Caroline stardew lives in Stardew Valley with the rest of the community. She gives Pierre a hand on the way to the shop, which he names Pierre’s General Store.

Caroline is very conventional; she loves spending time at home with her family and doing all the housework alone. Abigail, the daughter of Caroline and Pierre, is playable and one of the game’s love interests. Try out these patches to improve the NPCs’ visual appeal significantly. Let’s discuss everything you should know about caroline stardew in detail. 

“Stardew Valley” Planning with Caroline

It might be challenging to keep up with Caroline’s hectic schedule in caroline stardew. She’s a housewife, and that’s why so many things are frustrating even for her.

The full scope of her plans is as follows:

Time Fall 25 Winter 16 Raining
8:00 AM Kitchen Pierre’s General Store – Kitchen PGS – Kitchen
10:00 AM Bedroom Aisle, General Store
12:00 PM Waiting Room, Clinic Town Square
1:30 PM Examination Room, Clinic Night Market
4:00 PM Living Room
9:00 PM Bedroom
11:30 PM Bedroom


Time Regular Schedule Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday (Community Center Restored) Sunday
8:00 AM Pierre’s General Store – Kitchen Dresser, Living Room Kitchen, PGS Same as Wednesday PGS Kitchen
9:00 AM Bedroom
10:00 AM Sunroom Sunroom Same as Wednesday
10:30 AM Living Room
10:40 AM Bookshelf, Bedroom
11:00 AM Main Room, Community Center
12:00 PM Aisle, General Store Fountain, Community Center Museum
1:00 PM Aerobics Class, Living Room
1:30 PM Jodi, Town Square Aisle, PGS
2:40 PM Tree, South of Community Center
4:00 PM Living Room Living Room
5:00 PM Living Room Living Room Returns to Living Room
6:10 PM Kitchen
6:30 PM Bedroom
9:00 PM Bedroom Sleeping, Bedroom Bedroom Sleeping, Bedroom Bedroom Sleeping, Bedroom


“Stardew Valley” Home of Caroline

Caroline and her husband, Pierre, live in the Pierre General Store. Looking at her schedules up there, you’ll understand her hectic life. It’s important to know that Caroline’s home is on Town Square’s northern side


If you look at it, you may utilise the player indication on the map to help you find her residence.

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“Stardew Valley” Sunroom of Caroline

The stardew valley caroline enjoys taking tea breaks in her sunroom. If you want to know when and where to find her, look at the schedule above.

However, if you’re scratching your head and wondering where on earth her sunroom is, it’s essentially in the kitchen of Pierre’s General Store. She’ll be drinking tea like a man in her sunroom.

Where to Find Caroline’s Hothouse

It’s too late to find caroline stardew if you’re wondering where it is.

A year ago, a screenshot of the view from inside the greenhouse was shared on Reddit. To read the article, click here.

A Plot to Frame Caroline for Cheating [Spoilers]

Pierre’s anxiety about whether or not he is the biological father of Abigail leads to one of the game’s stranger incidents.

This topic has been the subject of several posts and conversations on Reddit. Unlock a conversation when your relationship with Pierre and Caroline reaches 100%. This exchange reveals Pierre’s anxiety over whether or not he is Abigail’s biological father.

When your relationship with caroline stardew reaches its peak, she will open up about her time spent with the Wizard and her visits to the tower. She warned against telling Pierre about it since he would become very envious.

If you push your relationship with Abigail to its limit, she’ll share some advice with you. It’s about how Caroline remembers that before her hair became purple, it was a different colour—possibly chestnut brown. Next, if your relationship level with the Wizard is at its highest, he’ll reveal that he thinks one of the locals is his son or daughter. Abigail is the most logical candidate.

Well, it covers most of the bases for Caroline.

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