How to Play the Garena Free Fire Game? – Basics Guide for Beginners

How to Play the Garena Free Fire Game? – Basics Guide for Beginners

When it comes to popular mobile games, the Garena Free Fire game is on the top. It is among the maximum downloaded games on the Google Play Store. If you are reading this article about how to play the Free Fire game, then definitely you are new to the world of FF. So, here is all you need to know about this amazing game and how to play it. 

Effective Tips for Beginners to Play Free Fire

If you have started playing free fire and having difficulties in playing, then relax; it is completely normal. At some point in time, every player is a beginner and needs extra tips to master the game. You can make the journey of your FF world easier by following these simple tips. 

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Choose the Right Character

When playing free fire battleground, as you progress, you can unlock different characters to play the game. Each of these characters has special and unique abilities which provide you an edge in the battle. Therefore, make sure to know the type of play and choose the right character accordingly. 

When playing the Garena Free Fire game, people often get diverted by cosmetics like pants, hats, or t-shirts. But always remember that they are just cosmetics and do not give any special advantage when it comes to playing in a free fire battleground. Yes, they can make your character look amazing, but your enemy would not admire that. They are in the game just to kill you. Cosmetics items are purchased using game currency. So, it is better not to waste the currency. Rather choose the right character so that you can win the game. 

Use the Minimap to Your Best Advantage

Minimap is one of the essential components of the free fire game. It shows you the nearby players that are currently shooting. The map will not only show you the enemy’s location but will also tell you about the direction in which the enemies are shooting. It means minimap can actually help you to sneak up behind the other attacking players attacking.

In Garena free fire, a minimap is the best asset to monitor everything happening around the vicinity of your position. The markers are the most important aspect of your minimap as they indicate the enemy players. When enemies are targeted using a UAV drone or when they start shooting, their location is marked in the minimap with a red triangle. Make sure to play the game on the best gaming chair for a better gaming experience. 

Make Sure to Use the Reticle Properly

The Free Fire game is one of the best games that you can play. One of the most important aspects of the game is your reticle. It changes color when an enemy is present in the crosshair. It means you can use the reticle to scan the areas in which you think enemies can be present. If the reticle changes color, it means an enemy is present somewhere around you. Then you can fire and make a few hits on your enemy. So, make sure to make the right use of the reticle to be a master of the game. 

Fire in Bursts to Ensure Success

Though there is recoil in the game, it is not reflected when you fire weapons. Therefore, when you fire a gun, the reticle never bounces around as it does in other games such as PUBG mobile. If you are confused between PUBG and Fortnite, then make sure to read PUBG vs. Fortnite to be clear about the game and recoil. 

The recoil does not bounce, which means you can easily track the enemies around you without too much difficulty. Therefore, fire in bursts is something you need to do to make sure of some good hits. 

Fire at the Right Time

Like other battle royale games such as the State of Survival, it is essential to know that it is not all about getting the maximum number of kills. All you need to do is manage survival in the Garena Free Fire game. Therefore, it is completely fine to sit in some corner and wait for the right time till the end. 

In case it is essential for you to fire, then ensure that it is either in self-defense or there is a surety of a kill. The minimap will give you location as well as your orientation to the enemies. Therefore, it is important to stay safe. Always remember that you can kill 50 people on the map but still lose the game by getting killed by some other player. 

Use Different Objects for Cover

In PUBG, people often fire the moment they realize someone is firing on them. But this is something you need to avoid in FF. There is hardly any grass in the free fire battleground for you to hide in. Therefore, it is better to use different objects for hiding. You can hide between trees and buildings on the way in order to circle. 

Make sure to hide properly as minimap can tell you location, and your enemy can hit you easily. So, instead of jumping into a battle, stay low-key by hiding. 

Make Right Use of the Vehicles

When it comes to moving faster, vehicles are the right choice. Whether you are trying to reach a particular location or escape safely from a firefight, make sure to use the right vehicles. Nevertheless, the vehicles should only be used at the beginning of the early stages of the game. It is due to the reason that vehicles are a big exclamation mark. They can tell your position to everyone. In the beginning, when everybody is fighting, your opponent may not notice you as a moving target. In order to assure survival, use the vehicles only at the beginning of the game. 

Do Not Always Combat

When it comes to the Garena free fire game, combat is not the way to winning. You will notice that many players fail to survive when they indulge in combat and especially right after the starting of the game. So make sure not to participate in combat. 

Once you hit the free fire battleground, you will be attacked for sure within ten seconds. Now, you can fight back and turn the entire game into a deathmatch. Nevertheless, the battle royale games are not about pulling the trigger faster. They are more about staying alive and surviving as long as possible. Prepare for the real battle, which happens at the end of the game, by surviving and becoming stronger. 

Avoid attacking the players right after reaching the island. In case you get attacked, avoid fighting back. Follow the aim of staying away from everyone as long as possible. Let other players kill each other. Hop in some vehicle or hide in any building to stay away from the conflict. If you play the cards right, firing only once and killing the only one player can make you the king of the island in the free fire game. 

Never Stand Still

You will notice that in the free fire battleground, most of the opponents stay still during a fight or combat. It is due to the reason that they are playing a free fire mobile game in which it is not possible to shoot and move at the same time. 

Use Bluestacks to play free fire as it allows you to play the game using a keyboard and mobile. By playing the game in this way, you do not have to stand still. You can easily move and reach some safe location. Always be on the move, and you will be able to kill more players and more efficiently. 

How to Play the Garena Free Fire Game?

In a free fire game, you will be dropped from the airplane. After this, you will be continuously on the hoverboard. From this point, you can fall or glide towards the location of your choice on the map. There is a wide range of points of interest on the map that are worth visiting. 

After landing on the right point in the free fire battleground, you need to find weapons and other essential resources in order to sustain health. The ideal loadout consists of one close-range weapon such as a shotgun or SMG and a long-range weapon like a sniper.  

After completing your loadout, you should start looking for gunfires and sound clues that can take you to your enemies. When fighting in the free fire battleground, make sure to stay patient as it can decide your fate in ff. 

You need to consider other aspects as well. One of the essential aspects is Energy Power (EP). You can find it in the mushrooms present all over the map. Consume them in order to manage a healthy bar. 

Final Words

Garena Free Fire game is all about characters and the right strategy. Therefore, make sure to choose the right character when playing the game. Choose the character according to your gaming style. Do not indulge in fighting. Instead, stay low-key and hide at the right places. This game is all about survival and killing the right person to become the king of the island. Now, what are you waiting for? Play the free fire game and share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 

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