How To Make Potions In Minecraft?

How To Make Potions In Minecraft?

Mining and Crafting can get boring sometimes when playing Minecraft. The thrill of exploring and hunting mobs is more fun and appealing to us RPG nerds. Now Minecraft 1.9 series comes with an additional feature of making potions. Yes, finally, Mojang has added enchantments to the game. If you want to know how to make potions in Minecraft and use them to your benefit, then keep scrolling down through this Minecraft potion guide. 

How to Make Potions in Minecraft?

Making Minecraft potion stands equally with making Minecraft server on the difficulty scale. Although making servers is a bit lengthy, when you get the hang of both of these, the task will seem pretty simple. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, you will be able to make potions even with your eyes closed. To start making potions, you have to begin by collecting ingredients.

Minecraft Potion Ingredients

The most important active ingredients in potions are: 

Water, Fermented Spider Eye, Spider Eye, Glowstone Dust, Nether Wart, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, Redstone Dust, Ghast Tear, and Sugar.

Now you might be wondering where you get these ingredients to make potions in Minecraft. Here is a list of all the active potion ingredients and where you can use them.

Spider Eye: get it from Spiders.

Fermented Spider Eye: To make this, put a spider eye, sugar, and a brown mushroom on the crafting table.

Redstone Dust: use Redstone to make Dust

Glowstone Dust: using Glowstone

Nether Wart: it grows in the Nether inside Nether Dungeons near stairs.

Blaze Powder: you can make it from Blaze Rods, which can be taken from a new Nether mob named Blaze. 

Ghast Tear: take it from Ghasts.

Magma Cream: made using Magma Cubes, a new Nether mob.

Sugar: Comes from reeds.

Getting Started

The first step to make potions in Minecraft is making glass bottles or vials, which will be used to keep potions. This Minecraft potion guide will take you inside the magical world of potions and teach you all about making incredible potions.

To make vials place three glass blocks into a crafting table. Three bottles will remove one bucket of water. To collect water, you simply have to click on a water source keeping the bottle in hand. You can also store the water in cauldrons if you like. In case you are too lazy to make the arrangement, you can get help from the mad scientist on some concoctions and later simply open the brew and fill it with bottles to start trying a combination of ingredients. 

To make the most powerful Minecraft potions, you need to have good knowledge about the entire process, ingredients, and specifics. 

Minecraft potion ingredients are further divided into two groups- Base Potion Ingredients, Modifying Ingredients, and Special Effects Ingredients.

Base Potions

Minecraft base potions are what is needed to start the brewing process in a stand. Base potions set the foundation for adding effects according to ingredients that we will put in later. 

Note- Remember that every Potion requires a water bottle because water is fundamental to make all the potions in Minecraft. 

Some of the base potions are:

  • Awkward Potion
  • Potion of Weakness
  • Mundane Potion
  • Thick Potion

Awkward Potion is made using Nether Warts, Mundane Potion is made by adding Redstone, Thick Potion is made using Glowstone, and to make a potion of weakness, add fermented spider eye.

The first three bases of all these potions do not have any effect until further ingredients are added, except the Potion of weakness. The Potion of weakness is capable of weakening the players’ does to monster mobs and animals for one minute and thirty seconds.

To make these base Minecraft potions, simply put the corresponding ingredients in the potion brewing stand. Once your chosen base potion is ready, it’s time to add more ingredients to exemplify the effects.

Special Effect Ingredients

Special Effects Ingredients are those that, when put into base potions, leave an effect on the player who drinks it. Some of the Special Effect Ingredients are mentioned below:

  • Blaze Powder- for strength
  • Spider Eye- for poisoning
  • Ghast Tear- for Health
  • Magma Cream- for fire resistance
  • Sugar- for speed

Modifying Ingredients

The two main modifying ingredients are Redstone and glowstone. Initially, they are a part of base ingredients, but when added to special effects, they can modify the length and potency of the potion effect. You can put Glowstone in tier ii to make potions in Minecraft more potent, whereas Redstone will increase the time duration of a potion’s effect.

For instance- to make strength potions from adding Blaze Powder into Awkward Potion for increasing the 1.5 damage into 3 minutes. When you add a glowstone to the strength potions, it will increase the effect of damage by plus 3 but will reduce the effective time to 1.30. If you add Redstone in the strength potion, it will make the damage 1.5 but will increase the time of effect to 9 minutes. Redstone and Glowstone work in tit for tat series. 

An Awkward potion does most of the potion making, whereas Thick and Mundane Base can only contain one modifying ingredient (fermented spider eye) to make a splash potion of weakness. One and only major difference between using a mundane base and a thick base is that the former leaves the effect for 4 minutes and later for only 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Types of Craftable Potions

As you explore through the potion-making world of Minecraft, here are some concepts that will help you create effectively and right on-point potions that create various effects.

There are two types of potions- Splash Potion (one that you throw) and drinkable potions.

Drinkables vs. Throwables

Most Awkward base Minecraft potions are meant for consumption. These drinkable potions have special effects and time duration that work only when you drink them.

