How To Play Exploding Kittens? Tips For Beginners

How To Play Exploding Kittens? Tips For Beginners

So do you know how to play exploding kittens? Well, according to the box, the exploding kittens’ card game is the most-backed Kickstarter project ever. The cards contain the signature text and artwork, making the game fascinating to fans.

However, that is a lot of hype to live up to, and people wondered if this strategic type of Russian roulette-style card game actually delivers. So let’s read about what is the game all about and how it is played.

How The Exploding Kittens Card Game Works: Try Not To Draw The Wrong Card

The whole point of this game is not to draw an exploding kitten card. Once you draw out the exploding card, then you are out. Since you cannot end your turn until you draw the card, the risk of getting exploding kittens card will always there. However, to stay in the game, you can try to use all the other cards to your advantage. That is why the strategy comes in, and the player wants to reduce the odds of picking the card by the odds that your opponents will.

It is done with the use of other cards in the deck. Each player gets one deduce card, that counters the exploding kittens cards. The player only gets to play it once; however, you will stay alive, and you get to put the exploding card back into the deck.

Also, there are six other types of cards which includes the attack card, and it lets you immediately end the turn and force the next opponent to take two turns in a row. So it is a good thing or a bad thing to draw two cards? It is a bad thing because you will have to draw two cards, and the player will never know if the exploding kitten will be one of them.

The player can also play the skip card if they have it, and also, the player will not have to draw the card to end—the turn. 

A player can use the favor card to force the other player to give you one of their cards, or the same pair of cat cards to take the other player’s random card. While drawing the card from the collection is always anxious, getting from the opponent is best because there is no it is an exploding kitten—and you may end up with the coveted defuse card. Also, these strategies can be used against you as well.

Each deck contains 56 cards which can support the game of two to five players. Shuffle the exploding litten cards in the deck, and make sure that there is one less exploding card than there are players so that someone can win.

Design: Wonderfully Inappropriate

If you get easily offended, then do not buy this exploding kittens game. Many people attracted to this game because they love ridiculous drawings of cats shaped hairy potatoes or bats farting, all in Matthew Inman’s signature funny style. People found the pictures hilarious, and they added a huge fun factor to this game.

Other than the instruction sheets and cards, there is nothing else in the box, making it easy and compact to take on the road.

Entertainment Value: Fun For Evil Genius Types

This game requires a specific amount of hard-nosed drive to try to get everyone to explode except you. We found that teens and parents enjoyed stealing cards from opponents or setting a trap for opponents. 

People in the group who do not like to think strategically also felt cool about this game. It can take a few rounds to learn how to use them to their best advantage and remember what all the cards can do. Since it is a game with plenty of tension rather than action. 

However, players who thrive on the luck of the draw, as well as the thrill of confusing opponents and causing their explosion. It is easy enough that it does not require complex tactics, and many kids can understand strategic concepts.

Age Range: Temperament Trumps Age

The creator of this game recommend age seven and up. There are not plenty of reading, and the concept is easy to understand; however, there is a strategy required to make this game fun. Also, exploding kittens card game requires concentration and patience to play. 

There is also a downtime as you wait for the opponents to make their choices. Each player can play as many cards as they want before ending their turn. Exploding kittens is not a fast-paced, it action-packed game. This game is really fun only when people who enjoy knocking the other players out of the game.

Final Words

Exploding kittens is an amazing card game for anyone with a sense of humor who enjoys relying on both strategy and luck to defeat opponents. After reading this article now, you now know how to play exploding kittens card game. This game is fun and light-hearted; however, exploding kittens game requires concentration, cold-hearted strategy, and patience. 

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