Know All About The Man Behind The Moons

Know All About The Man Behind The Moons

The “Hogwarts Legacy The Man Behind The Moons” quest is important if you want to make the Alohomora spell better at opening locks.

When you first learn Alohomora, it can open simple locks (level 1), but if you bring Demiguise Moons to Gladwin Moon:

9 Demiguise Moons will make Alohomora work on tougher locks (level 2).

Getting 13 more Demiguise Moons will upgrade Alohomora to open even harder locks (level 3).

So, you need to find 22 Demiguise Moons to make Alohomora really powerful.

Also, you can only interact with the Demiguise Statues at night. So, if it’s daytime, open your map, press the R3/RS button (PlayStation/Xbox), and then press X/A to change it to nighttime before you try to collect a Demiguise Moon.

Where to Get 9 Gladwin Moon Demiguise Statues?

Let’s start by making Alohomora better at opening level 2 locks. Some Demiguise Statues are hidden behind these locks, so we should focus on them later.

We only need the basic version of Alohomora (level 1) to collect these 9 Demiguise Statues.

Next, we’ll explain how to find 7 Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Castle and 2 more in The Highlands.

In a Bathroom on a Crate: Demiguise Statue #1

To find the first Demiguise Statue for “The Man Behind The Moons” quest, go to the Floo Flame within The Astronomy Wing.

From there, go south without going down any stairs and open the door on the left to go outside.

Cross a bridge, go up some stairs, and you’ll be inside again.

Now, go right, up another set of stairs, and through a door.

You’ll be in a hallway; enter the first door on the right. To open this door, use Alohomora with a level 1 lock.

On a Little Table by the Fire: Demiguise Statue #2

Go via the door which is locked in the corner of the room in the south. You’ll find The Man Behind The Moons Demiguise Statue sitting on a small table by the fireplace.

On a Small Table with Logs: Demiguise Statue #3

To find another statue, go to Professor Fig’s Classroom Floo Flame.

Then enter the classroom via the west side door.

Climb the stairs at the back of the classroom and go into another room through its door. You’ll spot Demiguise Statue #3 on a small table with logs beneath it by the fireplace.

Next to a Wheelbarrow on a Crate: Demiguise Statue #4

To reach the next Hogwarts Legacy “The Man Behind The Moons” Demiguise Statue quickly, start at the Hogwarts North Exit Floo Flame in The Bell Tower Wing.

On a Cupboard: Demiguise Statue #5

To find the fifth Demiguise Statue for “The Man Behind The Moons,” start at the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame, also in The Bell Tower Wing.

Now, go downstairs to your left, then pass through the door and keep going straight until you see a dragon statue on your left.

Walk through the corridor on the southeast side of the dragon and go into the first door on the left.

Beside a Light: Demiguise Statue #6

Now, let’s find the sixth Demiguise Statue for “The Man Behind The Moons” quest. Start at the Library Floo Flame.

When you go down the stairs and reach an area with railings, drop down to the floor below.

On a Table with a Light: Demiguise Statue #7

Climb up the stairs to the east, and you’ll eventually reach what seems like a dead end. However, a ladder will come down for you.

Climb up the ladder to enter a new room. Go north in this room to find the seventh Demiguise Statue for “The Man Behind The Moons” quest sitting on a desk with a lamp.

In the Pitt-Upon-Ford Village: Demiguise Statue #8

To find the eighth statue, go to the Pitt-Upon-Ford village in the North Ford Bog area.

In the Upper Hogsfield Village: Demiguise Statue #9

Now, you have collected enough Demiguise Moons to take to Gladwin Moon and upgrade the Alohomora spell to level 2.

To find Gladwin, track the “The Man Behind The Moons” side quest in your menu.

Then, use fast travel to get to the nearest Floo Flame marked on your map for the quest.

Speak with Gladwin and give him the Moons you’ve gathered to strengthen the Alohomora spell.

On a Cabinet with Books: Demiguise Statue #10

Go through the door to the south, very close to the Floo Flame.

Inside, head to the west door and use Alohomora to open the level 2 lock.

Inside this room, you’ll find the Statue on the left side, sitting on a cabinet filled with books.

On a Table with Two Chairs: Demiguise Statue #11

Turn towards the Floo Flame, and go into the building through the second door on the right.

You’ll need to unlock another level 2 lock to get inside.

Once you’re in the building, you can see the Statue right in front of you, on a table with two chairs.

How to Finish “The Man Behind The Moons”?

Once you’ve upgraded Alohomora to Level 3, if you want to complete “The Man Behind The Moons” quest, keep searching for the remaining Statues of Demiguise. You’ll get a letter from a new character named Piers Pemberton.

He’ll ask you to stop taking the statues and meet him in Hogsmeade. The momet you get the letter, make sure to follow the quest in your menu, and you’ll find Piers in the southeast part of Hogsmeade.

Talk to him, and he’ll explain that he used to be bullied by Gladwin Moon, the person you’ve been working with. They used to work together.


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