Stardew Valley: How To Get Prismatic Jelly

Stardew Valley: How To Get Prismatic Jelly

Stardew Valley has many tasks that may be completed for various rewards. Many of these tasks involve gathering objects; others require chatting with NPCs. Obtaining prismatic jelly for the wizard is one of these tasks. Let’s start by looking at the locations where you may take this particular order of prismatic jelly Stardew. 

This article will explain the ins and outs of placing a particular order for prismatic jelly stardew and point you in the right direction for obtaining some. 

Adhering to the Request for Prismatic Jelly

The Special Orders Board can only be accessed in the second semester of the first year. A whiteboard with two sheets of paper affixed stands in front of Mayor Lewis’ office.

There will be a special arrangement on each of these sheets. Since the board lists a new set of special orders each week, you may not see the Prismatic Jelly quest appear immediately away.

You can finally get down to business once you’ve agreed to take on the prismatic jelly stardew. According to the task log, you must bring the wizard a single prismatic jelly, which may be obtained from the “dangerous prismatic slime within the local caves.”

There will be a seven-day limit on this one-off order. Given that you need to acquire a single item, this is a reasonable amount of time, and the quest may be finished the same day you accept it.

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Locations Stocked With Prismatic Jelly

The Mines may be found in the mountains to the northeast of the Carpenter’s Shop, and here is where you can collect the prismatic jelly you need.

The prismatic jelly Stardew slime is a permanent fixture in the mines, taking the place of regular slime on every level. Depending on your luck, you may not be able to obtain a prismatic slime, but we’ll show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Finding Prismatic Slime: The Odds

By default, a prismatic slime will have a 1.2% chance of switching places with a regular slime.

This figure might rise depending on how lucky you feel on any given day. For instance, when your fortune is indifferent, you will have a 1.2% chance of discovering a stardew valley prismatic slime. If your luck is stellar, you could find a colorful slime sooner.

You may monitor your daily luck on the TV in your farmhouse, and you can boost it with the Special Charm and different home-cooked meals, among other things. If you’re having a horrible day, try looking for a colorful slime again the next day.

The prismatic slime stardew seems like regular slimes at first glance, but their hues shift as they dry. The wizard correctly said these slimes pose a more significant threat. Prism slimes are more powerful and have more hit points than regular slimes.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with the prismatic jelly stardew if you’re used to regular slimes. You should avoid getting the slowing Slimed debuff by avoiding the slime between attacks if you’re having trouble.

After being defeated, the prismatic slime will always, without fail, surrender its prismatic jelly.

How to Complete the Custom Order

After obtaining the prismatic jelly, visit the Wizard’s Tower in this region, at the edge of the Cindersap Forest, just south of your property.

Follow the left bank of the lake to reach the tower. On a tiny cliff on the screen’s left side, you can make out the Wizard’s Tower. Proceed in, knock, and hand the jelly to the wizard.

Once you’ve given the wizard the prismatic jelly, he’ll give you 5,000 gold and the Monster Musk formula in exchange.

If you hear the term “Monster Musk,” what does it mean?

Muscle-bound Hyperactive Muskateer Musk is an uncommon crafting material that increases the likelihood of running across more monsters. The following items are required to manufacture this unusual cologne.

Thirty Bat Wings, Thirty Slime

Monster Musk grants a 10-minute-long benefit known as the “monster musk buff” upon use. If you’re farming monster stuff, like bone pieces or bug meal, this boost is excellent since it doubles the number of foes on a floor in the different mines.

The above-listed portion explains numerous things about prismatic jelly stardew. 

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