Heads up 7 – What’s the game and how to play it

Heads up 7 –  What’s the game and how to play it

Heads Up 7 – Have you ever played a fun game called Heads up 7 Up at school? Lots of kids love it. Some people call it Heads up 7 Up, Heads Down, Thumbs Down, or Thumbs Up, 7Up. It’s played in schools for a long time, and many teachers have played it with their students. It’s a super cool game that lots of kids enjoy.

Heads up 7 Up is a game that’s fun to play at summer camp, especially on days when it’s raining and you can’t play outside. It’s easy to start playing, and it’s a great way to keep many kids busy when you’re waiting for something or switching to another activity.

You need to have at least 14 kids to play, like at school or camp. It can be played with fewer kids, but it’s way more fun with more friends. So, are you excited to learn how to play Heads up 7 Up and give those thumbs up a go? Let’s find out how:

Who invented Heads up 7 Up?

Have you ever wondered who created the game Heads up 7 Up? Nobody knows for sure, but it’s been a favourite game in classrooms since the 1950s.

Now, let’s talk about how to play Heads up 7 Up. It’s super easy. An adult or teacher picks seven kids to stand in front of the room, and everyone else puts their heads down and thumbs up. The seven kids in front then go around and gently push down one person’s thumb. That’s how you play.

When the time is up or when all seven friends have pushed someone’s thumb down, the grown-up in charge. Then, the friends whose thumbs were pushed down stand up.

After that, everyone takes turns going around the room, and each standing person tries to guess who pushed their thumb down. If they guess right, they switch spots with the person in the front and get to be the guesser next time.

The goal of Heads up 7 Up is simple: try to stay in the game as a guesser for as long as possible. So, keep those detective skills sharp.

How to play heads up 7 up?

here’s how to make sure the game keeps going smoothly and without any problems:

  • Tell the kids sitting to keep their heads down until someone says “time’s up.”
  • Looking or peeking when you’re not supposed to is not allowed.
  • Don’t take too long when it’s your turn to push someone’s thumb down. You should do it in about two to three minutes.
  • When it’s time to guess, give the guesser two to three minutes to figure it out.

Following these rules will make the game much more fun for everyone.

Getting everyone involved

Heads up 7 Up is a fantastic game to play in school or at camp, but sometimes, it can make some kids sad because they don’t get a turn to stand in front of the room. This happens when the same kids always pick their best friends.

We can add one more rule to ensure everyone gets a fair chance. The kids who pick who gets to stand in front can’t pick the same friend more than once. That way, they have to choose different friends each time, and everyone gets a turn to play.

How many rounds should you play?

How many times you play the game is decided by the grown-up in charge. A good idea is to make sure everyone has a chance to push a thumb down or have their thumb pushed down at least once.

Remember, we have a two-to-three-minute time limit to keep things moving. But if you and your friends start feeling bored after a few rounds, it’s okay to switch to something else and have more fun.

Heads up 7 Up variations

If you want to make the game more exciting, try some cool variations of Heads up 7 Up.

Here’s one idea: Instead of adults choosing the seven kids in the front, you can let one of the players pick them. For example, if you’re playing at a birthday party, the birthday boy or girl can be the one to choose the first group of players. So, you can mix things up and have even more fun.

Who is it?

Here’s another good way to play Heads up 7 Up differently:

Everyone puts their heads down and thumbs up, just like usual. But this time, a grown-up secretly chooses one kid to be “it.”

The “it” person goes around and gently pushes down the thumbs of six other kids. If your thumb gets pushed down, you stand in front.

When the time’s up, the grown-up says, Then, the kids sitting down take turns guessing which of the seven standing in front was “it.”

And remember, in this version, being really quiet is a big help.

Make Heads up 7 Up educational

Did you know you can make Heads up 7 Up a super cool way to learn stuff? Teachers say that when learning is fun, it sticks better in our heads. So, let’s use Heads up 7 Up to practice math, spelling, and even vocabulary.

Here’s how it works: You pick some kids to solve a math problem or a word puzzle on a card. The first seven who solve it right get to stand in front. Then, everyone puts their heads down and thumbs up.

The kids in front each pick someone and push down their thumb. Everyone stands when we say “heads up,” but instead of guessing who picked them, each person has to solve a problem or a word puzzle.

If they get it right, they switch places with the person who picked them. But if they get it wrong, the picker gets to stay in the game.

You can use this fun version for math, spelling, or learning new words. And don’t worry, the questions can be as easy or as tricky as everyone can handle.

Heads up 7 Up for smaller groups

What if you want to play Heads up 7 Up, but there aren’t enough friends for the regular game? No problem. You can still play with a smaller group.

If you have six friends, two of you can be the choosers, and the other four put their heads down. If there are ten of you, four can be the pickers, and the other six stay seated. You can adjust the game to fit the number of friends you have.

Take Heads up 7 Up outside:

You know that game 7-Up we play indoors? Well, guess what? You can also play it outside if you have some tables. It’s awesome for family fun in your backyard or at an outdoor party. If there are tables set up for eating, you can use them for the game too.

Playing a few rounds of 7-Up outside is a cool way to have fun while waiting for yummy food or the cake.

Heads up Game, thumbs down

Heads up 7 Up is a really fun game that’s been around for a long time because it’s exciting and makes you want to keep playing. In a world filled with gadgets and screens, playing games like 7-Up, where you talk and laugh with your friends, is a great way to spend time together.

Now, if you forgot how to play or want to try something new, you’ve learned how to play the regular way and some cool variations too. So, let’s get out there and have a blast playing 7-Up.

Some Questions

What is Heads up 7 Up?

Heads Up 7 Up is a party game for children and adults. It is a guessing game where players try to figure out who tapped them on the head.

What is the difference between Heads Up Game and Heads Up 7 Up?

Heads Up is a commercial party game that is similar to Heads Up 7 Up. The main difference is that in Heads Up Game, players try to guess the word on a card instead of the person who tapped them on the head.

Can you use different objects to tap players on the head?

Yes, you can use any object to tap players on the head, such as a pencil, an eraser, or even a finger.


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