KFC CONSOLEThe KFC gaming world received a finger licking revelation in June 2020 when a game named KFC was revived as a new game in the gaming world to compete with PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X. The console’s innovative chicken chamber was its most notable feature. The KFC gaming console as it was formally known, has been promised to provide 4k games up to 240 Hz rates of frame. 

It is a heating section surrounded by the console with the plan for keeping the fried chicken or any other food items piping hot when you are enjoying the game season. Therefore, what is the console? How does it conclude? How can I get it for myself? If you want to read more about KFC’s biggest and latest inventions like KFC console price, pre-order details, controller, release date, and games and gameplay. 

All about the KFC console

The KFC console is an expected gaming device that will be released by the collaboration custom company Cooler Master (the popular custom PC hardware). It makes sense that KFC’s new gaming system is more powerful than a console, especially a gaming PC.

It consists of the 9th-generation Intel core i9-9980 HK processor with an Intel NUC 8 Extreme Computer Element. There is an ASUS RTX graphics card, which is hot-swappable. It offers two consoler Firecuda 1TB SSDs / Seagate Barracuda included as the storage. 

The contents of the package are quite overwhelming. Console’s new design is quite inspired by KFC’s Bargain bucket. It is excited by ‘Timpelay’, the Swedish craftsman, the design used to build a cooler master’s NC100 chassis.

It is designed as a classy cylindrical black chassis with a power button red-backlit and cooling fans covered by a grill at the top. The thing that makes it unique is the middle stage, where the chicken heating section makes the console. 

Is there a KFC console?

We must set up this stunning creation as real, as preposterous and ridiculous as it sounds. It was declared in June 2020, and legally it was declared in the same year. Moreover, the product has a remarkable deal of influence because of Cooler Master’s bonding with it. Some well-known publications, including BBC, The Independent, and Forbes, covered the revelation. 

KFC’s gaming console is completely a new concept and it has made a food chain company as it entered the industry of video games. KFC has declared a retro-style video game named “Colonel Quest” which was published in May 2015.

There are some special drumstick-shaped controllers in the game! In September 2019, KFC issued a dating simulator on Steam which is known as I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin Good Online Dating Simulator. 

Want to know more about KFC? KFC has also issued a content controller for the Xbox Series X console as well as a mouse, USB stick, and a fried chicken keyboard. It has come out with 2.0 the gamer’s box— a box that can serve as a phone when you are playing a game and as a Bluetooth controller. Additionally, KFC also released a virtual reality experience which is known as ‘The Hard Way: AKFC VirtualTraining Escape Room’. 

Specifications of KFC Console

With the incredible collection of technology, the future console will offer the newest titles with a buttery smooth gaming experience. With whistles and bells like VR support and ray tracing, it delivers 4k Quality gaming at 240 frames per second. Here are some elements are listed below:

  • Graphic card from ASUS.
  • Modular Cooler Master NC100 chassis.
  • Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element with a 9th Generation Core i9-9980 HK. 
  • 1 TB Firecuda SSDs in twos. 

Here are the details that we currently have a reference for the description of the KFC Console. In the future, anticipate finding out more specific details!  

Trailer of KFC console

KFC has released a reveal trailer for the KFC Console, posted on KFC Game on YouTube. On 15 June 2020, the trailer was released to generate a stir in the gaming community. The trailer has received more than two million views on YouTube. It has received mainly feedback from gamers. 

The KFC Console’s main characteristics, like the chicken chamber, are featured in the reveal trailer, which shows some spotless supply of the device. It always displays a few KFC Console visual features. A highlight power button, for instance, is red when the console is off, and when it turns on it is white. A white light rings around the disc reader in the same way.

On December 22, 2020, a different teaser debuted, giving us access to an additional trailer. 

The console’s red LED bottom strip is also shown in the video, lighting up the set of the surface. But still, we get an upgraded close look at a real unit; this is all we have. The console will undoubtedly be stunning!

KFC Console games

When the new console has been released, it makes sense to consider the games that can be played. Several exclusive titles come pre-installed on every XBOX console and new PlayStation, attracting consumers to purchase them. The KFC console has no experience at this point. KFC has revealed no unique games for this platform.

As the console is exceeded to be constructed, the PC likes architecture, Windows they might have on. The KFC system should be able to play just about any other game that a typical PC can but have a lot more ‘oomph’ because of some incredible specifications.  

Similarly, we have not yet seen any gameplay from KFC’s gaming system. However, if the claims are accurate, the console ought to have no trouble handling the newest titles at 4K resolution and incredibly high refresh rates.

The robust hardware the system is planned to arrive with also supports this. Additionally, because customers will reportedly be able to “hot-swap” the graphics card, their KFC gaming system should have enough time to play new games for a while.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about  “KFC CONSOLE”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Does KFC produce gaming consoles?

Ans. Yes, KFC has teamed up with well-known PC manufacturer Cooler Master to produce a gaming console with the best hardware and the established chicken chamber to keep the fried chicken piping hot!

Q2) Is the KFC Console a real thing?

Ans. Yes, with games up to 4K resolution and 240 Hz frame rates, the KFC console—officially known as the KFC—aims to surpass the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X in raw power.

Q3)What are the KFC Console’s specifications?

Ans. A 9th-Gen Intel Core i9-9980 HK processor housed in an Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element may be found inside the KFConsole. The graphics card will be an ASUS RTX. Two Seagate Barracuda/Firecuda 1 TB SSDs are included with the console as storage. The Cooler Master NC100 Chassis is a specially made housing for this.

Q4) When will the KFC Console launch?

Ans. The KFC Console is not yet scheduled for a formal release.

Q5) What will the price of the KFC console be?

Ans. The cost of the new KFC Console is still unknown, but given the console’s supposedly powerful hardware, we anticipate it will fall closer to the $2000 mark.


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