SHARD OF ALEXANDER : In what way is The Shard of Alexander obtained in the Elden Ring? No matter what kind of character build you’ve chosen for your character, you won’t get much farther in Elden Ring when you rely solely on the steel you have and your armour. Ashes of Destruction and other skills that give your weapons additional abilities should be used.

You could also use artefacts such as talismans, which boost particular stats and facilitate combat. A potent talisman, The Shard of Alexander raises all skill’s damage by 15%. Read on to find the best way to do it if it seems like an aspect your character may utilize. 

In the Elden Ring, how can you obtain the Shard of Alexander?

When the Alexander the Iron Fist questline is finished, the Shard of Alexander Talisman can be found in the Elden Ring. There’s that giant talking clay person, Alexander.

He initially appears in the northern part of Limgrave, where you hear somebody’s pleading for help as you descend a valley wedged between two cliff faces. If you follow the conversation up the cliffside, Alexander is imprisoned in a hole. You can start Alexander’s quest line by hitting to set him free.

It may require time and effort because the quest above arcs covers the entire game. You’ll need to encounter Alexander numerous times throughout his quest line in various locations. After this, there will be spoilers regarding the drawn-out quest line needed to earn the Shard of Alexander talisman. 

In Caelid’s Gael Tunnel, he is going to be waiting for you once you save him out of the pit in Limgrave. Make your way to the bottom of this cave, where the grace place is located. Explore these corridors further until you reach a large chamber with two entrances. Alexander can be discovered behind the tiny door on the left, while the large dual doorway on the opposite side will start a boss fight. 

Our cunning clay sphere is currently confined behind a small door. Talk to him until you have heard everything he has to say, then go back to the Grace Website to reset it. Alexander has arrived at Redmane Castle as the Radahn Fest has begun. 

Come here to fight the fabled Starscourge Redmane Castle as the Radahn Fest has begun. Come here to fight the Fabled Starscourge Radahn boss come across, where you can enlist the help of other NPCs to take him down. You ought to contact one of these, Alexander, to learn where he recently relocated. 

When you return to Liurnia, the lake country, you will encounter Alexander to your west. 

Everyone’s favorite clay pot has retrapped itself just south of the Carian Research Institute. He’s twisted up this time, so you’ll have to throw an oil pot towards him to free him. Alexander may be found above Mount Gelmir, located to the left underneath the lava after you have defeated the Magma Wyrm fight. If you deal some damage to the lava and engage him in conversation, he will let you know his last position and final destination.

What does Elden Ring’s Shard of Alexander accomplish?

After learning how to obtain one, let’s find out what the Shard of Alexander Elden Ring performs. Talismans are equipable items in the Elden Ring that give the player’s character a passive skill or enhancement. These components are essential to any combination because they can enhance your play with various passive bonuses.

One of these artifacts is the Shard of Alexander. Some weapons require this talisman because of its enhanced attack power. However, obtaining this particular item is a time-consuming process that demands players to put a lot of effort into the game.


The Shard of Alexander represents a talisman that, as was already said, boosts the damage your talents deal. No boss or level in the entire game can be destroyed to obtain The Shard of Alexander. To acquire this gear, you must finish the quest for either the fighter jar Alexander or Iron Fist Alexander.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How do I obtain the Alexander Shard?

Ans. If you complete his quest line, Alexander the Iron Fist will ask you to combat him in Crumbling Farum Azula. By using the lift inside the temple that is locked by an imp gate and requires two Stone Sword Keys to reach the top, you can find him standing on the rooftops just to the west of the Dragon Temple.

Q2) What precisely does Alexander Shard do?

Ans. By 15%, the Shard of Alexander considerably increases the attack strength of Skills. In the Elden Ring, players can employ talismans to increase the number of Stats. A warrior jar in pieces, a fragment of the late Alexander. greatly increases a skill’s attack power.


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