GAMES LIKE POKEMON  – One of the true gaming juggernauts is the Pokemon series. It is the all-time most popular video game series and has been ported to almost any imaginable medium. The most recent games in the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, are also some of the most creative. Additionally, they help bring the Pokemon franchise into the 21st century as they are the first games in the series to offer genuine open-world gameplay.

However, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has limited post-game content; thus, some gamers can eventually get tired of the games. Fortunately for those gamers, there are many other fantastic games like Pokemon. While few have been as popular and long-lasting as the original series, many have gotten close regarding gameplay and visual appeal.

On May 22, 2023, Tom Bowen updated: These fantastic creature-collecting games are surely worth a look, whether players are searching for something to do to pass the time until their next Pokemon journey or are simply eager to see what the majority of these games that are comparable to Pokemon can provide.

While some occasionally lack polish, they completely make up for it with their charm, passion, and fun gameplay moments. The very most significant Pokemon-like games follow the series’ wildly successful structure and improve on it in novel and creative ways.

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Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary started its life as a passionate project just before the universe decided its views to KICKSTARTER. Just after the successful campaign, it was purchased by the Team 17 publisher and achieved success beyond the original game. The latest release came out in the year 2020, and it was one of the best games Pokemon has made.  

Players make their team of monsters to take wild and other monsters as keepers. The players can choose one wild monster to follow them outside of the fight, just like in many Pokemon-like games. But unlike Pokemon, each of the following creatures has a special power that can aid players in navigating the game’s universe. This gives the next mechanic a deeper level of complexity and gives you more motivation to play the games.  

Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts was one of the best games like Pokemon made, this was released in 2023 for personal computers, XBOX, and Switch. It also carries with it a lot of intriguing concepts and gameplay elements that serve to distinguish it from other games in the perennially well-linked creature-collecting genre. Through 120 monsters and more than 14000 unique fusions, it also provides players with an absurd amount of variation.

Cassette Beasts offer a lot to adore, from its endearing aesthetics to its ground-breaking co-op battle system. This is a terrific creature-collecting game for individuals who originally fell in love with the Pokemon concept as children and are now seeking an activity a little larger as they enter early adulthood because it also targets a somewhat older population.


The strangeness of the game Bugsnax is unquestionably a large part of its appeal. In the game, players engage with various strange and fantastic creatures on the enigmatic Snake Tooth Island. Though its charming graphic style suggests otherwise, it’s much darker than that, and despite its straightforward premise, the story is surprisingly engaging.

In April 2022, Bugsnax—once an official launch title on the PlayStation 5—was released on Switch and Xbox. To commemorate the event, a new update, including d, is unquestionably among the top games like Pokemon.


Coromon at first, looks like just another Pokemon, but there is a lot about the collecting-creatures game that is more complex than it appears. Initially, the war features were a more intuitive battle system, giving the players more control over difficulties through the main story.

The players who like Nuzlocke running games like Pokemon will surely want to check out the common; there is a built-in randomizer. The players must first unlock the randomizer by defeating the monster; the voltage is very refreshing. Look at the developer’s embarrassing ideas and features, which, nonetheless, players wanted to see.


Even though the Suikoden game series from Konami lacks any living creatures, players will gather items as they progress. This is due to the franchise’s reputation for having enormous casts of individuals; the original game in the series included more than 100 prospective party members that players could locate and enlist.

The battle mechanism within the Suikoden game is somewhat similar to Pokemon, despite the games’ darker themes and concepts. Suikoden is a great JRPG series, and it’s an excellent choice for older Pokemon players who desire a more mature experience that still looks and plays the same.

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

The Mystery Dungeon series really predates Pokemon by several years, even though it is currently most often linked to the Pokemon franchise. The first Mystery Dungeon game with a Chocobo theme was released in 1997; several others have since appeared.

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Everybody Buddy!, a game for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, is the most recent of these. Unlike Pokemon games, it does not allow players to capture monsters; utilizing the Buddy system, players can create allies with various creatures that will battle alongside them as they go through the game’s several dungeons.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a browser element from a wide variety of genres and was released in 2017 for personal computers, Xbox One, switch and ps4. It might initially appear to be an odd hybrid of a first-person shooting title and a life simulation game like Pokemon, but there’s much more happening than what meets the eye.

To earn money while continuing to explore the game’s world, players can catch, grow, & breed their slimes. Slime Rancher should satisfy the needs of individuals who appreciate caring for their Pokemon, even though there aren’t nearly as many kinds of slimes as among the Pokemon, and players can’t engage in battles.

Shin Megami Tensei V

There are many parallels between the Shin Megami Tensei & Pokemon franchises, despite the disapproval of certain fans of the similarity. The most prominent of them is undoubtedly the capacity to capture and engage in combat with various monsters, which is a crucial aspect of both of these long-running games.

The deeper and more adult tales that players are often exposed to in SMT titles, however, are where they really stand out from other video games. Pokemon really does an excellent job of preparing players for SMT in many areas, making the last one an excellent series to attempt for individuals who liked Pokemon-like games as children.


