Sekiro’s Prayer Beads: Where to Find Them for Superior Health and Posture

Sekiro’s Prayer Beads: Where to Find Them for Superior Health and Posture

In Sekiro, finding prayer beads sekiro is crucial if you wish to have a fighting chance against the many opponents that can one-shot you twice over at the beginning of the game. Finding the four you need to restore your health might be time-consuming, but if you know where to search, you can do it much more quickly and extend your time in Sekiro. 

Sometimes, you must kill particular NPCs or even the game’s boss to get beads. All the prayer beads sekiro locations and a suggested playthrough sequence have been mapped out for you

General Naomori Kawarada, Ashina Periphery, Gate Path Idol

To get a Prayer Bead from the Outer Wall: Gate Path idol, go across the bridge where you obtained the Shuriken and circle to the left until you can ambush the mini-boss, General Naomori Kawarada.

Shinobi Hunter Estate Path Idol Prayer Bead, Hirata Family

From the idol on the Hirata Estate Estate Path, make your way to the steps guarded by shield-wielding foes. The white-clad foe brandishing a spear is a Shinobi Hunter. Take him out for one Mikiri counter and one Prayer Bead.

Sekiro Hirata Estate Prayer Bead, Audience Chamber Idol, Main Hall, Hirata Estate

In the structure that Juzou the Drunkard was defending, you may retrieve a prayer bead from the Hirata Estate – Main Hall Idol. Since you have concluded that he is dead, you may enter the building he was protecting and leave. There should be a scroll hanging on a wall somewhere. Next, embrace this wall to open a secret passageway housing a Prayer Bead and other rewards. 

Stairway Idol, Exterior Wall, Fourth Position Tenzen Yamauchi, General, Prayer Bead  

After he’s unconscious, you’ll face the Chained Ogre, a formidable monster, along the Outskirts Wall. To the left of the collapsed bridge is the Underbridge Valley Idol, but you’ll encounter the mini-boss, General Tenzen Yamauchi, before you get there. To get the prayer beads sekiro, you must first eliminate all his minions.

Prayer Bead for the Gate of Ashina Castle: Gyoubu Oniwa Sekiro Ashina Castle

Several steps lead up to the Ashina Castle Gate Idol, where you engage in a chariot duel with Gyoubu. Climb them and enter the structure. A Prayer Bead is accessible through a hole in the building’s ceiling, which may be reached using a grappling hook.

Blazing Bull Prayer Bead, Found Near the Ashina Suburbs and the Ashina Castle Gate 

Go on from the Ashina Castle Gate Ido until you encounter two foes discussing a beast. Killing them will initiate the boss battle, at which point you may use the Firecracker Shinobi Tool to defeat the Blazing Bull and win a Prayer Bead.

Ashina Castle General Idol Prayer Bead 

There is a second General mini-boss if you ascend the stairs from the Ashina Castle Ido. Just kill him and take another Bead. 

Upper Tower Ashina Elite Prayer Bead (Ashina Dojo)

The Ashina Elite will engage you in a samurai sword combat right after you defeat the Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol. You will get a Prayer bed if you successfully use deflection to achieve victory. 

Ashina Seven Spears mini-boss, Ashina Reservoir Idol Prayer Bead, number nine.

An Ashina Seven Spears mini-boss stands in front of the structure in the Ashina Reservoir, where the Young Lord handed you your weapon. Win a Bead from him in a fight.

Lone Shadow Longswordman, Ashina Reservoir Idol Prayer Bead No. 10 

In the Ashina Reservoir section, go beyond the house you hid under at the beginning of the game and continue to hug the wall as you make your way around. Drop an attack on the adversary below after you reach the end of this trail. It’s worth another Prayer Bead to get rid of him.

Prayer Bead of the Shugendo Idol, Armoured Knight, from Senpou Temple, Japan 

The Armoured Knight awaits you at the peak of the incline from the Shugendo Idol. You will get a Bead if you successfully kill him with a kick. A gratifying thump will also be audible.  

A structure with a courtyard can be found just across from the Temple Grounds Idol, where you can also find the Centipede Su’un prayer bead. Get here and gaze to the right and down from here. If you descend to the lower roof and investigate the structure, you should discover a way in. You can quickly work this Centipede and acquire another Bead if you slip inside and strike from behind.

Snake Eyes Prayer Bead, Sunken Valley Idol 

A Snake Eyes foe stands before a Buddha head between the Sunken Valley Ido and the Gun Fort. To use them as a Prayer beads, remove them. 

Prayer Bead, Centipede, Giraffe, Gun Fort Idol

You may engage in combat with Long-arm Centipede Giraffe by proceeding ahead from the Gun Fort Idol. Use firecrackers and whatever has proven effective against a Bead in combat to defeat him. 

Canyon Sekiro’s Gun Fort prayer bead, the Gun Fort Idol, ranks 

There’s a crater on the floor of the same room where they had the battle. You may return to the caves if you investigate this more. The prayer beads sekiro is on the ground; you’ll find several small centipede giraffe opponents if you follow it around.

Snake Eyes, a Pray Bead from the Poison Pool Idol

A Snake Eyes mini-boss may be found in the Poison Pools section. This prayer beads sekiro is your reward for defeating them. It’s a difficult battle, but creeping up for the first kill shot is worth it. 

The Gluttony Payer Bead of the Hidden Forest Idol

A second region is accessible from the Hidden Forest Idol by continuing beyond the little Buddha statue. A tree may be used as a grappling point on the left wall of this location. The Glutton, a mini-boss similar to the Drunkard seen in memory, awaits at the end of the short route it leads. You should treat him to a Prayer Bead.

Prayer Bead Idol of the Water Mill, from the Village of Mibu

Walk beyond the bridge and up from the Water Mill Idol. Drop into the river on your right as you walk towards the building ahead. You can probably get another Bead if you go around the back of the building and gaze toward it.

Prayer Bead Idol from Submerged Temple Grounds

The Underwater Temple Grounds Idol may be reached by warp if you have acquired the ability to dive underwater. Dive down into the water and submerge. You can find a Bead in a cave if you search hard enough. 

Poison Pools Idol Chakra Mala 

Teleport to the Idol of the Poison Pools. When the Snake Eyes foe is eliminated, a way opens up behind them; however, rather than descending this new route, you should seek above and to your left for a grappling point. You can climb over the wall if you crawl beneath the first low ceiling. Do what I say, then try to wrestle this Bead out of the Buddha’s head. 


After defeating the Guardian Ape in Bodhisattva Valley, there will be some changes if you warp to the Poison Pools Ido. However, you should acquire the Mortal Blade before engaging in this battle. After defeating the Snake Eyes foe, a vast tunnel will open up, and this monster will be waiting for you inside. You may win two prayer beads sekiro by beating it.  


How many Prayer Beads are there in Sekiro altogether?

There are 40 Prayer Beads hidden across Sekiro’s realm. Most of them are loot drops from bosses, but a few hidden across the globe are surprisingly easy to miss. You may build a Prayer Necklace that gives you more energy and improves your posture if you collect four Prayer Beads.

Can the Prayer Beads be missed in Sekiro?

Later in the game, you may be able to skip through some of these treasures. Choose the Purification ending if you want all the Prayer Beads (see How to Get All Endings). You can only use the two Prayer Beads associated with the Purification Ending if you choose that particular one of the four possible conclusions.

What happened to the last two prayer beads?

If you go with the other choice, you’ll be stuck with the game’s “bad” ending and unable to collect all of the game’s Prayer Beads. The last ones may be found in the latest iterations of Hirata Estate, Fountainhead Palace, Ashina Castle, and Ashina Outskirts.


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