Elden Ring: Gelmir Hero’s Grave Dungeon [Complete Guide]

Elden Ring: Gelmir Hero’s Grave Dungeon [Complete Guide]

Gelmir hero graveElden Ring, the highly anticipated collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, introduces players to the treacherous Gelmir Hero Grave dungeon. This comprehensive guide will take you step by step through Gelmir Hero’s Grave walkthrough, providing an overview of the dungeon, the easiest way to reach the boss enemy, survival strategies for walking through lava, methods to obtain the Ringed Finger weapon and the Bloodhound Knight armor, and finally, an explanation of the challenging Red Wolf of the Champion boss fight. Prepare to delve into this dangerous and intriguing dungeon.

Gelmir Hero Grave walkthrough:

Gelmir Hero’s Grave is a sprawling dungeon that serves as the resting place for fallen heroes. Filled with traps, puzzles, and formidable enemies, this labyrinthine dungeon demands patience, skill, and strategic thinking. Before venturing deeper, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the layout and various dangers that await. Take note of your surroundings, including environmental hazards and hidden passages, as they will aid your progress through Gelmir Hero Grave.

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The Easiest Way to the Boss Enemy:

Reaching the boss enemy in Elden Ring Gelmir Hero Grave requires navigating through the dungeon’s treacherous corridors and overcoming daunting obstacles. To ease your journey, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Gelmir Hero’s Grave and head towards the eastern wing of the dungeon. This path offers a relatively straightforward route to the boss.
  2. Exercise caution as you traverse the narrow corridors and avoid triggering traps.
  3. Engage in combat with spectral warriors and monstrous creatures along the way, being mindful of their attack patterns and weaknesses.
  4. Utilize your observation skills to locate hidden passages and shortcuts, allowing you to bypass unnecessary challenges.
  5. Continue progressing until you reach the boss enemy, prepared to face a formidable foe.

Surviving Walking Through Lava in Elden Ring: 

Walking through lava is an unavoidable challenge in Elden Ring Gelmir Hero Grave. However, with the right preparations and strategies, you can survive this perilous task. Follow these steps:

  1. Equip fire-resistant armor, such as the Flamestone Set, to reduce the damage taken from the scorching heat.
  2. Consume Fireproof Elixirs or similar items to enhance your resistance to lava.
  3. Move swiftly but cautiously through the lava, minimizing your exposure. Prolonged contact can be fatal.
  4. Look for safe platforms or environmental features that temporarily shield you from the lava’s heat, allowing you to plan your next move.
  5. Time your movements carefully, taking advantage of moments when the lava recedes or platforms emerge.
  6. Patience and precise timing are key to surviving this hazardous terrain.

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Obtaining the Ringed Finger Weapon: 

The Ringed Finger is a powerful weapon coveted by many adventurers in Gelmir Hero Grave. To obtain this weapon, follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly explore Elden Ring Gelmir Hero Grave, paying attention to hidden chambers and interactable objects.
  2. Solve puzzles, defeat challenging enemies, and overcome obstacles to progress deeper into the dungeon.
  3. Keep an eye out for key items or triggers that may unlock secret areas.
  4. Locate a hidden chamber that houses the Ringed Finger. This chamber may require further puzzle-solving or defeating a powerful enemy.
  5. Claim the Ringed Finger weapon, harnessing its enhanced abilities to aid you in future battles.

Obtaining the Bloodhound Knight Armor: 

The Bloodhound Knight armor set is renowned for its durability and defensive capabilities. Follow these steps to acquire this coveted armor:

  1. Embark on a quest within Gelmir Hero’s Grave to obtain the Bloodhound Knight armor.
  2. Seek out a forgotten shrine hidden deep within the dungeon.
  3. Pay homage to the spirits guarding the shrine by completing a series of trials. These trials may involve combat challenges, puzzle-solving, or navigating treacherous terrain.
  4. Demonstrate your skills and perseverance to overcome each trial successfully.
  5. Upon completion of the trials, you will earn the right to wear the esteemed Bloodhound Knight armor, providing increased protection and resilience against your adversaries.

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Meeting the Boss: Red Wolf of the Champion Boss Fight: 

After navigating Elden Ring Gelmir Hero Grave, you will face the ultimate challenge in the form of the Red Wolf of the Champion. Follow these steps to increase your chances of success:

  1. Study the boss’s patterns and telegraphed movements to anticipate its attacks.
  2. Exploit any vulnerabilities or openings you observe during the battle.
  3. Dodge and parry the boss’s attacks with precision, avoiding unnecessary damage.
  4. Counterattack when the boss is staggered or momentarily vulnerable.
  5. Remain patient and wait for opportune moments to strike, rather than rushing your attacks.
  6. Adapt your strategy as the boss’s behaviour evolves throughout the fight.
  7. Utilize your acquired weapons, armor, and skills to gain an edge in the battle.
  8. Persevere and remain determined, as a victory against the Red Wolf of the Champion will be hard-earned but immensely satisfying.

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Wrapping Up

Elden Ring Gelmir Hero Grave is a challenging and captivating dungeon in the game. By following this step-by-step guide, you will gain valuable insights and strategies for navigating the dungeon, surviving the perils of walking through lava, obtaining coveted weapons like the Ringed Finger, acquiring the prestigious Bloodhound Knight armor, and finally, emerging triumphant in the intense Red Wolf of the Champion boss fight. May your journey through Gelmir Hero’s Grave be filled with courage, skill, and unforgettable triumphs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How can I reach the boss enemy in Gelmir Hero’s Grave?
    To reach the boss, take the eastern wing of the dungeon, navigate carefully through the corridors, and avoid traps.
  2. What is the best way to survive walking through lava in Elden Ring?
    Equip fire-resistant armor, consume Fireproof Elixirs, and move swiftly while looking for safe platforms to minimize exposure.
  3. How do I obtain the Ringed Finger weapon?
    Explore the dungeon thoroughly, uncover hidden chambers, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and eventually discover the hidden chamber containing the Ringed Finger.
  4. What steps should I follow to acquire the Bloodhound Knight armor?
    Embark on a quest within Gelmir Hero Grave, find a hidden shrine, complete trials that test your skills, and earn the right to wear the Bloodhound Knight armor.
  5. How can I defeat the boss, Red Wolf of the Champion?
    Study the boss’s attack patterns, exploit vulnerabilities, practice precise dodging and parrying, counterattack when possible, and adapt your strategy to emerge victorious against the formidable Red Wolf of the Champion.



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