Skyrim: Best One-Handed Weapon You Can Have In The Game

Skyrim: Best One-Handed Weapon You Can Have In The Game

The Skyrim game offers various types of one-handed weapons to the players in the gameplay. These are some of the most popular weapons among the players as the best Skyrim one-handed weapon allows things like dual-wielding and use of the shield. 

The good thing about these weapons is that if you select the best, then they will give you an edge over your opponents. They will also help in elevating your gaming experience. Who doesn’t love an awesome weapon that can destroy an enemy with a single strike or minimum? 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the most popular and Skyrim best one-handed weapon options you can choose from. 

Skyrim’s Best One-Handed Weapon

These are some of the best one-handed weapons which you can get in the Skyrim game:


Are you looking for something mythical like the Excalibur? Then the wind shear is one of the Skyrim weapons which will satisfy your thirst. You can access this Scimitar through the “Hail Sithis!” quest of Dark Brotherhood. 

This is one of the best swords in Skyrim and is located on the beam of a ship named The Katariah. You can access this ship after or during the quest. This sword offers damage of 11 points, along with a weight of 10. You can also go for the upgrading of this sword through steel smithing. One astonishing thing about this sword is that it comes with an enchantment that allows you to stagger opponents by a bashing attack. 

In combat also this sword gives you an upper hand over your opponent as there are 39% chances of paralyzing your opponent. For paralyzing your opponent in combat, you need to go for the black bash. This makes it one of the best Skyrim swords you can have for yourself in the game. What’s even interesting about the wind shear is that it is even more powerful than the main weapon. This is due to its ability to staggering opponents with every attack you make using it. 


If you are a fan of Oblivion, then you must remember the iconic weapon of Chilldrend. In the latest version of Skyrim, you can find the chilldrend in possession of the Thieves Guild Leader, Mercer Frey. 

The icy sword is one of the best weapons in Skyrim, which you can have for causing a deadly blow to your opponents. For obtaining this sword in the game, you need to go for “The Pursuit” quest, which will take you deep inside the Riften’s Riftweald Mansion or Manor. This one of the best swords in Skyrim which boasts a symmetrical appearance that makes it look elegantly dangerous. It has a golden hilt which has the crystalline Blade of the glass sword. 

When we put it in the list of Skyrim’s best one-handed weapon, its damage is what plays a role instead of appearance. Its basic stats are 16 weight and 15damge. The good thing about the chillrend sword is that it is a leveled weapon which means it improves. For improving its qualities, you need to level up, as with every level you pass successfully, its qualities go up. What’s even amazing is that you can even acquire this sword as early as Level 1. 

This sword’s other qualities include its ability to inflict 30 frost damage to the opponent. There also chances of paralyzing your opponent for a period of 2 seconds. The good thing is that the fan built focuses on the first damage of the sword. You will appreciate how the chilldrend qualify for the Augmentation of Frost perk. In a turn of this, the chilldrend will boost frost damage by 45 points when it is at a 46+ level via the perk. All this makes it an awesome weapon when it comes to selecting the Skyrim best one-handed weapon.

Miraak’s Sword

The entities that serve the eldritch fit perfectly with the Miraaak’s sword. To obtain this word in the game, players need to go for the quest “At The Summit of Apocrypha” and kill Miraak. 

Once you obtain this sword, it has a weight of 3 and damage of 16. What’s even more amazing about this sword is that it can absorb a stain of 15 when you attack your opponents using it. Other than its interesting qualities, players will also love the sword for its aesthetics, as it appears to be composed of the long tentacle which writhes around the sword itself. These tentacles come into play when you attack your opponents using this sword as they extend when attacking and cuss cosmetic effects. 

The interesting thing about the sword is that it tells the players when it’s out of charge. It does so by stopping the tentacles; once the charge is down, its tentacles stop appearing when you attack an opponent. One more good thing about this sword is that you can restore its charge even with a soul gem. 

Even more interesting and the fascinating thing which led this sword to our list of Skyrim best one-handed weapons is its physical damage boasting. It has the highest mage among the 1H swords, along with being the second lightest. All this makes it the best dragon bane Skyrim sword you can have in the game. 

Nightingale Blade

This Blade represents a secret cult named Nightingale, which works within the Guild of thieves. This secret cult aims to protect the shrines which are dedicated to the Daedric prince of darkness and luck, who is known as the Nocturnal. 

The interesting thing about this Skyrim best one-handed weapon is that it was the primary weapon of the Desiderius. He was the former guild master at the Guild of thieves sling with being a former nightingale himself. For obtaining this Blade of Nightingale, players need to complete the quest of “Hard Answers” for the Guild of thieves. 

At first, this sword only boasted a weight of 25 and damage of 14. However, the true strength of this sword lies in the enchantment. Its enchantment helps it to absorb 25 stamina and health. The amazing thing which makes this one of the best Skyrim swords is that it is a leveled item. This allows you to level it up with each level you pass, and the highest level you can increase it to is 46.

Blade Of Woe

If you are a fan of Dark Brotherhood, then you would be intimately acquainted with the Blade of woe in the Skyrim game. To obtain this Blade in the game, players get two options; they can either complete the “With Friends Like These” quest or steal it from the Astrid of brotherhood. 

