Top 10 Famous and Richest Gamblers in the World

Top 10 Famous and Richest Gamblers in the World

Gambling is a whole world to them who’re into casinos, and slot games. There are many famous gamblers who enter casinos with a thought process of earning a significant amount of money. But, the most successful gamblers turn out to be the ones who enter the casino to rule it all over. There are gamblers who beat the casino are the players who play with luck and brains altogether. Not all gamers own this talent. Let’s discuss the top 10 famous and richest gamblers in the world:


Edward Thorp

When there’s a discussion about the famous gamblers in history, the name of Edward Thorp can’t be missed. Edward was the person who discovered the card counting technique. Being one of the gamblers who beat the casino, he made people believe that the blackjack system can be overcome. Due to being a math and physics professor, he excelled in correlation and probability theorems. Being one among famous gamblers, he became king of variations. He became an expert in learning the rank of low cards.


Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus got bribed to do gambling while he was a child in order to flip baseball cards. He got cheated by his friends, and he lost his hole collection. Afterward, he started to bet on horses and began to play Poker & other games. Going this way, gambling turned out to be his only passion and made his place among the most successful gamblers. He succeeded in playing Baccarat, Blackjack, Four Queen Casino, Roulette, and Craps, etc. 


MIT Blackjack Team

The ones who’re into gambling must have heard of the MIT Blackjack Team. The group got popularized regarding card counting, and they formed small groups in almost all the famous casino stated beginning from 1979 to the 21st century. It was all a result of an activity, in which various students used to meet in the year 1990. All the students excelled in card counting, and going the same way, may professors also got added to their group. Soon, they started to recruit other members who were good at the same thing. As time passed by, the group kept on increasing, and all the members started entering first small casinos, and then big ones. 


Louis Colavecchio

Louis Colavecchio is counted as one among the famous and richest gamblers in the world. He used to be called by the name ‘The Coin.’ He got this name because he created slot machine coins for various slot games. The coins were made up of hardened steel. His discovery of coins got popular when casinos started to use coins to play almost all the games. He owned all the instruments to create, as well as duplicate coins. He used to cut hard metals like Copper, Zinc, and Nickel by using laser cut procedure to give it a perfectly circular shape, and finishing.


Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy began his career in cheating in the year 1980 while he was at the age of 30 years. At that time, Tommy met an old friend of him, Ray. He had a slot machine in his truck, on which Tommy started experimenting. Firstly, he discovered a metallic device. As soon as the device of metal is inserted into a machine (slot), the pay-outs would begin just after that. At first, Tommy faced problems while using machines comprising new technology, having microcontrollers, and microprocessor. Eventually, he bought IGT (International Game Technology) to come up with the latest technology machines. Later on, he also invented Monkey Paw, i.e., a Slider, which, when inserted into the slot machine, it used to let the coins flow out of it. 


Ida Summers

Ida Summers was super attractive, and it was one of the reasons she used to get success in all her tricks. She used to make moves in order to grab men’s attention. She held expertise in Hand Mucking, i.e., a technique in which a card used to be removed from the table when the game is going on, so that the switching & house edge get affected. While Hand Mucking, Ida Summers used to switch cards from the table. Later on, she let herself fall into the technique, Coolers.


Keith Taft

Being an electronics genius, Keith Taft made the first-ever digital microcomputer in order to capture a digital image. While doing the same, he spent approx. 30 years. First, he invented the fifteen-pound computer, which counted cards through the control of his toes. This computer was so tiny that it could get hidden in his shirt. Later on, he, along with his father, invented the tiny video camera, which could be kept under the belt to see the dealer’s hole card.


Dominic LoRiggio

When the famous gamblers in the history are counted while talking about Craps and Blackjack, Dominic LoRiggio’s name can’t be missed. He was the king of ‘Controlled Shooting,’ which used to seem hardest to everyone. In the game of Craps, while performing Controlled Shooting, he used to roll the dice by keeping them together. Then, he used to pull them back before releasing in the air, so that they land smoothly. Dominic used to be called ‘Dominator’ due to his caliber. He also formed a team ‘Rosebut,’ which took over the casinos of Las Vegas firstly.


Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Gonzalo was a producer and director, but he didn’t succeed as the same. Later on, he got attracted to the game of Roulette and became the first person to strategize something regarding Roulette. While being in Spain, he monitored a particular wheel’s results and then recorded the results through his computer. He recorded results for 1000 spins or more, and then analyzed the results accordingly. This way, he gained the knowledge regarding on which number a bet should be put. After trying the same methodology in various casinos, he headed to Las Vegas to amplify the amount of money. 


Ron Harris

Ronald Dale Harris has been one of the famous and richest gamblers in the world. Ron was professionally a programmer who intended to find the hole in online casinos while serving at Nevada State Gambling. He used his skills and earned significant dollars while gambling in Las Vegas’s slot machines. Then, he used his intelligence in a probability game, Keno. He discovered a program that helped him in knowing the number to be selected by the Random Number Generator (RNG). 

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