NIKE VOICE OF THE ATHLETE   – Have you ever dreamed you could put Nike’s voice of the athlete products through their paces before they hit the market? Maybe you’re a Nike sneaker fanatic or have an entire closet chock-full of Nike fitness clothes.

If this describes you, you’ll be an excellent fit for Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ product testing program.

We’re investigating how you can obtain Nike items for free as a component of the company’s testing program. You may apply directly on Nike’s website through the ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program, or you can be given the opportunity through one of Nike’s partners.

What exactly is Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ initiative?

‘Voice of the Athlete’ is your chance to help shape Nike’s product line in the future.

While Nike collaborates with athletes and celebrities, their product testing platform allows the general people to participate in the creation process. You’ll be able to test items before they hit the store shelves and provide feedback to Nike directly.

If your application is accepted, you will be given the option of selecting from a variety of products, including prototypes. You will likely be able to test Nike goods that will never be available in retail stores.

If you’ve been a long-time Nike fan and routinely wear their items while working out or simply as part of your everyday wardrobe, you’ll feel right in your own home with the ‘Voice of the Athlete’ campaign.

Successful candidates will have a period to test their items before submitting a survey that includes questions regarding the product’s use, experience, and comfort.

Your opinion will help Nike develop new products and define the future direction of its line of products.

At the end of the testing time, you will be requested to send back your products to Nike. Returning your products qualifies you for future Nike product testing opportunities.

How Do You Become a Nike Voice of the Athlete Product Tester?

While Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ product evaluation program seems to be closed for the time being, sign-up directions are still available on the website, implying that it might re-open for fresh applications soon.

Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ initiative has three levels:

  • Adult testing (18 and up)
  • Minor (aged 13 to 17)
  • (12-year-old or younger)

Each of the three programs will not be open for applications simultaneously. New application spaces are determined by size & availability, as well as Nike’s product development.

Applicants have submitted input, therefore, responses will be sent in a matter of days. Children under the age of 12 will require the assistance of a parent to set up and maintain their goods testing account.

Nike Voice of the Athlete conducts annual assessments of its goods testers, allowing them to maintain its current roster and providing an opportunity for fresh reviews to become part of the program as well. According to online comments, anyone can become an extended product reviewer for Nike Voice of the Athletes if you fulfil their requirements and provide comprehensive input.

Interested in Becoming a Nike Product Tester?

As a component of the application process for the Nike ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program, you will be requested to give some basic information. Nike Voice of the Athlete divides its product testing program into three age categories.

While Nike’s product testing is mostly done in the United States of America, you can inquire about being a global product tester.

Voice of the Athlete is also accessible for product testing in Canada, China, Mexico, Italy, and Japan, with more countries on the way.

The Nike voice of the athlete will collect your body dimensions to verify that you receive the correct size of merchandise.

Because Nike has become a fitness trademark used by both professional & amateur athletes alike, you will be asked about your workout routine & activities. It is crucial to offer correct information because Nike may request that you evaluate its items during these activities.

How to Get Nike Test Products for Free

If the request is approved, Nike will send you a test invitation. Within a few weeks, you will receive a test packet containing information on how to test your products.

You will provide comments through the Nike website while returning your products to get future Nike products for testing.

Previous Nike voices of the athlete program participants have reported receiving emails enabling them to choose the things they receive.

The majority of product testing receive their goods within three weeks after they get an email confirming that their things are on their way.

How Long Can You Work as a Nike Product Tester?

Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ program is only mentioned briefly. Most of the information you’ll discover online comes from people who have succeeded with the method.

According to one Reddit user, “about 10 individuals currently in my sneakers group…(have) been doing it for as long as 6 years.”

You can stay in the Nike product evaluation program indefinitely if you deliver your products on time and provide meaningful comments. Nike Voice of the Athlete reviews its product testers every year, allowing them to delete inactive testers or individuals who haven’t returned their goods or offered enough input.

Is it possible to get paid for evaluating Nike products?

It is important to note that you will not be paid for participating in Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ initiative.

Nike, on the other hand, does hire paid product testers. Current roles in the goods testing area include working in the worldwide football & global sportswear subcategories.

Nike’s voice of the athlete also provides its staff with an internal product testing program. If you have any product testing questions, please email Nike at [email protected].


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Do you get compensated for your participation in Nike Voice of the Athlete?

Ans. It is important to note that you will not be paid for your participation in Nike’s ‘Voice of the Athlete’ initiative.

Q2) How much money do Nike testers make?

Ans. A Product Tester’s annual salary at NIKE is projected to be $55,880. This figure indicates the median, referred to as the middle point of the salary ranges calculated by our unique Total Pay Estimate algorithm and based on data from our users. The annual base salary is anticipated to be $46,891.


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