Ooblets, a life modelling game that is playable on Xbox One & Windows, mixes the creature-collecting elements of games like the Pokemon series with the methods of agriculture present in video games like Stardew Valley & My Period at Portia. The ultimate effect is very pleasant and well worth a look, even though it may seem like mixing chalk & cheese to some people.

Although certainly much more colourful, the game’s design is similar to that of certain of the more current Pokemon games, which may appeal to some gamers. Although there aren’t nearly as many Ooblets for players to gather as the number of Pokemon-like games, those present in the game are often designed effectively and give a variety of benefits. The animations are also fantastic.

Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories, which debuted in 2017, adds a new twist to the series’ established premise. Players control a rider with the ability to steal eggs from monster nests, hatch them, and then use the eggs to fight other monsters. Contrary to other Demon Hunting games, combat is turn-based, resembling Pokemon-like game battles.

The game, which was sadly never released on the Nintendo Switch, is still playable on the 3DS, and in 2018 it was also made available for Android and iOS devices. A follow-up, Monster Hunters Stories 2: Wings of Ruins, was launched for the Switch and mobile devices for individuals who have previously finished the game or don’t particularly like mobile games and personal computers. 

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Tales Evolved has steadily improved into a superb action-adventure game after a very unimpressive launch. Gameplay is frequently far more realistic than the Pokemon series, while storytelling is handled much more passively. However, even without a conventional narrative, an engaging story is still available for anyone willing to look for it.

Players can train fierce dinosaurs that they can ride into combat against their enemies or similar prehistoric predators rather than beautiful small critters. Bugs occasionally mar the experience, but gamers who can get beyond them will probably enjoy Ark very much. The Pokemon like game is excellent for playing with others because it supports crossplay & split-screen co-op on several platforms.

Monster Crown

Although Monster Crown’s archaic visuals may bring to mind some of the older 16-bit titles, its gameplay mechanics are entirely up to current. More than 200 monsters can be tamed and collected in the game, like Pokemon, and a fully developed reproduction system enables limitless combinations. Its plot, which is gloomy and thought-provoking, is its greatest asset.

Whenever it concerns tone, at least, the story depicted in Monster Crown isn’t too unlike the one seen in Pokemon X & Y. Fans of the Video Game Freak franchise should find it easy to convert to Monster Crown because the fight and trade mechanisms are also quite similar to those available in the Pokemon series.

Digimon World: Next Order

Digimon Survive is maybe a little too grim to be comparable to the Pokemon series, with at least two major characters’ deaths in a typical playtime. However, many more humorous Digimon games are available for gamers to enjoy, including the 2017 game Digimon World: Following Order.

One of the biggest games in the franchise to date, it has over 200 monsters for players to collect. Additionally, a great focus is placed on the value of the relationship between players & their Digimon in the fighting system. Like numerous other titles in the Digimon Adventure series, some grinding is involved, but not nearly enough to make the experience unpleasant.

World Of Final Fantasy

One of Square Enix’s many Final Fantasy game spin-off games is World of Final Fantasy. It is frequently likened to the Pokemon series; however, the similarities end with the game’s monster-catching feature. Although this is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Pokemon, Kingdom of Final Fantasy lacks the accompanying training and combat elements.

But Kingdom of Final Fantasy won’t exceed expectations for those who must catch them all. The monster lineup includes a lot of well-known characters as well as some fresh and distinctive looks. Fans of Final Fantasy will likely enjoy this better than anyone else. But even then, not everyone might like the Chibi art style.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Although there aren’t quite as many, it’s difficult to avoid the comparison when looking at the Higgledies in Ni No Kuni II: Shadow Kingdom. Each has a unique affinity for an element & a set that includes four combat moves. Even though there won’t be as many of them, they have a “catch ’em all” vibe.

Although the story of Ni No Kuni II isn’t primarily focused on collecting Higgeldies, the animals are essential to the game’s gameplay. Also, choosing whichever four Higgeldies to bring into combat involves a similar preparation to choosing a Pokemon team. There is an equal amount of charm, even though there is less depth.

Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu

One of the PlayStation’s undervalued RPGs is Jade Cocoon: History Of A Tamamayu. Although the game’s visuals are beginning to show signs of wear, its gameplay and story are excellent. While there are many parallels between this game and Pokemon, it also offers some unique and brilliant concepts.

Understanding the developers’ intentions is simple, even when their ideas don’t completely work. By which players could catch minions easily, it tells about how many minions they have caught. It is an interesting idea that would not feel out of place in a Pokemon game. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) In what genre does Pokémon fit?

ANS. Role-playing video games from Japan

The initially released Pokémon like games were developed through Satoshi Tajiri as the Nintendo Game Boy and are Japanese video games (RPGs) containing a strategic component. In Japan, Pocket Monsters Red & Green released on the Game Boy marked the start of the Pokémon series.

Q2) What different Pokemon video games are there?

ANS. 122 games are currently known. Nine generations can be used to categorize the games.


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