On the other hand, Splash Potions are perfect for managing multiple opponents or damage. The results of these potions are short-lived and depend on the components or ingredients used to make them.

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Lingering Splash & Extended Potions

You can add various ingredients to the existing Splash or Consumable potions to maximize or prolong the effects.

How To Make a Splash Potion

To make a splash potion, you will need:

Gunpowder, one 

Blaze Powder one

 Regular Potions three ( the Potion you want to turn to a Splash potion)

If you want to make a splash healing potion, you will first have to start by crafting Healing Potion. In case you want to make a Splash Potion of Poison, you will have to first start by making a poison potion.

Let us make a Splash Potion of Poison

  • Step 1 – Open Minecraft Brewing Stand
  • Step 2 – Place one (1) Potion of Poison in all the three bottom squares
  • Step 3 – Place one (1) Gunpowder in the top square
  • Step 4 – Place one (1) Blaze Powder in the top left square

Making a Lingering Splash Potion

Lingering Splash Potions are best to maximize the potential damage. You will have to start by making a regular potion and then turn it into a splash potion to get a Lingering Splash Potion.

You will need:

  • one Dragon’s Breath
  • one Blaze Powder

Splash Potions are used to make potions with Negative effects because it makes sense to slow down a potion or make a poison. However, by making a Splash Potion Of Healing, you will be able to heal your friends from a distance. 

Minecraft Potions can be divided into three categories on the basis of an effect:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Mixed

Some examples of positive effect potions are Night Vision Potions, Healing Potions, and Strength Potions.

Some common negative effect potions are Poison or slowness. These Potions will be very helpful when you are playing in Adventure or survival mode.

In case you decide to play in the deadly mode like- Dragon Minecraft Mode- it will be useful to have some positive effect potions in the inventory. 

Mixed Potions combines the Negative effect of positive effects. For instance, Turtle Master potion. You will be able to increase the resistance by 20 seconds but will also be slowed down at the same time.

Now that you know about potion bases and ingredients let’s get down to business and make some potions in Minecraft.

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Recipes To Make Different Potions in Minecraft

As we mentioned earlier, most Minecraft potion recipes are made using the awkward base, whereas some have contradictory effects. Read through the Minecraft potion recipes to know what suits you. 

Minecraft Awkward Base Potion Recipes:

Instant Health = Ghast Tear + Awkward Potion. This can recover 3 health hearts.

Instant Health II = Glowstone Dust + Instant Health Potion. This can recover 6 health hearts.

To Make Potion of swiftness (3:00) = Awkward Potion + Sugar. This can increase sprint speed and jump distance for 3 minutes.

To Make Potion of Swiftness (8:00) = Potion of Redstone Dust + Swiftness. Do not add Fermented Spider Eye to this concoction because the effects will be opposite.

To Make Potion of Swiftness II (1:30) = Glowstone Dust.+ Potion of Swiftness

To Make Potion of Poison(0:45) = Spider Eye +Awkward Potion + Deal Poison this potion damages mob that hits you.

To Make Potion of Poison II (0:22) = Potion of Poison + Glowstone Dust. 

To Make Potion of Poison (2:00) = Potion of Poison + Redstone Dust.

To Make Potion of Harming (0:45) = Fermented Spider Eye + Potion of Poison. This Poison potion will remove 3 hearts of Health with every hit against a mob.

To Make Potion of Harming II (0:45) = Fermented Spider Eye + Potion of Poison II.

To Make Potion of strength (3:00) = Blaze Powder + Awkward Potion. This is capable of doing plus 1.5 damage to every attack.

To Make Strength Potions (8:00) = Redstone Dust + Potion of Strength.

To Make Fire Resistance Potion (3:00) = Magma Cream + Awkward Potion. This Potion will make your fire and lava damage resistant. 

To Make Fire Resistance Potion (8:00) = Redstone Dust + Potion of Fire Resistance.

To Make Potion of Slowness (1:30) = Potion of Swiftness + Fermented Spider Eye or Potion of Fire Resistance + Fermented Spider Eye. This Potion helps to decrease your sprint speed.

To Make Potion of Slowness (4:00) = Redstone Dust + Potion of Slowness.

To Make A Night Vision Potion (3:0)= Awkward Potion + Golden Carrot.

Mundane Base Potion Recipes:

To Make a Splash Potion Of Weakness (4:00) = Fermented Spider Eye+  Mundane Potion. This makes it impossible for other players to hit the mob.

Thick Base Potion Recipes:

To Make Potion of weakness 1:30 = Fermented Spider Eye + Thick Potion.

Final Words:

After going through this Minecraft potion guide, you must have learned how to make potions and take over the Minecraft world. These potable, enemy, damaging, stat-boosting concoctions will work as a quick-fix and can also make a huge difference in life-or-death situations. Making Minecraft potions is all about resource management and perfect timing. If you found this Minecraft guide helpful, do not forget to leave a comment below. 


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