The interesting thing about stealing it from Astrid is that if you do it without completing the above-mentioned quest, then you get access to two blades. So, stealing gives you a bonus. Once you have this sword, it boasts a weight of 7 and a damage of 12. It also has the ability to absorb ten health points when you hit your opponent using it. This is second in weight when we compare it to the dragonbone Skyrim best dagger.

The reason for this is that the material of this Blade is more accessible in comparison to the dragonbone Skyrim best dagger material. This Blade’s dual flurry one-handed pet is something that gives it a boost of speed. It is possible to even with a dagger in one hand and the Blade in another. All this makes it one of the best Skyrim best one-handed weapon you can get in the game. 

Mehrunes’ Razor

Do you want light Skyrim weapons? If yes, then the mehrunes’ razor is for you, and the good thing is that this is a Daedric artifact. 

This sword is a rare artifact that is named after the Daedric destruction prince, and the players can only acquire it by killing the Silus Vesuvius. You have to fight and kill him in the quest “Pieces Of The Past.” Interesting thing about this weapon is that it boasts damage of 11. This makes it a good option but a weaker option when you compare it with the other swords like Dragonbone Dagger and Blade of Woe. But it is still a good option. 

However, this razor comes with its own unique effect. This razor offers 1.98% chances of a single hit kill. There are high chances of killing your opponent with a single hit. Another perk of having this razor in the game is that it comes with a weight of only 3. This makes it a much lighter option when you want Skyrim best one-handed weapon for the gameplay. It is also more powerful than other daggers, which makes it one of Skyrim best dagger options. 

Dragonbone Dagger

Do you want Skyrim’s best dagger? Or dragonbone Skyrim weapons? Whatever you want, the dragonbone dagger is the perfect choice for you. It is forged from the bones of dragons and serves as one of the most reliable and powerful daggers in the gameplay.

This is a simple yet effective dagger with an iron handle and a feather-like stabbing blade. In the game, players can forge this dagger using a dragon bone and leather strip. After forging, the players also get the option to upgrade the dagger using a grindstone. They can also go for double improvement by using the perk of dragon armor. What’s interesting about this dagger is that you can perhaps tie it with the Blade of woe when it comes to damage output. 

However, in terms of speed and weight, the dragonbone dagger bets the Blade of woe es[[eically of the Blade is without any enchantments. Thus theoretically, the dragonbone dagger can have high DPS in comparison to the Blade. 

Dawnguard Rune Axe

Adventure gaming lovers who plan to fight and kill the Tamriel’s Vampires may get tempted to join the Dawnguard. Thankfully when players do this, they get access to this axe as it is one of the fabled weapons for them. 

The axe boasts a weight of 13 and a damage of 111 in the gameplay. Although it is not as remarkable when you compare it to our other weapons on the list of Skyrim best one-handed weapon options, it does five more damage to vampires. Thus it is a great weapon for players when they fight the undead in the game. What’s even interesting is that players can increase its damage infliction up to a limit of 110 points.

For doing this, players can use grindstone and smithing perk. Moreover, when players use this war axe with weapons like a dagger and the perk of Dual Furry, they can greatly enhance the weapon’s killing power. 

Stalhrim War Axe

Despite the reputation of this axe being a normal weapon, it can become a refined weapon like its other counterparts. This weapon also, like the other stalhrim weapons, can be forged by use of two stalhrims and leather strips.

What makes it interesting and unique is the use of stalhrim ore in the forging of these Skyrim weapons. The stalhrim ore is not randomly found and is a rare specimen. Instead, there are only as few as 19 Stalham deposits throughout the solstheim. Other than this, it also has some other interesting qualities. For instance, this axe has a weight of 16 and a damage of 15, which makes it light in comparison to its other counterparts. 

One more good thing about this axe is that it is a stalhrim weapon that can increase frost damage to the opponent up to 25 percent. 

Mace Of Molag Bal 

What can be better than a mace wielded by the Daedric Prince for slaying enemies? We agree nothing can be better. The mace of Molag Bal in the game is one of the Skyrim best one-handed weapon you can have in the game. This weapon is second only to the dragonbone mace as it has a 1 point lower damage in comparison to dragonbone. 

In the gameplay, players can obtain this mace by completing the daedric quest of “The House of Horrors.” The quest is located in the abandoned house of the Markarth. This mace boasts a weight of 18 and a damage of 16, along with an interesting enchantment. The encashment of this mace inflicts damage of 25 stamina and Magicka when you attack your opponents using it. 

It not only inflicts this damage of the Magicka and stamina but also inflicts the soul trap for a period of three seconds.  

These are some of the most popular Skyrim best one-handed weapon options you get in the game. The good thing about these weapons is that you get a wide variety of options out of which you can choose the best for you. One more amazing thing about the weapons which we have listed above is that most of them offer upgrades and enhancements. These two will help you take your game a notch up against your opponents. 

Final Words

There are many popular options when you want Skyrim best one-handed weapon for yourself. The good thing is that most of the one-handed weapons offer various things like enchantments and speed. 

You also get to combine two weapons in some types of Skyrim weapons. What’s even more good is that the one-handed weapons are more lightweight, and even after that, some of them inflict damage equal to regular weapons. 

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