How to Become an Olympic Boxer?

How to Become an Olympic Boxer?

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People interested in knowing how to become an Olympic boxer will want to know about all the nitty-gritty regarding the same. There are a number of incredible books available that can help one understand the nuances of the sport. To know everything related to becoming a professional boxer, be it how much do boxers make, the USA boxing rules, as well as, the USA boxing rankings, stick to the following.

Understand the Intense Sport Properly

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If you’re thinking about learning how to become an Olympic boxer, read up on the subject. You will find that it is an extremely intense sport and that it takes years to become fully adept at it. Those who wish to be professional boxers have to study their craft, learn skills, and even master’s secrets of the sport to get to the next level.

The Governing Body Characteristics for Boxing

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  • The governing body for boxing in many countries is the IBO. It is composed of amateur fighters. The IBO selects its National and World Champions according to the ability of each fighter.
  • The governing body for boxing in the United States is the WBA. It has a somewhat different approach than the IBO.
  • IBO has proposed the decision to create a committee composed of boxing coaches to help select its national champions. I applaud this, as it is certainly in the best interest of the sport.
  • The WBA seeks to have it’s National Championship chosen by an unbiased panel of judges and not representatives from boxing clubs. This is important to those who would like to learn how to become an Olympic boxer. It will ensure that the champion selected is one who has the ability to defeat his opponents and become the champion in their own right.
  • The International Boxing Federation consists of representatives from boxing federations all over the world. Their mandate is to set standards and regulations for all boxers, create a series of tests to help determine the true skill of a boxer, and determine boxing events for Olympic events.
  • They also develop rules and regulations that govern the kind of fights boxers are allowed to engage in and the kind of style in which they fight. It is their job to ensure that the sport remains safe for boxers to participate in and also help the sport grow.
  • The governing body for boxing must choose a National Champion to represent their country at the Olympic Games. Many consider that each country selects its own champion. However, the two governing bodies, in the past, have selected a national champion to represent their country at the Olympic Games.
  • The WBA created the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in 1995 to govern the sport internationally. The IBF has, in fact, met with some resistance from some countries, like Brazil, in creating their own governing body.

With all of this information, it is important to remember that when you want to learn how to become an Olympic boxer, you will want to work your way up to the level of the National Champion. The level of participation is where you want to start if you are interested in competing.

The training and coaching provided by champions at the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), in addition to training on the professional level, will prepare you to compete at the highest level. Learn how to become an Olympic boxer with my articles by following the links below.


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