Elden Ring Minor Erdtree Catacombs Guide

Elden Ring Minor Erdtree Catacombs Guide

minor erdtree catacombsOn Elden ring minor erdtree catacombs map, in the deteriorating Caelid region, lies a small dungeon called the Minor Erdtree Catacombs. This catacomb is as dangerous as Caelid itself. Numerous imps, reddish rot, and not one, but several Erdtree Cemetery Watchdogs as the dungeon’s monster are among the dangers that must be avoided.

This constitutes a single of the more challenging iterations of the dungeons known as “catacombs.” It’s possible that the right way through Elden ring minor erdtree Catacombs catacomb dungeons won’t be immediately obvious. To successfully navigate the minor Erdtree Catacombs and confidently deal with the two burial watchdogs, refer to our guide.

Overview of the minor Erdtree Catacombs

  1. The Erdtree Avatar battle for this location starts at the area outside a small erdtree in Caelid, which is where you may find this dungeon. You can battle that specific boss either before or after entering this dungeon.
  2. The Minor Erdtree The crypts is a brief but deadly dungeon that requires considerable backtracking to reach the boss battle. The elden ring minor erdtree catacombs is filled with imps that are dispersed throughout and carrying a range of weapons. since you go around the dungeon, make sure to keep an eye out for some of these, since some of them are hiding in especially cunning locations. Having a torch handy could be helpful because it can get rather dark.
  3. The button-activated lift will transport you lower to a room that features an eastern and westerners corridor. Go by means of the eastern corridor initially and quickly cross the red liquid as this is going to provide you with the red-coloured rot social standing influence (which in turn quickly damages you if you aren’t quick enough), as this will cause it to give you the effect. On the contrary side, you’ll uncover some potions.
  4. Enter the square chamber by taking the western corridor. Move on to the next area, which has an instrument on top of a statue, after disposing of all the imps.
  5. In the next chamber, watch out for imps that are dropping from the ceiling and ones that are hidden at the outer edges of the door. Once they’re dealt with, use the lever towards the sculpture to raise a large door into the dungeon.
  6. Go back and forth to the lift chamber. You must pass through the opening that appears underneath the lift after pressing the switch and rolling off. Be cautious and attempt to roll as soon as you land since a living thing is ready to harm you below.

You must quickly navigate another room filled with scarlet rot slime in order to reach the boss. A door can be found between two statues if you run across this chamber and turn the corner. To battle the dungeon’s boss—two Erdtree Burial Watchdogs—cross the mist by encountering the opening and down the steps.

Boss Manual for minor erdtree catacombs

  • Although there are two of them, this monster generally requires the same approach as the reverse Erdtree Burial Watchdogs! While one wields an employee and is capable of using ranged spells, the other brandishes a sword.
  • Employing your soul’s ashes to conjure a spirit to attack one with the Erdtree Cemetery Watchdogs while you combat the other is one of the best approaches for this battle. You can take care of things single at a time in this manner. Since the staff-wielding watchdog has the ability to inflict greater harm with their ranged skills, you should probably deliver damage to them first.
  • Otherwise, avoid their slamming assaults by sprinting, rolling to avoid them, and employing ranged attacks when you can. After smashing their guns into the ground, both watchdogs give you a tiny window to attack them from behind. Continue to maintain a safe distance whenever you can, and don’t allow them to corner you. Whenever you vanquish these creatures, they’ll leave the Mad Harvest Head Ashes, a spirit you can now call that is exceedingly strong.


  • Who is the person in charge of the in the catacombs with minor entrances?

Boss: The Sceptre & Sword-wielding Erdtree Burial Watchdog Duo

In this boss encounter, twin Erdtree Burial Watchdogs must be defeated in a duo duel. One of them is holding a sword that resembles the one found in the Stormfoot Catacombs, while the other is holding a watchdog’s staff. You should concentrate on the Employees one since it fires magical bullets from a distance.

  • What use do the catacombs under elden ring minor erdtree catacombs serve?

Although tombs are supposed to be places where the dead are laid to rest, in Elden Ring they could just as easily pass for bazaars given how bustling and abundant they are. They hold valuables that can change the course of the game as well as numerous adversaries that are very definitely alive and well.

  • Which catacombs in elden ring minor erdtree catacombs are the most perplexing?

Even though the Leyndell Catacombs were one of Elden Ring’s most challenging dungeons to navigate, doing so is simple once you figure out the structure. The three portions of the Elden ring minor erdtree catacombs have essentially identical rooms, which will give you the impression that you’re continually going round in circles.


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