Know All Pokemon Elephants

Know All Pokemon Elephants

Elephant Pokemon – Elephants are the largest land animals. They are kind animals with great memories and powerful trunks. There are not many Pokemon inspired by elephants. However, the ones that do exist are interesting versions of these big creatures.

Many elephant Pokemon stay quite close to real elephants, but they bring in unique twists with their creative looks. There are cute ones like Phanpy, some from the Mamoswine Ice Age, and others, like Gigantamax Copperajah, that can cause big chaos. Like how elephants never forget, you will not forget about these Pokemon anytime soon. Checkout our list of all Pokemon elephants:

All Pokemon Elephants

We have given list of all the Pokemon elephant; have a look:

Cufant: Cute But Strong

In Shield and Sword, a new Pokemon elephant named Cufant was introduced. It is like a copper elephant, with orange and dark green colours and a pointed trunk. The orange comes from its copper body, and the green is like a stain from the rain, according to the Shield Pokedex.

Cufant is just like real elephants. It can lift five tons easily. This Pokemon helps people with hard work, using its trunk to dig and gather ore and rocks for its food.

Donphan: Rolling And Rolling

Donphan, the Armor Pokemon elephant, goes for a tough look instead of being cute like its earlier form, Phanpy. It is scary, showing off its strong muscles. According to its Pokedex, Donphan can even “blow apart a house in one hit” definitely not a Pokemon you would want in your home.

Donphan has a strong and protective hide that shields it from attacks. Its special move, Rollout, looks like a rolling tire because of its tough hide. Even though it is strong, the Pokedex in Violet says Donphan is usually a calm Pokemon, only getting feisty when it is mad.

Phanpy: A Deceiving appearance

Phanpy is probably the most adorable elephant in the Pokemon world. It is like Dumbo, with its small body, big ears, and a long trunk. The red and blue colours make it look lively. Even though it is not a baby Pokemon, it totally fits in with them because of its cute face and small size.

However, do not be fooled by its cuteness. Phanpy is strong. Violet says its trunk is so powerful that it can “shatter” bones if it hits you accidentally. Despite its strength, Phanpy is a very friendly elephant that loves to play. Just be careful when it swings its trunk around.

Iron Treads: Futuristic Take

Meet Iron Treads, the Pokemon from Violet that is like a futuristic version of Donphan, the inspired Pokemon by Elephant. It still has much in common with Donphan but with a modern twist. The big change is that Iron Treads looks more like a robot, with a mechanical body and a round face that is a screen.

Just like Donphan, who rolls up to attack into a ball, Iron Treads can make a similar move because of its round shape. Interestingly, its Pokedex entry in Scarlet says Iron Treads looks like a weapon that aliens supposedly sent to our planet, adding more mystery to this robotic Pokemon.

Copperajah: Envy Green

Copperajah and its earlier form, Cufant, share a Pokemon category. Copperajah builds on Cufant’s copper look by letting the dark green parts take over its body, giving it an aged appearance as it evolves.

According to its Pokedex in Violet, the more green on Copperajah, the more respect it gets from Pokemon of its kind. Even though Copperajah and Cufant came out in Sword and Shield, the Pokedex in Sword says Copperajah comes from a different region.

Maybe one day, we will find out where Copperajah originally came from. When it gets big in Gigantamax mode, its trunk becomes super strong.

Mamoswine: Cool As Ice

Mamoswine, the Twin Tusk Pokemon, is like a mammoth, an extinct creature related to elephants. It takes a few mammoth traits from Piloswine and builds on them. Luckily, Mamoswine survived the Ice Age in the Pokemon universe.

According to many Pokedex entries, Pokemon researchers fascinated by this prehistoric Pokemon found frozen Mamoswine and brought it back to life.

Great Tusk: Dangerous Being

It is a Paradox Pokemon and the ancestor of Donphan. When it comes to design, Great Tusk fits its name. It has huge tusks, fur, and pink spikes around its legs, giving it a wild and prehistoric appearance. According to the Scarlet Book, this fierce monster attacked an expedition team and seriously hurt one member.

Great Tusk’s aggressive nature makes it a dangerous Pokemon, especially when you face a Titan version in Scarlet while trying to get the Herba Mystica. Great Tusk is unique with its Fighting and Ground typing, making it a strong ancient Pokemon.

Some FAQs

Is Mamoswine an elephant?

Mamoswine is a large, Pokémon resembling a mammoth crossed with a boar. It has thick brown fur to endure harsh cold and protects it from snow and ice.

Is Donphan an elephant?

Physiology. Donphan is a grey, elephant-like Pokémon with a thick, black band of hide running down the length of its back and extending to the tip of its long trunk, resembling a car tire.


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