Raise Your Edge Beast and Bounty Course

Raise Your Edge Beast and Bounty Course

Beast and Bounty  – Progressive knockout tournaments (PKOs) are a kind of competition in the big MTT group. To be good at them, you first need to really know a lot about MTTs in general. Then, you have to understand how bounties work and be ready to change your strategy as the event goes on because bounties are not fixed.

Since there are many things to understand and it is not that easy, bounty builder tournaments are challenging to become good at. However, if you put in the effort and time to get good at them, you can win much money because there are big prizes in PKOs.

The Beast and Bounty course by Raise Your Edge is one of the first courses that focuses on progressive knockout tournaments. It is taught by “Bencb789,” who is the main coach at RYE, and “w3c.RaY,” a perfect player who loves numbers and statistics.

This course was first released in 2018, but because things change fast in the world of poker, it has been updated with new stuff. Inside the course, you will see many sections with new videos, along with older lessons that talk about the same things.

To make the most of the 9+ hours of content inside, you should check out all of them. Newer videos share better ways to do things compared to the older lessons, but that does not mean the old stuff is bad. It just means that there is always more to learn in poker, even if you are already really good at it.

A Quick Look at Beast and Bounty

The RYE Beast and Bounty course has over nine hours of videos talking about important stuff, which we will talk about more in this review. Besides the videos, you will also get HUDs, helpful sheets, and how-to videos for tools like ICMIZER and Holdem Resources Calculator (HRC).

Learning how to use these tools is important if you want to be good at PKOs. It helps you look at your own hands and think about different situations even when you are not playing.

It is important to know that the Bounty Beast course is not a basic MTT course. The people who made it even say this in the first video. The stuff inside the course is for people who already know a lot about poker, like hand ranges and equities. 

If you do not know these things, this course will not be very helpful, and you might find it difficult to follow. It is made to make you better at PKOs and assumes you are already a pretty good tournament player.

Bencb789 and w3c.RaY have one last thing to say: Be open to new ideas. There are many different thoughts about PKOs and not all of them are right. To really use the stuff you learn in this course, be willing to change your mind and improve your understanding.

It is not too tough to do this because even the people who made the course were happy to update some lessons and give new strategies. They realized that some of their ideas were not the best, so they made some videos into “legacy” ones.

Content guideline:

Before you dive into the main part of the Bounty Beast course, it is a good idea to watch the second video in the Introduction section. In this video, you will learn how to make the most of the course and get info about updates made since it first came out.

Lastly, you will receive some advice on how to learn from the lessons in the best way. There is a big pile of content, and some of it involves tricky math and formulas. It is a good idea to go slowly, write down notes, and understand it before you go to the next part.

Structure of Bounty Beast Course

The course is divided into different main parts, and each part is divided into smaller sections. Remember, this is not a general MTT course, so you will not see much basic stuff here. Most of it is about progressive knockout tournaments and how to do well in them.

Variations in Bounty Tournaments

One important topic they talk about a lot is when only bounties are left as prizes. This can happen when players make a contract for the regular prize pool and then only compete for bounties. This means there is less pressure from ICM. However, it might not be the best move if you are up against less experienced players who might start playing too cautiously.

Another important topic in this part is the common mistakes in PKOs. Players who are not experienced in these kinds of tournaments often make errors. They might play too cautiously at the beginning and then get too aggressive at the final table.

These mistakes might seem logical because bounties become more valuable on the final table. So, you will learn why these misunderstandings can hurt your winnings and how to change your way of thinking.

Practical Examples

As the name of this part suggests, the Raise Your Edge Beast and Bounty course moves from pure theory to real-world examples. If you have been following the theory, these examples are a great chance to really understand it.

These lessons focus on things like going all-in before the flop, changing your 3-bet strategies, and open jamming.

All three of these areas need different strategies in PKOs. You must use strategies different from regular MTTs. You have to think about the fact that players will call more often as they chase bounties, there will be more players in the pots, and some hands that might be good for 3-betting or going all-in in a regular MTT might not work well in PKOs.

Dealing with Many Players

In the last part of the Bounty Builder course, they talk about how to play when there are lots of players involved, mainly in situations where everyone goes all-in. It is not surprising that you need to change your strategy in these situations because, in PKOs, players have more reasons to go all in.

Unlike regular MTTs, in PKOs, you win extra money when you knock out a player. So, you have to think about this when making your decisions.

Final Words

You should know that this can be a tough course sometimes. It has a lot of math and theory, and if you want to get the most from it, you will need to spend time and work hard to understand the formulas and really get a handle on them.  Hope you understand the information that we have given in the article. For more such amazing updates., keep reading our articles with us. Have a look at some FAQs:

Some Questions

What is the Raise Your Edge Bounty Beast Course?

The Raise Your Edge Beast and Bounty Course is a comprehensive poker training course that teaches you how to play bounty tournaments profitably. The course covers a wide range of topics, including bounty math, strategy adjustments, and ICM considerations.

Who is the Raise Your Edge Bounty Beast Course for?

The Raise Your Edge Beast and Bounty Course is for poker players of all levels who want to improve their bounty tournament skills. The course is especially beneficial for players who are new to bounty tournaments or who are struggling to make a profit in these events.


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