How to choose the right Bowling ball?

How to choose the right Bowling ball?

When it comes to bowling, it is essential for you to choose the right ball. You need to make sure that the balls meet your requirements and fit your styles properly before you start playing the game. 

Choosing the right bowling ball might seem easy, but trust me, if you are a beginner finding the right ball is quite daunting as there are different types of balls available in different sizes. When it comes to selecting the right ball, several questions come to mind, like how to buy a bowling ball? Or What is the ideal ball weight? Or what is the right balling ball material? Do not panic. Here is all you need to know about choosing the right bowling ball. 

Choose the Right Ball Type

The first question that comes to mind is what type of ball is right? Choosing the type of ball depends on the purpose for which you are selecting the ball. For instance, if you are planning to throw the ball straight, you can opt for a polyester ball. It is also known as a plastic ball or spare ball. It is a perfect choice if you are bawling with friends.

If you are new to the world of bowling and planning to learn, then you can opt for the entry-level ball. These balls are set up from the polyester balls. 

Choose the Ball with Right Weight

Some say that you should choose lip balm having weight around 10 percent of your total body weight, and the ball’s weight should not be more than 16 pounds. Most pro bowlers use a ball containing 16-pound weight. Another method is that you can add around one or two pounds to the weight of your house ball that you usually use to play. 

In order to choose the ball with the right weight, you should go to the alley and pick up a few balls of different weights in order to check which weight you are comfortable to throw. Take the weight you are comfortable with and add one or two pounds to it. 

Choose the Right Cover Stock

Cover stock refers to the material that is present on the ball’s outer surface. The cover stock is crucial to determine the way your ball would react to the conditions of the lane. There are three types of cover stocks – a urethane, reactive resin, and polyester.

If it is your first balls, then you should opt for reactive-resin as it will render greater hook potential to your shots. 

You can opt for plastic cover stocks if you usually throw the ball straight and want to continue the practice. Almost all the house balls contain plastic cover stock. It is the least expensive and least versatile category. 

Reactive-resin or urethane cover stocks are perfect for you if you usually throw the hook or if you are planning to initiate throwing a hook. As compared to the plastic balls, these cover stocks grip the lane in a better way.

Many bowlers opt for reactive resin as the ball with this cover stock cuts through the oil properly without hooking a lot, and at the end of the lane, the ball picks up friction and finally hooks into the pins. It helps in creating greater strike potential.  

Determine the Comfortable Grip

Once you decide the ball type and weight, you need to decide whether you want to use a fingertip grip or conventional grip. Most house balls are drilled to render a conventional grip. In a conventional grip, you need to put your middle and ring fingers into the second knuckle and thumb into the ball. In fingertip, the ring and middle fingers go into the first knuckle and thumb goes into the ball. 

If you use plastic balls, then you should opt for a conventional grip. If you want to learn to hook, then you should opt for a fingertip grip. 

Get the Ball Drilled 

You can also get pre-drilled bowling balls, and if you opt for these balls, you can use house balls and might save money. A ball is drilled to provide your hands more control, and it also helps in decreasing the risk of injury. If you want to get your ball drilled, then you should take it to an expert shop and let an expert drill your ball. 

Once your new ball is ready to use, you should be patient. The holes might feel tighter in a newly grilled ball, but it is normal. During your first few shots, you should go slow and get habitual to the weight and finger holes. 


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