juggernaut with a Weapon Case might show up. So, keep your eyes peeled while dropping off your medical goodies.

Where to Find Medical Supplies

You will need to collect AFAKs, Revive Pistols, and Large Medical Bags to complete the mission. These items typically spawn inside medicine cabinets and first aid kits loot caches. Here are some hotspots to find them:

  • Medical Centers / Hospitals: These buildings are scattered across various points of interest in Al Mazrah. Look inside them for the required items. Tents near hospitals may also contain medical supplies.
  •  Buy Stations: If you need Self Revive Kits, consider purchasing them from Buy Stations for $7500 each.

How do I find the Juggernaut with the Weapon Case?

In the DMZ game, a yellow zone on the Tac Map indicates the Weapon Case location. If near the AI boss (Juggernaut), you will receive an alert. Only one Juggernaut spawns per game.

To secure the Weapon Case:

  • Defeat the Juggernaut.
  •  Focus fire on its head.
  •  Be cautious during revival.

After claiming the Weapon Case, all squads are notified and move to an Escape point immediately. They can also use a vehicle and stay together during escape.

Some FAQs

What is the Medical Mule DMZ Mission?

The Medical Mule DMZ Mission is a Tier 2 mission for the White Lotus faction. The objective is to collect and deposit various medical supplies into the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop.

Where is the Zarqwa Hydroelectric dead drop located?

The Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop is situated on the backside of the southern gas station. Be cautious, as this area is heavily guarded and may also spawn the Juggernaut with the Weapon Case.

Where can I find the required medical supplies?

Look inside Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Medical Camps across various POIs in Al Mazrah. These buildings often contain Revive Pistols, AFAKs, and Large Medical Bags.



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