Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Journey of Tandemaus Evolution

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Journey of Tandemaus Evolution

Tandemaus EvolutionIn the universe of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Tandemaus, a charming mouse Pokemon, has fascinated many trainers. This adorable creature introduces a unique twist to the conventional Pokemon evolution process.

Getting to Know About Tandemaus Evolution

Despite its small stature making it somewhat elusive, Tandemaus Evolution has some rules that trainers should know. Unlike other Pokemon, Tandemaus does not evolve through candies. However, candies can expedite its levelling process up to the evolution threshold. If you are keen on witnessing the animation of Tandemaus evolution, ensure it levels up while participating in a battle.

Finding Tandemaus evolution

Due to its petite size, Tandemaus evolution can be difficult to spot. However, with a keen eye, trainers can find it in several areas around Paldea.

The Process of Tandemaus evolution 

We have given some steps for the process of Tandemaus evolution: 

Step 1: Leveling Up Tandemaus 

Tandemaus begins its evolution journey at level 25. It is important to note that using Rare Candy or EXP Candy will not trigger its evolution. However, candies can help your Tandemaus reach level 24 faster.

Step 2: Keeping Tandemaus in Your Party 

Thanks to the EXP Share feature, Tandemaus can gain experience from battles even when it is not leading your party. However, if you wish to see the evolution animation, ensure Tandemaus is on the battlefield when it ascends to level 25.

Step 3: Leveling Tandemaus to 25 

Upon reaching level 25, Tandemaus transforms into Maushold. If Tandemaus was the victor of the battle that led to its levelling up, you’d be greeted with the typical evolution screen. If Tandemaus was part of your party but not in battle, it would silently evolve into Maushold without any evolution message.


The Tandemaus evolution into Maushold adds a unique layer of intrigue to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. By adhering to these steps, trainers can successfully guide their Tandemaus through their evolution and continue their thrilling journey in the Pokemon universe.


What is Tandemaus and how can I get it?

Tandemaus is a Normal-type Pokemon that looks like a small mouse. You can catch it in various areas of the Paldea region, such as the Pokemon League, Area One, Two, and Three.

How is the Tandemaus evolution process into Maushold?

You need to level up Tandemaus to level 25 by battling with it or giving it EXP Candy. However, it will only evolve if it gains EXP from a battle, not from a candy. At random, it will evolve into either the Family of Three or Family of Four form of Maushold.

What are the differences between the Family of Three and Family of Four forms of Maushold?

There are no differences in stats or abilities between the two forms of Maushold. They only differ in appearance and Pokedex entry. The Family of Three forms is rarer than the Family of Four forms, with a 1/100 chance of Tandemaus evolution.



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