NCAA Softball Transfer Portal List 2023

NCAA Softball Transfer Portal List 2023

Softball transfer portalIn 2023, there’s a list for softball players moving to different teams called the NCAA Transfer Portal Softball List. On June 20, Alana Vawter, who pitched for Standford, joined this list. Another player named Jordy Bahl became a part of the Nebraska softball team.

The Softball Transfer Portal NCAA keeps track of all the softball players transferring to new teams for the 2023 season. Because the transfer process is happening quickly, many softball players use this portal to join their new teams.

Even well-known players use the portal to find new challenges with different teams.

Bahl, a skilled pitcher, recently announced that she was joining the portal, and the Huskers Softball team quickly added her to their roster. She used to play for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Teams also use the transfer period to find new players and strengthen their rosters. The Aggies Softball team is actively participating in the transfer process to improve their team for the upcoming season.

With only one week remaining in the portal window, the Aggies team has added two additional players. They welcomed Brooke Vestal, who used to pitch for Ole Miss, and Kylie Griffin, an infielder from Louisiana. These are the 2nd and 3rd signings of the week.


Softball Transfer Portal NCAA 

The College Softball Transfer Portal NCAA for 2023 is witnessing the Oklahoma Sooners using the transfer portal to bring in new talented players.

Like the NCAA baseball transfer portal, the portal keeps an eye on the new softball players entering it.

A big update about the softball portal is that the famous pitcher Alana Vawter from Standford has joined. Laura Mealer, another player from Middle Tennessee State, has decided to move after two years to Tennessee softball.

In 2023, the D1 Softball Transfer Portal NCAA has 400 and more players who have joined to switch teams. Some of them have already chosen their new teams to play for.

Latest news about Softball Players’ moves. 

  • The Aggies team is active in the portal. They brought in Brooke Vestal, a pitcher from Ole Miss. She will play on the same team alongside her sister, Harley Vestal.
  • Kylei Griffin, an infielder from Louisiana, used her official Twitter account to announce that she’s transferring to Texas A&M. Griffin is a top prospect in the state, known for her skills in multiple sports, including softball.
  • Jordy Bahl’s decision to leave the Sooners and join Nebraska has increased Nebraska’s season ticket sales, surprising many.
  • The second top prospect, Sydney Parrish joined Indiana after entering the portal. Along with her, five more players have joined the Ducks team.
  • On June 19, Mallory Perkins from Keystone College joined the transfer portal.
  • Also, on June 19, players like Makayla Veneziale from Manhattan, Jade Behic from Pacific Lutheran, Madison Griffin from Youngstown, and Olivia Stefanoni from Akron joined the transfer window.
  • Just 13 hours ago, Colby Mcclington, Alexis Michon, Reagan Glanz, Brianna Jennings, and Dylan Scott Scott became part of the transfer window.
  • On June 15, the Huskers softball team made an important announcement about signing Jordy Bahl, who used to play for the Sooners.

Oklahoma Softball Transfer News 2023:

In 2023, the Oklahoma University (OU) softball team saw their important pitcher Jordy Bahl, leave for the Nebraska team after two years.

On June 12, Sophia Nugent is the 2nd OU player to enter the transfer window.

Even though some of their key players are leaving, the team uses the transfer window well by adding new players to strengthen their team.

Recently, the Sooners won the 2023 National Softball Championship with Patty Gasso as their leader.

Because they lost players like Bahl, Nugent, and Grace Lyons, they might be getting stronger players for the upcoming season.

  • Ella Parker, who pitches
  • Nellian McEnroe-Marinas, who plays in the infield
  • Kasidi Pickering, who plays in the outfield
  • Maya Bland, who can play in different positions

UCLA Softball Player Changes:

In 2023, the UCLA Softball team is making changes. Aaliyah Jordan, who plays in the outfield, and Anna Vines, who can play in different positions, are not expected to return.

Coach Kelly Inouye Perez is using the transfer portal to improve the team. They added Sharlize Palacios, a catcher from Arizona, Janelle Meoño, who plays in the outfield for Arizona, and Rachel Cid, who plays in the infield for Oregon.

Alyssa Garcia left the team and joined the portal on June 16. She’s the newest UCLA player to do this.

Changes in Stanford Softball

The Stanford Softball team’s transfer portal had their star player Alana Vawter join on Monday.

This season, Vawter helped her team get to the Women’s College World Series for the first time in 19 years. She did really well in pitching and batting, with strong stats.

In games, NiJaree Canady is leading the pitching, and Alana usually joins to help Canady and the others.

Now that she’s in the portal, many teams want to get her because she’s a great player.

Florida Softball Player Changes:

In the Florida softball team’s transfer portal, Lexi Delbrey, a sophomore pitcher, said she’s going in.

On June 19, Olivia Gigante also joined the transfer portal. The Gators now have five players in their team who are using the transfer portal for next season.

Here are some players of FSU who also joined the transfer portal:


  • Salvy Alvarez
  • Rene Lastres
  • Carsten Finnvold
  • Anthony Ursitti
  • Yoel Tejeda
  • Lexi Delbrey

Alabama Softball Player Changes

The Alabama softball transfer portal now has Kayla Beaver, who’s a skilled pitcher, joining the team through the portal.

This news came out on June 7, 2023. She used her official Instagram to tell everyone that she’s moving to the Alabama team.

Another player, Aubrey Barnhart, who can play in different positions, is also using the transfer window. She’s going to play for Texas Tech now.

Before this season in 2023, she only played in four games. Her stats show she got .175 from 40 times at bat and managed 4 RBIs in 28 games.

Another player is using the portal, and her name is Jordan Stephens. She started using the portal on June 9.

Stephens played in about 75 games and started 23 of them. She hit the ball to an average of .214 and got 13 RBIs and 25 runs in two seasons.

As some players are leaving, having Kayla, who’s an experienced pitcher, join the team is really helping them out a lot.

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What is the softball transfer portal?

The softball transfer portal is a website where NCAA Division I and II softball student-athletes can enter their names to be considered for transfer by other schools.

How do I enter the softball transfer portal?

You can enter the softball transfer portal by submitting a written request to your school’s compliance office.

What are the transfer windows for softball?

The transfer windows for softball are:

  • Fall: July 1-August 31
  • Spring: May 1-June 30

What are the eligibility requirements for transferring in softball?

To be eligible to transfer in softball, you must:

  • Be a full-time student
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • Have completed at least one academic year at your current school

What are the contact rules for the softball transfer portal?

Once you enter the softball transfer portal, coaches from other schools can contact you. However, you cannot contact coaches before entering the portal.

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