Problem of the elden ring bearing the cursed mark of death.

Cursemark of Death is required to access the Duskborn Ending in Elden Ring. Since you need to rush into Ranni’s mission, this is a challenging item to get. In her narrative, she faces off against powerful enemies from the Elden Ring and ventures into dangerous regions of the Lands Between.

East of the Artist’s Shack, you’ll find the Divine Tower of Liurnia, where the cursemark of death resides. However, the summit of the Tower is only possible with a particular item. You’ll need the Carian Inverted Statue, which you may get by seeing Ranni’s narrative through to the end.

Elden Ring, a death omen, what should I do with you?

To complete Fia’s storyline and get the optional ending, “The Age of Duskborn,” the Cursemark of Death is required. The cursemark of death is required to access the hidden conclusion of Elden Ring.

Get the Carian Inverted Statue by completing Ranni’s questline first.

You may utilise the Carian Inverted Statue, which you can get through finishing a specific section of Ranni’s questline, to enter the Divine Tower of Liurnia from the Carian Study Hall. You may accept Ranni’s assignment and go to Ranni’s Rise if you’ve defeated Royal Knight Loretta at Caria Manor.

Your journey may start here with Ranni. Ranni’s mission is the most significant side quest in Elden Ring. One of the game’s most challenging enemies, General Radhan, The Conqueror of Stars, must be defeated for Ranni’s tale to progress. It is strongly suggested that you prepare for this fight.

After you’ve defeated General Radhan, a meteorite will fall and expose a new way inside Nokron, and a cutscene will play. You may find this puzzling couplet near the Mistwood Ruins. Ranni has tasked you with finding the Fingerslayer Blade, a legendary artefact buried deep inside Nokron’s city walls.

Return to Ranni’s Rise using the quick travel system and give her the Fingerslayer Blade in return for the Carian Inverted Statue—access to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Second, retrieve the Cursemark of Death from the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

The Divine Tower of Liurnia may be reached from Carian Study Hall in the Liurnia of Lakes. Behind the desk that’s conveniently located next to the classroom door is a globe. If you place the statue on the desk, a short film will begin to play. The window above the lifts will allow you to leave the Tower. (Appreciation to Fextralife!)

After being turned upside down, you’ll need to make your way till the lift in the centre of the classroom. Get out at the entrance for the lengthy bridge to the Divine Tower Liurnia as the elevator arrives. In addition, you’ll have to overcome Godskin Noble, a challenging adversary. Confront your foes head-on by making your way up the Tower. You may find the cursemark of death and the Stargazer Heirloom talisman on the floor adjacent to the Tower’s pinnacle.

Finally, wrap up Fia’s Questline.

You need to get your hands on the cursemark of death to complete Fia’s objective. If you want to go to the top of Deeproot Depths, you must do her quests. After finishing off Fia’s Champions, she will be high in the tree branches near Godwyn’s corpse. She will demand that you get cursemark of death even if we own it.

She will bestow Radiant Baldachin’s Light onto the player if they give it to her. She’ll be sound asleep when you refresh the page if you run out of things to discuss. After you have examined her, you will be allowed to enter the Deathbed Dream and do battle with Lichdragon Fortissax there.

The “Meding Rune of Death-Prince” is a prize for defeating Lichdragon Fortissax. Furthermore, this will conclude Fia’s narrative arc. You may return anytime you want since Fia’s set is right there.

Finally, let’s look at an alternative verdict.

The Prince-Death Meding Rune is cast at the game’s end. To prevent spoilers, we won’t reveal who the final boss is. The “Age of Duskborn” finale may be reached with the cursemark of death and the Mending Rune of Death-Prince.

The Death Prince’s Mending Rune ushers in a new age of Duskborn as Elden Lord. Product blurb: “The Golden Order was established by constraining Destined Death.” Death will again play its natural role in the cycle of life, and this new era will bring in what the author terms “the new Order of Death.”

Where can I get the death omen?

Problem of the elden ring bearing the cursed mark of death. Ranni’s cast-off witches all have a curse mark carved into their skin. This wound is also known as a centipede’s half-wheel wound. This curse mark was meant to be round when it was etched at the moment of the first demigod’s death.

However, the deaths of two demigods at once caused the curse mark to shatter into two halves. Ranni was the first demigod to die a bodily death; the Prince of Death could only die in spirit. Found on a corpse atop the Divine Tower of Liurnia. To access the Carian Study Hall, you must first obtain the Carian Inverted Statue. 

When and how do you put the death mark to use?

Ranni’s mission may be completed without using the cursemark of death. You may quickly award the grade to Fia, advancing her narrative. You are not locked into any one storyline, and the game will only improve due to your choice.

The Repercussions of a Death Mark

The cursemark of death significantly impacts the game’s story and its possible outcomes. Fia’s ‘Age of Duskborn’ ending, unlocked by entrusting her with the mark, offers a new take on the game’s main plot.

A Different Finale: The Dawn of the Age of Duskborn

The ‘Age of Duskborn’ is one of Elden Ring’s alternative endings. Giving Fia the cursemark of death is necessary to get this ending, emphasising the mark’s significance in the game’s story.


What the Death Mark Looks Like?

The cursemark of death is a component of the intricate fabric of legend that permeates Elden Ring. The game does not say that the mark is a sign of a strong curse tied to death, but hints via numerous character exchanges and in-game materials that it is.

How can you effectively employ the death curse mark?

A few pointers may improve your gaming experience while dealing with the Cursemark of Death:

Remember that earning the cursemark of death does not force you towards any predetermined path or conclusion. All the other NPC missions may still be completed in a single playthrough.

Do not hastily award Fia the grade for exploring. Try your hand at some of the other adventures and stories. The game’s story is intended to be deep and rewarding, so delve into it carefully. You have a choice on whether or not the ‘Age of Duskborn’ scenario plays out after you give Fia the Cursemark. It only enables it so you can still control the direction of your tale.


The cursemark of death is more than simply an artefact in Elden Ring. It represents freedom of action, inner growth, and the richness of the story. The mark adds depth to the game, enhancing the tale and allowing several endings, whether you give it to Fia, retain it for Ranni, or explore other possibilities.

Strategically, knowing its purpose, how to get it, and its impact on the game’s ending gives players an advantage as they make their way through the game’s intricate story. Accept the mark, and Elden Ring’s mysterious universe will be revealed to you.



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