How To Play Riddle School 5?

How To Play Riddle School 5?

Riddle school 5 – If you like funny puzzles and tricky riddles, Riddle School 5 is right for you! It is a game by Jonochrome where you play as a student stuck in a weird school made by aliens who want to watch kids. Your goal is to rescue your friends and get out of school by solving funny and brain-teasing puzzles. This guide will help you win Riddle School 5.

How to Play Riddle School 5

Start by enjoying the game without knowing everything for the most fun. However, if you get stuck, look at these tips to help you move forward.

Getting out of the room: First, try to leave the room. Then, use the coin on the vent to unscrew three screws and take off the cover. Do not forget to pick up all 3 screws- you will need them later. Go through the vent to exit the room.

Checking out the Green Portal Rooms: Inside the green portal, you will find three rooms. Go into the left one named “SUBJECT #7272.” Get the card on the floor. Then, head to the flower room, grab the flower pot and tray, and fill the tray with dirt. That is all for this room.

Now, go to the “SUBJECT #1831” room. Move your cursor over the right wall to find a secret room entrance. Get the steak from there and leave.

Entering the Orange Portal: Fix the power panel with all four screws. On the machine’s left side, put the flower pot. Mix the dirt and steak tray and place it. Click the green arrow to make a living steak.

Coming Back to the Big Room’s Left Side: Once you have made the living steak, go out of the Life-Transferring Station and go back to the left side of the big room. Use the key card on the scanner to open your room’s door.

Tricking the Monster: Go into your room and put the living steak into the vent. Leave your room and make the statue invisible. Lock the door using the key card scanner. Move to the big room’s right side and go into the room that used to be protected by the monster.


Some FAQs

How do you find the last screw in Riddle School 5?

In Riddle School 5, Phil uses the alien coin to unscrew the vent cover, getting three screws. He picks them up and finds the fourth one under Zack’s bed. These four screws are used in the power panel of the Life Transfer Machine to turn it on.


What is Smiley’s code in Riddle School 5?

Blow the whistle and click Zack to knock him out. Enter 1831 on the keypad to enter Smiley’s dream. Like the puzzle in Riddle School 3, click the ruler on the desk, then spin the globe twice to find some gum.


What comes after Riddle School 5?

Riddle Transfer is another game by JonBro (Jonochrome). It is related to Riddle School and continues the story after Riddle School 5.


What happened to 5 in Riddle School?

In the Special Features, it is mentioned that “5 sold t-shirts online for a living. A big graphic design company noticed his talent, but they ripped him off and sued him when he asked for more money.”



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