Mettaton in Undertale: Ten Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

MettatonThis small indie game, Undertale, has generated a fan base surpassing any triple-A blockbuster franchise in size and scope. Fans have made incredibly accurate cosplay, beautiful fan art, and many fan games to celebrate and build upon the source material. Every single nugget of knowledge, particularly concerning the game’s memorable characters, has been extracted from this game.

He Used to Be a Spirit

Originally, mettaton wasn’t a sentient robot. He’s a former ghost who resembles Napstablook, except fans commonly colour him pink instead of white when they draw him. He befriended Alphys in the afterlife, and she provided him with a physical form (or forms). This “corporeal” form of Mettaton is the one Frisk encounters and (maybe) battles in the game.

In the Game, He Has Relative

The families of Sans and Papyrus, including those of Asgore, Toriel, and Asriel, are only a few of the many notable families in Undertale. Players may be unaware that mettaton has a family in the game. Mettaton is Napstablook’s cousin (in one exchange, Papyrus calls him “Happstablook”) and a former employee of the family snail farm. Who makes him related to Mad Dummy, another ghost whom Frisk meets later in the game? If you kill enough creatures on a so-called “Genocide run,” this spirit will also manifest physically.

He has a virtual home in the game.

Mettaton does not only hunt out people beneath, nor does he constantly reside in the laboratory in Hotland with Alphys. His Waterfall residence is next to Napstablook’s. The home may be locked, but there is always a way in. The residence of the mettaton, where the player may peruse his belongings and read his journals, can be unlocked by purchasing a Mystery Key from Bratty and Catty in Holland.

He Cannot Be Tracked.

The player may get to know several of the characters in Undertale by taking them on a date. Frisk can hang out with Papyrus and Alphys in the dump or take them out for pasta. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with mettaton.

Mettaton is not just uninterested in dating but also your feelings for him. As part of the mettaton EX fight, the player is tasked with writing an essay. In response to the player saying, “I love you,” Mettaton will wave his hand and say, “What a touching confession!” To be added to the stack.

Sexting Shyren

Mettaton boasts a lot about his fame, but it’s not just for show. Many of the other monsters are his buddies as well, such as Alphys, Undyne, and Shyren. Like the monster’s hesitant soprano, he enjoys a good show.

If the player achieves the True Pacifist ending, not only does mettaton create a touring band with Shyren and Napstablook (and potentially Burgerpants), but he also helps Shyren achieve her dream of being a professional singer in the mainstream.

He Has a Soft Spot for People

Depending on the kind of run the player selects, Mettaton will make allusions to various backstories, but it seems clear that he’s not attempting to wipe off the human race so much as he is interested in providing some light entertainment.

The player will learn that, prior to the events of the game, Mettaton had such a soft spot for human beings that he founded a Human Fan Club.

Fourth, he’s a glam rock star.

Mettaton is introduced as a box with limbs and legs, his rudimentary screen’s blinking lights serving as his face. At a certain point in the fight, the player may activate a switch on the back of the mettaton to turn him into the more powerful Mettaton EX.

High-heeled boots, forceful shoulder pads, and precisely manicured eyebrows give Mettaton’s new humanoid style an obvious nod to glam rockers of the 1980s. The music playing during Mettaton EX’s arrival says it all: Death By Glamour.

Three of His Forms

Mettaton’s boxy, TV-shaped original form and Mettaton EX’s glamorous, humanoid rocker version are both recognizable to players who have completed Undertale with a True Pacifist run or a Neutral run. A third appearance of Mettaton occurs exclusively during a Genocide run. This third form takes inspiration from traditional Japanese role-playing games and contains a heavily upgraded Mettaton NEO with wings, spiky joints, and a weapon in place of a hand.

Undertale subverts expectations by making the JRPG staple Mettaton NEO surprisingly feeble, as it does with many other tropes. While “final forms” of bosses are often the most difficult to defeat, in this particular encounter, he may be easily killed with a single well-placed hit.

His Legs Are His Best Feature, Period.

Mettaton is completely infatuated with himself, especially his humanoid body. However, several hints dispersed throughout the game indicate his legs are his most prized physical attribute. The boss fights against mettaton undertale EX is one of the greatest in the game and has an essay section about Mettaton’s best characteristic. Mettaton will agree with the player if they choose “legs” as their favourite physical trait. The correct response was “legs.”

The game’s closing credits also prove that he really likes his legs. After appearing on stage in his original box shape, mettaton discards his wheel and reveals his humanoid legs, outfitted in skintight black trousers and bright pink high-heeled boots.

In the first place, he goes against traditional gender roles.

Mettaton used to be a ghost who resided in a pink home and kept many journals until he was transformed into a killer robot with lethal legs. Some fans have speculated that Mettaton may be classified as genderqueer or trans due to the fact that, as mettaton EX, he dons a pair of high-heeled pink boots, as well as a beautiful haircut and cosmetics.

Despite wearing these archaic markers of gender, Mettaton is always addressed as he/him in conversation. The concept that mettaton undertale is just a male who likes pink shoes is just as interesting and consistent with Undertale’s style as the idea that he is covertly genderqueer or trans.


It isn’t easy to choose favorites among unique people since they all have complex personalities and moving histories. Only mettaton, however, has supporters outside of the virtual world. This character is interesting since their degree of meta is consistent with Undertale’s style of play. Here are some details regarding Mettaton that you may still need to look into. Anyone who has yet to play the game should know that there will be spoilers ahead.



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