Best Computer Mouse Games on PC 

Best Computer Mouse Games on PC 

These games give the flexibility to play at your speed, and you only need computer mouse games. Gaming was created to enjoy and relax, but some games demand keyboard and controller button mashing just to progress. The issue is that not everyone can keep up with this intense style of gaming, which can be restricting.

The great thing is some games do not stress you out and let you play at your speed. Also, they are user-friendly since you can handle them using only your mouse, with very few buttons.

What could be a wrong choice when a game’s name itself mentions clicking a mouse? Cookie Clicker is often seen as the original idle and tapping game, and its objective is crystal clear: click on the cookie to accumulate more cookies.

The more you click, the more cookies you produce, and in this virtual world, cookies are the currency. You can use your cookie to enhance your clicking power, purchase extra cursors to click on your behalf and employ workers to boost your cookie production. 

It is a delightful game that can keep you entertained indefinitely. Let’s gain more information about computer mouse games that one can play on their devices:

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy:

Sometimes, games frustrate us because they are just so unfairly challenging, while other times, they appear deceptively easy but turn out to be far from it. That is exactly the case with the peculiarly named game, “Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy,” which has become an internet sensation. This game is a genuine test of your patience and determination and might even put your mouse in danger of being hit.

In this game, you’re placed in the shoes, or the pot, of a shirtless character whose lower half is trapped inside a giant metal cauldron. The only tool at your disposal is a pick-hammer, which you can use to push yourself around and propel yourself to higher places. 

Sunless Sea:

In gothic gaming, it is common to find stories set in the past. That is precisely the case with Sunless Sea, a game that unfolds during the industrial era. Its backdrop is a fictional version of London, but civilization has descended deep beneath the surface in this twisted reality, taking the expansive sea along with it.


Simulation computer mouse games are beloved because they let you step into roles and scenarios you wouldn’t typically encounter in your everyday life. One of the all-time greats in the simulation genre is the SimCity series. As the name suggests, you are handed the keys to a sprawling virtual city.


Our world’s history is rich with the stories of diverse cultures and the mighty empires that once ruled it all. The Civilization series helps you understand how this epic tapestry was woven. These games allow you to begin in a specific corner of the world, leading a particular culture, all with the aim of growth and expansion.

As your civilization blossoms and advances, you will venture to the far reaches of the globe in search of more opportunities for your society. Along the way, you will naturally cross paths with other civilizations, and how you interact with them is entirely your call.

Slay The Spire:

When something becomes super popular, it often turns into a video game, and that is exactly what is happening with trading card games these days. Game developers have taken the art of deck-building and strategy and turned it into a bunch of intricate and expansive adventures. 

The randomness of card draws pairs up perfectly with the roguelike and roguelite genres, as demonstrated by games like Slay The Spire.

Grim Fandango:

New and impressive video games hit the scene regularly, but there is a reason why classics are revered. Even though Tim Schafer and the Double Fine team are known for their quirky and inventive ideas, anyone who loves gaming should definitely experience Grim Fandango. 

It is one of their earliest creations and is widely regarded as one of the greatest adventure games ever made.

In this point-and-click adventure, you step into the shoes of Manny Calavera, a skeletal figure working as a reaper in the afterlife. After a routine assignment, Manny finds himself embroiled in a tale of mystery and intrigue that threatens the very fabric of the afterlife and the souls within it.

Age Of Empires:

While Civilization leans more towards a simulation-style approach to building, Age of Empires dives headfirst into the gritty side of expansion. It thrusts you into the role of a powerful empire determined to conquer everything in its path, with a primary focus on the medieval and feudal periods. Your goal? 

Once you have amassed sufficient resources and an army, you can initiate warfare against rival kingdoms vying for the same territory. You will engage in scenarios based on historical events, viewing them from the perspectives of all parties involved.

Monkey Island:

Injecting humour into video games can be quite the challenge, but point-and-click games often excel when it comes to comedic flair. The Monkey Island series stands out for its witty humour and enjoyable gameplay. 

These computer mouse games revolve around the escapades of Guybrush Threepwood, a young and aspiring adventurer whose sole dream is to become a fearsome pirate.

Offworld Trading Company:

Building a thriving company is among the most formidable endeavours, and sustaining its success is an even greater challenge. Offworld Trading Company offers a glimpse into this entrepreneurial struggle, where you aim to create a business empire stretching across the cosmos.

Speed Dating For Ghosts:

The sheer abundance of dating sim games out there is nothing short of mind-boggling. If there is anything or anyone that’s been anthropomorphized, you can bet there is a game where you can try to date it. Dating’s influence has even stretched into the afterlife with a game called Speed Dating For Ghosts.

The title explains it all. You think the role of a ghost who is signed up for a speed dating event featuring fellow spectres. It is heartening to consider that even those without physical bodies crave companionship.

Cloud Gardens:

Gardening is known for its soothing and therapeutic qualities, so it is a natural choice for a game concept. A fresh approach has emerged, focused on fostering plant life in city settings, and Cloud Gardens embodies this idea. Picture it as a 3D puzzle adventure where each puzzle forms an urban landscape.

The objective is to use the various seeds at your disposal and position them within the puzzle structure until every seed has taken root and the structure is entirely enveloped by lush growth. It is a serene and visually captivating experience that unfolds before your eyes.

Some Ques.

What are computer mouse games?

A mouse-only game is a video game that can be played entirely with a mouse. This means no need to use a keyboard or other controller.

What are the benefits of computer mouse games?

Mouse-only games can be more accessible to people with disabilities or who prefer not to use a keyboard. They can also be more convenient for people who want to play games on a laptop or tablet.


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