My Hero Academia: Lady Nagant’s Past, Explained

My Hero Academia: Lady Nagant’s Past, Explained

Lady Nagant – In the world of My Hero Academia, where heroes and villains clash in a battle for justice and supremacy, the character of Lady Nagant stands out as a compelling and morally confused figure. Her journey from an aspiring hero to a disillusioned villain sheds light on the darker side of hero society and the corruption within the Hero Public Safety Commission (HPSC).

The Rise of Lady Nagant

Kaina Tsutsumi, known by her alias Lady Nagant, was once an idealistic pro-hero. Her quirk, “Rifle,” allowed her to transform her right arm into a powerful sniper rifle capable of shooting targets from a staggering distance of three kilometres.

The HPSC recognized her potential and offered her a position within their ranks. Lady Nagant’s goal was simple: maintain peace and protect society.

However, her dream of heroism quickly turned into a nightmare. The HPSC, an organization which is supposed to be dedicated to maintaining order, revealed its dark underworld. Instead of showing issues openly, they resorted to some tactics.

Some heroes, for greed and fame, would intentionally engage in violence or hire criminals to create confusion. Lady Nagant’s duties included taking down these hero delinquents, no matter the harshness of their crimes.

The Atrocities and Betrayal

As Lady Nagant carried out her rough tasks, she witnessed the true face of heroism. The continued killing of heroes and villains alike took a toll on her mental health. She began experiencing hallucinations of blood and death, haunted by the horrors she had committed. The HPSC’s disregard for human life destroyed her idealism.

The turning point came when the HPSC ordered her to assassinate heroes who had ties with criminal organizations. The President of the HPSC, the very person who had once mentored her, betrayed her trust. Lady Nagant realized that the organization she served was corrupt to its core. Instead of maintaining peace, they passed violence and manipulated heroes for their own benefit.

Descent into Villainy

Lady Nagant’s disillusionment pushed her over the edge. She no longer believed in heroism or the HPSC’s twisted version of justice. In a shocking act of rebellion, she killed the HPSC president, an act that would forever change her fate. Lady Nagant abandoned her hero identity and joined forces with All For One, not out of revenge, but to create a new world order built on clarity and accountability.

Her transformation into a villain highlights the moral within the hero world. Lady Nagant’s backstory is a warning story, revealing how a bad system can corrupt even the noblest intentions. As she fights against heroes and society, she challenges our perception of right and wrong.

The Reluctant Assassin: Lady Nagant’s Dark Descent

Lady Nagant began her journey as an aspiring hero, who wished to maintain peace and protect society. Her unique abnormality, known as ‘Rifle,’ caught the attention of the Hero Public Safety Commission’s President, making her a promising candidate for hero work. The President offered her a position within the HPSC, responsible for honing her Rifle quirk.

However, Lady Nagant’s idealism was broken when she was tasked with eliminating fellow heroes within the Hero Commission. Witnessing their greed and the commission’s underhanded tactics, she grappled with the moral complexities of her role.

Some heroes deliberately incited violence or collaborated with criminals for personal gain. Instead of addressing these issues openly, the HPSC instructed Lady Nagant to remove these rogue heroes.

Her duties grew to eliminate any heroes associated with criminal organizations, regardless of the level of their crimes. The constant cycle of killing both heroes and villains corrupted her mental well-being, leading to haunting hallucinations of blood and death.

Trapped in the corrupt web of the HPSC, Lady Nagant found herself on a dark path that ultimately shattered her resolve.


Lady Nagant’s past is a tragic story of betrayal, sacrifice, and shattered ideals. Her descent into villainy forces us to question the very foundations of heroism. As the Tartarus Escapees arc unfolds, we wonder what revelations await us regarding this mysterious character.

In the world of My Hero Academia, where heroes wear capes and villains lurk in the shadows, Lady Nagant’s story reminds us that sometimes the line between good and evil blurs, leaving us to grapple with uncomfortable truths.

Some Questions

Who is Lady Nagant?

Lady Nagant, also known as Kaina Tsutsumi, is a former Hero who plays a significant role in the My Hero Academia series. She possesses a unique Quirk called Rifle, which transforms her right arm into a powerful sniper rifle capable of shooting targets up to three kilometres away. Lady Nagant was recruited by the Hero Public Safety Commission (HPSC), the same organization that trained Hawks, the Hero rank 2.

What is Lady Nagant’s background?

Lady Nagant was once a black ops agent working for the HPSC. Trained to kill villains and corrupt heroes, she carried out assassinations on their orders, sometimes unjustly.

However, witnessing the HPSC’s true intentions for maintaining peace led her down a dark path. She began to question her purpose as a vigilante hero and became disillusioned with the system.

What motivates Lady Nagant?

Lady Nagant’s combat skills and ruthlessness stem from her past as an assassin. She does not hesitate to hurt people to fulfil her mission or achieve her goals. Despite her serious demeanour, she can be casual and relatively fearless, even when facing formidable foes like All For One.


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