DRAGONBARROW CAVE  – Elden Ring contains a dungeon called Dragonbarrow Cave. The dungeon is situated in Caelid’s Dragonbarrow. To get to the cave at the end of the path, you must navigate through the countless Dragons that prowl the region.

Another little cave with limited places and interesting loot is this one. Although there aren’t many foes in the dungeon, there is a very powerful bear which can make the walkthrough excruciating. You do not require Stonesword Keys to access the cave, in contrast to many dungeons. What you desire to know regarding the Elden ring dragon barrow cave is provided here.

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Walkthrough for a dungeon

Straight ahead of DragonBarrow cave Fork (Site of Grace) is the cave’s entrance. The first image Site of Grace is immediately in front of you once you’ve entered the cave. Go ahead and locate a room where a Lesser Rune Bear can be found. The limited space you’ve got to combat this bear makes it terrifying. The creature resembles Rune Bear in certain ways.

Once you’ve defeated it, take the Rowa Fruits and loot the bodies to get a Warming Stone and a Golden Rune [12].

There are two paths leading away from the bear’s den. One leads to the south, while the other leads north. To find Crystal Bud, first go south and look at dead people on your right. To get to the following room, keep going south from this point.

 A room containing deer and springhares will be present. Move in the direction of the distant corpse after gathering all of the Silver Fireflies that are lying on the ground. Take the Bull-Goat’s Talisman from it by looting it. Take the path heading north to return to the bear’s den. You must jump down a hole which you will see.

You will arrive at a new location where there are several Wolves after jumping off a few platforms.

You can find a Golden Rune [8] and three Beast Bloods by plundering the bodies here once you’ve killed all the wolves.

Continue eastward in the direction of the passage until you come to a hole. You can get to the boss’s quarters by descending from this point.

Boss Battle for Beastman of Farum Azula (Duo)

The Beastman Duo will be in front of you once you have descended. The Greatsword of one Beastman and the Throwing Knives of the other. Due to their minimal health reserves, both are simple to combat.

A Greatsword Beastman will engage in aggressive combat, attempting to approach you while drawing its weapon and slamming at you. It attacks similar to the Beastman you encountered in Limgrave. The alternative Beastman will be throwing knives at you while you’re casting or being attacked from a distance.

For this battle, Spirit Ashes can be called upon. For instance, the Mimic Tear is a great choice. It can continue to be hostile to both employers. The Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman is a fantastic option for talismans because it will lessen physical damage negation during this battle.

Elden Ring’s Guide to the Forlorn Dungeon, Cave

Elden Ring contains a dungeon and DragonBarrow Cave of the Forlorn. It is close to the Field boss Great Wyrm Theodorix in the Consecrated Snowfields.

One of the game’s smaller dungeons, Cave of a Forlorn has few paths and a limited selection of adversaries. The dungeon does not include much noteworthy gear except for a Legendary Armour. You must finish this dungeon in order to receive the trophy or achievement for collecting every Legendary Armoury.

Ensure you purchase or loot two Stonesword Keys before arriving here because you will need them to enter the dungeon. Let’s go through all you should know regarding Cave the Forlorn immediately.

Guide to the Impaler’s Catacombs Dungeon by Elden Ring

The catacombs sprinkled across the Lands Between in Elden Ring tend to have been the most cramped of the minor dungeons. Imps hide and wait for you to pass so they can attack you. Traps provide a threat to unfairly end your exploration.

You can’t advance because of dead ends and secret paths. The dungeon known as The Impaler’s Catacombs within the Weeping Peninsula was no exception, and many of its features prefigure those used in later catacombs.

The thrill of sneaking through the tombs, however, adds to their enjoyment, and the prizes that await are always worthwhile for the adventure. This also applies to the dungeon in the Catacombs of the Impaler. You can get Demi-Human ashes, useful early-game ashes that summons five companions, by defeating the boss in this area.


On the Weeping Peninsula, in the very northeast, lie the Impaler Catacombs. Both the Crater-Pocked Glade and Castle Morne Rampart sites of grace make it quite simple to locate the entry. You may reach the cliffs from either grace by traveling east until you reach them, then continuing to follow them north until you encounter a hillside covered in gravestones. You’ll reach an entrance in the cliffside to the west if you continue down this slope. The grace of the Impaler’s Catacombs is through this door.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Are there any positive aspects to Dragonbarrow Cave?

Ans. In Caelis inside the Elden Ring, there is a boss battle involving the two Beastmen in Farum the Azula in the Dragonbarrow Cave. In addition, a talisman and plenty of crafting supplies may be found in this cave.

Q2) Who is the Dragon Barrow Cave’s boss?

Ans. Beastman of Farum Azula Duo (Throwing Knives and Greatsword) is the boss.

Q3) Who built Dragon Cave, and when?

Ans. Developed in 2006, the adoptable game Dragon Cave. Pixel dragons can be collected, bred, raised, and traded by players.

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