PUBG vs Fortnite: Know The Difference Between The Biggest Mobile Games

PUBG vs Fortnite: Know The Difference Between The Biggest Mobile Games

The fight between battle royale supremacy has entered the arena, with Pubg vs Fortnite competing for the huge piece of the mobile gaming pie.

Both mobile games are hugely famous and have clear guides of the genre, but in spite of their similarities, there are some key differences between Fortnite and Pubg for mobile devices.

The comparison between Pubg vs Fortnite cannot definitively say which game is better since several of the differences are artistic. Both games are the best, so in this article, we are going to tell you about which game is more fun to play.

Visual Style of Fortnite and Pubg

Both mobile games are true recreations of PC counterparts, that includes the visual styles.

Quantum studious and Tencent’s Lightspeed have simplified the realistic graphic of PUBG mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). The maps, guns, and characters are all realistic.

On the other hand, Fortnite battle royale takes a more cartoon type approach. Everything is bright and colorful, as if they were torn from the Dreamworks film. Also, there are some weapons that are based on real weapons, and other weapons seem like the temporary egg launcher skin of the grenade launcher—and that is without getting into launch pads, jet packs, and shopping carts in the limited time modes. 

However, the difference between Pubg and Fortnite is best summed up by the players’ initial 30 seconds in the match. In Fortnite battle, players skydive out of a bus strapped to the huge balloon, breaking the fall with the futuristic glider or an umbrella. In Pubg mobile, players jump out of the cargo plane onto the sprawling islands with power plants, military bases.

Fortnite vs Pubg: Gameplay

Neither game invented the battle royale formula; however, the basic free-for-all gameplay is similar. In the most famous mode, players are released onto the island with 99 other opponents. After landing, you collect gear and weapons to fight until the last player is standing.

In these games, all the players have to play in the circle, also known as the play zone. The circle grows smaller and smaller, forcing the players close to one another. The outside of the play zone area players deals constant damage, and it should be avoided at any cost. In Pubg, they further limit the play area with red zones, where the bombs are dropped from the sky, which will kill the player instantly; the player should take cover in the red zone.

Pubg vs Fortnite: Controls

It is really obvious which company has more experience in creating mobile games. Well, Tencent is the undisputed company of mobile games and Pubg mobile shows in shades.

When it comes to gaming controls on mobile, its hard to find anything better then those used in Pubg mobile. Moreover, there are many built-in control schemes; it comes with an option to customize them as per your liking completely. Also, if you want to play on PC, then the official PUBG Mobile emulator makes it even more simple.

As for Fortnite, they have added some customization control, though the default controls leave something to be desired.

Pubg vs Fortnite: Bots

Pubg’s decision to introduce bots into the battle royale game was certainly controversial. However, it is also one of the main things which separate it from Fortnite.

The player’s few matches only twenty to thirty human players, with the rest of the bots on the entire game. Even after you have played some matches, do not expect that your opponents have the pulse unless you are playing the custom game.

As for Fortnite, it no bots initially, but recently they have added them in chapter 2. It was somewhat controversial; however, it does reduce the learning for the new players. Bots give them a chance to practice and get some skills before succumbing to the harsh reality of the battle royale.

Fortnite vs Pubg: Game and Maps Modes

The major difference between Pubg and Fortnite is that the number of game and map modes they provide. Fortnite uses the same map as the PC version, and it changes a little bit as the game grows.

In Fortnite, the map changes with every new season; they frequently add or remove entire areas. The gameplay looks fresh through this process, though there will likely never be a second map for the players to explore, aside from other modes such as Creative and save the world.

Fortnite also offers limited-time game modes like sniper shootout or 50 vs 50. These features spice up Fortnite a little bit for a while; after that, they disappear.

Pubg mobile offers many maps like Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi. This game also has an arcade mode only for mobile, with some players to bring matches down to a more mobile-friendly span.

Fortnite vs Pubg: Getting Around the Map

Pubg and Fortnite give players the ability to go around the map quickly. Keeping with the theme, Pubg stays true to life by including the motorcycles and cars around the map. These vehicles can explode when they take too much damage, and they run out of gas after traveling long miles.

Fortnite takes a different approach. It also has items that can improve the avatar’s movement pads and distance, such as jump pads that launch the character into the air to glide the way across the map. 

Fortnite and Pubg also feature auto-move to give the thumbs a rest. However, crossing an open field in Pubg is more dangerous than in Fortnite.

Performance – Fortnite vs Pubg

Fortnite battle royale and Pubg mobile run on the tried-and-tested unreal engine 4. It was actually built by Fortnite’s Epic Games. Well, it is not surprising that both games hit the ground running and are highly optimized for PC also.

It’s said, Epic Games have not made the efforts to make Fortnite available on the smartphone. It is popularly not on the play store. So if you want to play on Android, then you have to download it from Fortnite official websites. The minimum requirements to play on Android is:-

  • 3GB of free onboard storage
  • Android 8.0 or higher
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • GPU requirements: ARM Mali-G72 MP12, ARM Mali-G71 MP20, Qualcomm Adreno 530 or higher.

Fortnite on mobile devices does look amazingly similar to the PC version, but this game also has options to tweak the graphic settings to increase performance.

While Pubg offers a robust graphics setting to adjust on any device. Unlike the PC version on release, it is fairly optimized, though low-resolution textures do take away the realistic feel of the game. There is also Pubg mobile lite that runs on just about any device.

Final Words

So which game is better when it comes to Pubg vs Fortnite? These games are free and great; however, it offers decidedly different battle royale experiences.

Pubg mobile arguably does a little more to adjust the gameplay experiences to touchscreen controls and explore maps. However, Fortnite has much deeper learning and seasonal weapon and items. 

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