How To Play Shoot the Moon in the Game Hearts

How To Play Shoot the Moon in the Game Hearts

Do you love card games? Or are you looking for a game to kill boredom or enjoy with your family or friends? Whatever it is you want. Shoot the moon game can be the best option for you. 

Shoot the moon is an amazing game in which players try to shoot the moon in the game of hearts. Such card games also develop the strategy and cognitive levels of the player. 

Although you may not be aware of how to play the shoot the moon game. To help you with this, we will explore all the aspects of this game in the article below, including its gameplay and other aspects. 

Introduction To Shoot the Moon Game

In general, the goal of playing the round-off hearts is to take the lowest points. However, if a player manages to have all the 26 points in the hearts card game, it is known as “shooting the moon.” In such situations, you can subtract the 26 points from the total points instead. 

Although the shoot the moon game is a difficult and not recommended game for beginners, you can play this to enjoy. 

Below are some tips which will help you shoot the moon hearts in the game:

Consider The Failure Possibility

In shoot the moon game, the chances of shooting the moon are low, whereas the possibility of missing is high. The game gives you chances to lose 26 points and shoot the moon, but if you miss even by a single heart, you instead gain a total of 25 points. 

In the case where you are at a total of 75 or more points, the game ends, which leaves you at the last position in-game. So make sure that you are good enough to win, or you can afford to lose the game. 

Check Your Hand

Having some or a high card is just not enough; instead, you need most or all of the high cards. This is essential to shoot the moon. Other than this, you also need to have a suit that allows you to hold a minimum of six cards. This must include most of the royalty cards. 

Thus it is vital not to leave any hole in your hand, as every hole or missing ace may be a trick for others. They might use it against you ruining your plans in the process. This is an essential thing which you must know in shoot the moon hearts.

Pass Wisely

In such card games, if you want to shoot the moon, then you must be sure of your cards. You can’t have any cards missing, which might lead you to lose the trick in this hearts card game. Such cards are more damaging to your trick when they have pints in them. Thus if you have any low cards in the hearts card game, get rid as soon as possible. 

The passing of low cards in the shoot the moon game may also make your opponent vigilant. This might make them aware of your trick of shoot the moon. So when passing the low cards, do it in a way that your opponent doesn’t notice it. 

You must also be aware of the fact that instead of passing, some players in this hearts card game particularly hold the high cards. They do this to stop any other players in shoot the moon. If a player who is passing to you is the one holding on to high cards, it becomes even hard. This makes the shoot the moon even hard for you. 

You must also be aware of the fact that you might end up with 25 points in the case where you pass all low cards. In this scenario, if the player next to you has an ace, you gain 25 points. 

Pay Attention To Hand Holes 

Once the round in the shoot, the moon game starts, you must pay attention to any holes in your hand. In the case where you have K, J, Q,3,7, or 8 in the diamond card, look out for any player who plays the ace. 

If they do so, you have the chance to go for a run if you get the lead in the game. For this, you need to hold on to the three of the above-mentioned diamond high cards. But in the case where the ace of the diamond card has not fallen, and you can’t hold on to all the diamond high cards, any other player may stop your run. 

So until the ace falls, you need to be patient and not get t blatant about your attempt of shooting the moon. This is essential as otherwise, the missing ace card may come into play at a time that ruins your plans to shoot the moon. 

Take Control of the Game 

Be patient, and once all the cards that could stop you from shooting the moon fall take control of the game. A popular trick for this is to use the high cards for playing tricks regularly on repeat. After that, play the long ut you have been planing by using your highest cads. This will let you run the table in these card games. 

Doing this will let you win tricks, as, by this method, you will void other players from high cards. Thus at the time when all your high cards have fallen, you can even win with a three.

Have Some High Cards

After the hearts are broken, you must be able to lead the A, Q, K cards of the hearts. This will let you tale three hearts round from other players on the table. It is also okay to have some low cards like the five in the case where you have already taken other high cards from the other players.

You must avoid the scenario where you are running the table, and you play a five, whereas your opponent t plays a higher card like a jack of spades. If this happens and any other player plays a heart, then your plan to shoot the moon may be ruined. In the case where you do clear all the high cards of hearts, all you need to worry about is the spads queen. 

In such cases of this shoot the moon game, you don’t need to worry if you get all of the hearts, including the spades queen. Even if you have some low cards stuck in your hand that can lose you the trick, you don’t need to worry as you already have all the needed points. 

One of the most important things to know about the shoot, the moon game, is that the chances are rare of shooting the moon. Thus if you are not sure of the trick, then play safe and don’t try it. 

Final Words

Shoot the moon game is one of the most popular variants of card games. This is also one of the most difficult ones as the chances of losing are high, whereas chances for shoot the moon are rare.

However, it is also a challenging and fun game, which can be something you are going to love. It is also psychologically and socially beneficial. You can also play such card games online, which let you learn before going to a real table. 

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