Explanation of Elden Ring Statistics Caps

Explanation of Elden Ring Statistics Caps

Elden ring soft capsPlayers may be surprised to realize that, despite Elden Ring’s vast array of possible constructions, specific attributes are only helpful up to a particular point in their progression. However, in typical FromSoftware fashion, Elden Ring’s stat development is more nuanced than it first seems. While all eight of your primary statistics may be raised to a maximum “hard cap” level of 99 in Elden Ring, there are additional” elden ring soft caps” levels beyond which advancement slows significantly.

If a player wants to construct the greatest Tarnished possible, they must know the declining returns on their attribute investments. Players may maximize the effectiveness of their Tarnished by remembering their elden ring soft caps for the various stats that matter for their builds.

Vigour (Soft cap: 40/60)

Vitality controls the player’s health bar in Elden Ring. It mainly shows how much health a character has left, but it also affects several resistances. In contrast to the other Attributes, Vigor’s growing rewards on HP acquired persist up to level 40, making it unique. Vigour investments will provide declining profits when this soft cap is reached. At level 60, the player’s huge HP bar increases by an increasingly insignificant amount. Immunity, the primary resistance governed by Vigour, reduces the player’s vulnerability to the Poison and Scarlet Rot illnesses at rates and levels equivalent to HP.

Mind (Soft cap: 50/60)

The opposite of Vigour, Mind controls your character’s number of FP points. To counteract the overwhelming might of certain powers, you’ll need FP to cast magic and utilize specific items in Elden Ring. Up to level 50, investing in mind is very profitable; after that, profits decline and eventually plummet to their initial levels.

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Endurance (Soft cap: 15/30/50, 25/60)

The critical attributes of Stamina and Equip Load are both under the control of the Endurance attribute. Most builds will need some investment in Endurance, and even a small amount may significantly affect other Stat priorities. After reaching the elden ring soft caps of 15, 30, and 50, the incremental returns on Stamina in Elden Ring, which governs most activities from attacking to running, decline gradually until they disappear at certain high levels. However, after reaching the soft caps of 25 and 60, the player’s equipped load, or how much they can carry, will never drop again.

Strength (Soft cap: 16/60/80)

The Attribute Strength affects Elden Ring’s strength weapons, attack damage and stat requirements. Beyond only enabling the player to carry particular weapons at certain levels, Strength also boosts the damage scaling for weapons linked with it. Because Strength influences many distinct weapons, its soft cap varies from damage type to damage type. While all these numbers are comparable to standard physical damage, specialized Strength builds see declining results beginning at level 16 and continuing through level 60 and even level 80. Remember that Strength has a “true” hard limit of 150, and this number does not include the effects of items or other modifications that may raise the attribute above its base level.

Dexterity (Soft cap: 16/60/80)

One of the essential qualities, Dexterity, is the inverse of Strength and controls damage scaling and weapon requirements. Dexterity controls the scaling of damage from various affinities and is associated with the more “advanced” weapons in Elden Ring that need finesse and skill to use. Regarding the primary physical damage type, the soft cap values are equivalent at levels 16, 60, and 80. In addition, the player’s casting speed is affected by their Dexterity, which has a smooth ceiling at level 70.

Intelligence (Soft cap: 20/50/80)

The player’s Intelligence largely determines the capacity to cast Elden Ring’s Sorceries. Intelligence not only determines whether or not a character can cast a spell, but it also determines how much magic and elemental damage they will do. The finest returns for sorcery damage specialists may be had between levels 20 and 50, with a further decrease after reaching level 80.

Faith (Soft cap: 20/50/80)

Elden Ring’s Incantation spellcasting relies on Faith rather than Intelligence, the stat used for Sorceries. It is essential for a Faith build’s weapon requirements and similarly influences the scaling of magic and elemental damage. The elden ring soft caps follow the same pattern as Intelligence and drop down at levels 20, 50, and 80.

Arcane (Soft cap: 16/60/80, 20/50/80)

In Elden Ring, Arcane stands out as the most unusual attribute since it governs various mechanics simultaneously, including the Discovery stat for objects (by flat increments), the infliction of condition effects, and the damage of weapons and spells that scale with it. The Arcane attribute has a wide variety of customization choices. Therefore it can share the same elden ring soft caps as the Physical and Magical attributes, depending on the player’s chosen to build. 

While the immediate damage increase, elden ring soft caps stay consistent regardless of how a status effect is inflicted; Arcane’s status effect soft caps are technique dependent.


Elden Ring, which will undoubtedly go down in history as a landmark role-playing game, does current open-world RPGs well. Like many other games of its genre, Elden Ring has several important player metrics that dictate how the game is played. In soft caps elden ring, the player’s primary statistics (sometimes called characteristics) dictate the character’s secondary statistics. Earned Runes may be used at a Site of Grace to increase these base stats, allowing players to customize their feelings in a number of ways. 


Are there soft caps on Elden Ring?

Elden Ring, as with previous soul games from FromSoftware, features soft caps to incentivize players to go deep into the game and utilize all of its features.

Where exactly does Elden Ring’s soft cap sit?

Beyond only enabling the player to carry particular weapons at certain levels, Strength also boosts the damage scaling for weapons linked with it. Because Strength influences so many distinct weapon kinds, its soft cap varies from damage type to damage type.

 Does Elden Ring cap out at level 150?

When all eight skills are maxed up at 99 points, the maximum attainable level is 713.

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