OIL POT ELDEN RING : Where can I purchase an Oil Pot Elden Ring? You are given control of the fire in the Oil Pot, allowing you to use its destructive power. But where might you look for this elusive thing? You will discover in this article where to purchase the Oil Pot Elden Ring. 

Where in the Elden Ring can I get an Oil Pot?

Where in the Elden Ring can I get an Oil Pot? You must first visit the Siofra Well to locate the wood platform in the centre of the underground lake region if you want to obtain Oil Pots.

After that, use the ladder and stairs to ascend the platform. Observe the adversaries on the platform and take care to either kill them or avoid them. After climbing the stairs, turn left to reach additional platforms.

Follow the track as it continues, then turn right to cross the bridge and enter a bricked doorway. When you start to hear music and arrive in a room featuring bricked pillars, continue via the cave and beyond the fireplace.

You can locate a shop selling the crafting book required to make Oil pots if you descend into the room from the cavern. The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook is the book’s title, and it cost a thousand runs to purchase. 

You will require one cooked mushroom and an oil-cracked saucepan to make Oil Pots. The Oil Pots coat foes in oil, causing fire damage to be increased. 

How does Alexander, using the Oil Pot Elden Ring, get released?

Once Starscourge Rahdan has been vanquished and the tournament arc has been finished, go to Iron Fist Alexander’s location close to Artist’s Shack to unstick him again in Elden Ring.

Visit Sofia Well to create an Oil Pot. To reach the cave-like building, leave the shack, ascend the scaffolding, descend, and then continue the wooden platform path. A stall selling two books can be found after you pass the waterfall. Get the recipe by purchasing the more expensive book. Return to Alexander after creating the Oil Pot.

To release him free, hurl the pot towards him and then prepare a powerful weapon assault before striking him. Exalted Flesh will be your compensation from Alexander. Be ready to carry out this procedure again. 


In conclusion, it takes some exploration, cautious navigation, and smart crafting to free Alexander by using an Oil Pot Elden Ring. You may get the crafting book and supplies you need to make the Oil Pot by following the instructions in this guide. You can use this potent weapon to coat adversaries in oil and enhance fire damage, which will help you free Alexander. 

Remember that the encounter might take several tries before success, so proceed with patience and accuracy. We sincerely hope that this information was useful to you, and best of luck as you explore the Oil Pot Elden Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) In the Elden Ring, why is marijuana used?

Ans. Throwable explosives are created using a rare substance known as “Cracked Pot.” Since it always goes back into your inventory when you throw the final item, The Cracked Pot can be 

utilized frequently in manufacturing.

Q2) Is Elden Ring’s ceremonial pot re-usable?

Ans. One of the several recyclable materials found everywhere across the Elden Ring is the ritual pot, which is repeatedly craftable into harmful goods. Somehow, when damaged, this empty pot fixes itself. Stronger than a cracked pot, a unique item.

Q3) Alexander will need how many oil pots?

Ans. Oil Jars are required, at least two of them. To correctly liberate Alexander, toss them at him and then retaliate.

Q4) What affects Elden Ring from cursed blood?

Ans. Throwing the Cursed-Blood Pot will cover the adversary in accursed blood. Any spirits you have called using Spirit Ashes will forcefully target and assault the affected opponent once a bright red emblem appears on it.



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