How To Do Homework Sims 4?

How To Do Homework Sims 4?

Some players believe that when their Sim children receive an F in school, they are taken away, while others claim that they accept the Embarrassed or Sad moodlets. Your Sim must complete their schoolwork in any While dull, homework is a necessary part of your younger Sim’s growth and will help them get great jobs as they grow up. However, learning how to do homework Sims 4 can be pretty tricky. In this article, we’ll provide a complete guide on how to do homework in Sims 4 and outline the advantages of performing the task. 

How do you approach it, then? Here is a breakdown of how to do homework sims 4 for elementary school, high school, and university about high school sims 4.

How to Do Homework Sims 4?

Every child and adolescent sim receives homework, which may be accessed in their inventory. It is irrelevant whether you created your high school Sims 4 in CAS or grew them older. The homework book is the first step in completing homework.

The age group suiting Child

If you have a Sim child, the assignment appears like a thin Maths book. It is primarily yellow with an orange border and various shapes on the front, including a circle and triangles.

Click the book in your Sim’s inventory and select Do Homework to complete the assignment. Depending on the Sim’s ability level, this option may also appear as Breeze Through Homework or Dominate Homework.

The Teen Group

The homework for teenage Sims resembles a science textbook. It is thicker than the child’s schoolwork, has a DNA drawing on the front, and is coloured in two colours of blue. Select the book and then Do Homework to complete the teen’s homework.

Extra Points

The additional credit option in your child’s or teen Sim’s homework will become available once they get a B in school. After finishing their regular assignment, students can complete extra credit.

Homework Aid

If you desire, you can ask an adult Sim to assist your kid or teen Sim with their studies. Click on the adult Sim first, then click on the child or adolescent Sim to access the Help with Homework section once your child or teen Sim has begun doing their homework. You may also have the child or teen Sim click on the adult Sim and request assistance with their homework.

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The high school Sims 4 homework process is straightforward. Once more, select the proper homework book from your Sim’s inventory and complete the assignment. Simply purchase another project from the computer or bookcase if your Sim loses it or there is a bug.

Make sure you have the best laptop for Sim4 to experience fewer bugs or issues with your Sims’ academic progress and homework.


  • In The high school Sims 4, why is homework a necessity?

You might wonder why doing the coursework in The Sims 4 is so crucial. It does offer several advantages.

Your Sim will do better in class and earn better grades if they complete their homework. Ultimately, this will lead to more excellent employment prospects and higher salaries. By doing well in school, you’ll also be able to obtain several achievements.

The high school Sims 4 contains everything you need to know about finishing your homework. Since the game provides little guidance, figuring out how to complete your homework can be initially challenging. Once you learn it, you’ll quickly be on top of your Sim’s homework.

  • How to Complete Homework as a University Student in The high Schol Sims 4? How to do homework sims 4 (university edition) 

Here’s how to convince your Sim to finish their homework in case you got the expansion pack for “Discover University”  installed:

  1. Send your Sim to school.
  2. Open the character’s inventory when they come back. A homework book should be provided.
  3. To begin the action, click on the homework book. You must decide which homework to complete if your Sim is enrolled in various classes. 
  4. Continue until all homework is completed.
  5. Because they will take many classes, university-enrolled Sims will have far more homework than ordinary Sims. Finishing all of your homework before the next course is good since you’ll get more experience points and make more progress overall.

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