Freestyle Motocross: A Dive Into The World of Adventurous Sports

Freestyle Motocross: A Dive Into The World of Adventurous Sports

You must have seen the daredevils performing nail-biting stunts with their motorcycles? But do you know what this adventurous adrenaline spiking game is known for? Well, it is freestyle motocross which we are talking about. 

The freestyle motocross, which is also called FMX, is a popular variant of the famous motocross games. In motocross, the riders attempt to impress judges through various stunts. The motocross riders perform the jumps and stunts on their bikes, which are something to leave anyone awestruck as they are dangerous and adventurous both at the same time. 

In the article, we will explore the world of this game, including its various aspects like gear and its variants.

Variants of Freestyle Motocross Events

There are two event types in motocross. These are:

Big Air

The big air motocross event is famous as the best trick as every player in it gets two jump chances. They cover a distance of 75 feet, usually from a ramp covered with dirt. The bikers perform dirt bike tricks in it. To evaluate the stunts, a judges panel is present in the game. The judges evaluate the player depending on the various aspects like style, originality of stunt, difficulty, and their dirt bike tricks. 

Once the riders are done with their stunts, judges give them points on a scale of 100 marks. 

Freestyle Motocross

The second type of motocross is the freestyle, and this is the older variant among the two variants or disciplines.

In freestyle motocross, the riders need to perform two routines of the stunts. These routines last for a period of 14 minutes and 19 seconds. The rider in this variant performs the routing over a track, which involves numerous jumps of various angles and lengths. In this game, the length of the track is about four to eight acres. 

Like the big air events, the judges are present in this game also, and they rank the players on a scale. The players get marks on a scale of 100 marks depending on their tricks and stunts. 


There is various equipment which the players need in freestyle motocross. These are:

Rider Gear

The riders in both variants of the game use mostly the same type of gear, and there is not much variation. Some common gear pieces for the riders include:

  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Jersey
  • Chest protector
  • MX pants
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads

In some cases, when motocross riders are performing any dangerous tricks like a double backflip, they also wear ‘body armor.’ The body armor is to protect the legs and chest during these dangerous tricks. A neck armor is also worn in cases where riders think they can have neck injuries during the dangerous dirt bike tricks. 

Bike Modifications

The bikers in the freestyle motocross games go for various bike modifications. These are:

  • The motocross riders in the game generally replace and remove their bike parts. In some cases, they replace them with aftermarket parts. This is done to lower the weight of the bike, which helps them in motocross games. 
  • Shaving down of the bike seat is also a modification as it gives a better grip to the riders during stunts. 
  • Steering stabilizer in the bikes is also a common modification. This modification helps in performing the stunts as the tire runs straight even when they leave the steering. 
  • Shortening the length of the handle to perform the ‘rodeo’ or ‘heel clicker’ dirt bike tricks are also common. 

Famous Freestyle Motocross Riders

  • Stefan Everts
  • Antonio Caroli
  • Joel Robert
  • Roger de Coster
  • Eric Geboerts
  • Georges Jobe
  • Joel Smets
  • Heikki Mikkola

These are some of the most famous motocross riders in the world. They have been one of the best in sports, known for performing nail-biting tricks. 

Final Words

Freestyle motocross is one of the most amazing adrenaline spiking games played around the world. 

In the motocross games, the riders perform various tricks using their dirt bikes. The motocross 2020 is the latest edition of the freestyle motocross games. 

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