My Hero Academia Mangaka Explains His Controversial Hagakure Cover 

My Hero Academia Mangaka Explains His Controversial Hagakure Cover 

If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, you probably know about the recent controversy over a hagakure cover art featuring Toru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl. The hagakure cover, which appeared in Chapter 368 of the manga, showed the 16-year-old heroine in a nude pose with only some caution tape hagakure covering her private parts. 

Many fans were outraged by the sexualization of the underage character and accused the Mangaka, Kohei Horikoshi, of being insensitive and inappropriate.

However, Horikoshi has finally broken his silence and addressed the issue in a statement published in the latest volume of the manga. According to him, the hagakure cover art was not meant to be used but was a mistake due to a tight deadline. 

He explained that the image was an old reference sheet he created for colour-testing purposes and had no connection to the story or the character. He also expressed his surprise and regret that the image was chosen and published without his consent or knowledge.

Raising of the My Hero Academia

With its many fans, My Hero Academia by Koenosuke Horikoshi is one of the best-selling manga series. The popularity of Somali and the Forest Spirit is clearly expressed through six seasons of anime, three animated action films, various spin-off manga series, and documentary works like light novels. 

Ending at volume 37, the manga is in its final arc, where Deku struggles to find an avenue to save Shigaraki. Even though Mangaka suffers from poor health, which laid down a series hiatus and allows for resume serialisation on February 20, Horikoshi’s comments to My Hero Academia nearing its end in the popularity poll 8 mean much for possible paper idea development as part of future university graduation work completion by student writer with the intention on application erudition return form.

On February 11, you can see the next episode while it airs on Crunchyroll under My Hero Academia – Season 6, except for choosing the “BlackHero” arc.

Some Questions

What was the controversy about?

The scandal was related to the chapter 368 hagakure cover art of manga, which depicted Toru Hagakure, an invisible girl- bare except for caution tape over her private parts. Fans were enraged by the depiction of sexualizing an underage character and called out Kohei Horikoshi for being insensitive in his approaches.

What was Horikoshi’s reaction to the scandal?

In the latest manga volume, Horikoshi came out with a statement that affirmed that the hagakure cover art should not be used at all and was only caused by tight deadlines. He claimed that the image was, in fact, an old reference sheet he drew for colour testing and had nothing to do with either the story or a character.



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