Here are all the playing tips and rules for strip poker

Here are all the playing tips and rules for strip poker

What is Strip Poker, and how to play Strip Poker? Strip poker is just like the typical and traditional poker, the only variation being the clothes being the chips. In this game, the players have to remove cloth items when they lose a round and are played by adult males and females or even both together. 



The players who are involved in this game are supposed to be open-minded who take this strip game in a light mood taking pleasure in the sexual atmosphere. This game is also played in rounds of Truth and Dare besides the striping rounds. The game starts with people having all their clothes on while ends with people left partially naked and even utterly naked at times. 


Strip Poker rules

This game is clearly in no way for timid and shy people. To build up the heat of the game, players should be wearing the same number of clothes. People also accessorize themselves with things like hat and scarf while playing; hence, it should be discussed earlier whether the strip of such items will be counted or not. People who play this game also love to dress up elegantly and even in a sexy way so that striping becomes interesting. The playing tips and rules for strip poker may be similar to that of Three Card Poker or Four Card Poker. 


Strip poker rules are almost flexible because it is changeable according to the requirement of the game. Rules can be changed when players/player have become entirely naked as this game focuses on creating fun and enjoyment for its players. Some casinos also let the players play till all the players have lost their clothes while some others allow them to restart the game after putting all the clothes back. The game becomes more interesting when, at times, the players without clothes are asked to sit like that for some time.


How much worth is clothing?

The worth should be decided before the starting of the game. Not all the clothes have the same value if you know how to play strip poker. A small item like the tie would be equal to a round while things like shirts have wager similar to two rounds. 



These variations or strip poker rules are discovered to make the game more exciting and enjoyable. This game is played like Texas Hold’Em; hence, you may start with some 50 chips or so. Some additional rules are – 

  • For losing a round, the player has to pay ten chips to the bank and not to any other competitive player along with striping any one cloth item at the same time. 
  • Some tables or casinos have different rules, like when a player loses a round, he/she has to take a shot. There are 20 rounds in a game, and if the player keeps taking shots in every round, then he will die by the end of the game. This act goes on until a player finishes a bottle. 
  • If a player goes out of chips, he can get ten chips extra by selling a piece of cloth. He could also get as many chips as the fabric is worth it.


There is also a way where the player can contact the bank when he is out of chips, and this can be done in three ways – 

  • You can exchange clothes if in case you are out of chips.
  • You can also barter any cloth item for chips if you have already stripped a cloth item, and a decent number of chips would be made available to the player for the next round.
  • You can reach the highest point by selling cloth items to the bank, but this playing tip and rule for strip poker apply to achieve the highest score.


The player has lost the game if he has spent all his chips and stripped all the clothes. The person who has lost the game is supposed to sit like that, maybe even naked, for some time yet; the rules can be changed to interest the players.


Four or more players

The game should preferably be played by four or more players as there are a comparatively lesser number of chips and probably ten items of clothing. Let’s take that this game consists of 100 chips, which provides 20 chips to each player. There is a loser & a winner in each consecutive round wherein all the players except the winner choose a card from the deck. The player who picks the card with the lowest value is the loser of the hand.


Forfeits –

  • The only sad part about this game is that it does not usually reach its highest peak point; rather, it ends earlier. The person who loses forfeit on other players.
  • This chain of forfeit goes on until only one player is left in the end, which is eventually the winner. It is suggested to play in a group of more than three players so that the number of forfeits does not soar up rapidly.
  • The person who loses should forfeit the next player, and this should go in this same pattern so that even the sexual tension rises and there is excitement until the winner is announced.



  • There should be no forcing with the players who have not played this game before because they might feel shy or even uncomfortable while striping.
  • This game is banned in some places and is also counted as illegal if cash is involved in it.

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