Fortnite: Season 2, Chapter 4 Optimal Controller Settings for Playstation and Xbox

Fortnite: Season 2, Chapter 4 Optimal Controller Settings for Playstation and Xbox

Best controller settings for fortnite – Now that Season 1 of Fortnite’s fourth chapter has arrived, it’s time to discuss the game’s optimal controller settings for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. There are a lot of new gameplay elements you’ll need to learn for this game. On December 4th, 2022, Epic Games published the first season of Chapter 4, and since then, millions of people have been enjoying it. Many new gameplay concepts have been introduced to Fortnite, and the game’s map has been overhauled. Moreover, many new people want to know the best controller settings for fortnite.

All platforms received the update at the same time. However, there are some subtle changes between them. This is evident simply by comparing the sizes of the various Fortnite updates. Those who own a PlayStation 4 or custom xbox controller and wish to play Fortnite: Season 1, Chapter 4 may do so with a few tweaks to the game’s settings. You can navigate the map more smoothly and quickly with these settings. Let’s discuss the best controller settings for fortnite. 

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Let’s discuss the optimal controller settings for fortnite: Season 1, Chapter 4.

Fortnite’s Perfect Controller Preferences on PS5 and X/S Consoles

It’s hardly surprising that Fortnite attracts millions of daily gamers. This is because the game can be played on many different systems (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, mobile).

It’s also great to play Fortnite on many platforms and link all your accounts to a single Epic Games account. We still remember those of you who play on a custom ps4 controller or Xbox Series X/S. Those who play the game on a personal computer but with a controller should also adjust these controls to their liking.

Controller Auto-Run On/Off Switch Input Options

Construct Now (Builder Pro) – In

0.1 second hold time for editing

Slide Time to Hold: 0.1 seconds

Camera Axis Reset (Pitch)

Time Required to Reset Camera – 0.100 Seconds

Disable Vibration

Selectable Controls – Awareness:

Optical Acuity Level 7 (Quick)

Ads Targeting Sensitivity setting: 7 (Quick)

Using the “Advanced Options” menu on the controller, set the “Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplayer” to 2.0x and the “Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplayer” to 2.1x. Careful Observation

Look Horizontal Velocity: -40 mph, Vertical Velocity: -40 mph

Turning Boost Ramp Time – 0.00 Seconds, Horizontal Boost – %0, Vertical Boost – %0

The best controller settings for fortnite: Instant Boost While Constructing

Advanced Gamepad Settings: Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

Take an ADS Distance Covered in One Second Look Acceleration Downward -8% ADS Altering the %0 ADS Horizontal Boost setting Flipping ADS’s Vertical Boost switch Turn-On Acceleration Delay – 0 ms

Sensitivity Look Dampening Time: 0.00 Seconds best controller settings for fortnite 

Look Exponential Goal-Supporting Input Curve Intensity – one hundred per cent

Control Methods – The Deadzone on Your Controller

Dead Zone Percentage Reduced by 5% on Both Sides

Options for Control – Foot Switch On Deadzone on Foot Controller: %1 Max Speed on Foot Controller: %1

If you want to play with little latency and complete command over your character, these are controller settings for fortnite to use. You’ll want these controls in Chapter 4 when the stakes are higher than ever before.

Fortnite: How to Tailor Your Controls

Fortnite’s menus and user interface from Epic Games all look the same across devices. Because of this, gamers can quickly adapt to the new system, regardless of the platform they’re using.

Here you can find out how to modify the Fortnite controller options:

You may access Settings either from the main menu or in-game.

Then read the tabs in order.

Select the fifth or sixth column containing the controller icon and open it.

All controller options are accessible from this menu.

After making adjustments, save your work before closing the programme. The changes to your controller preferences will take effect immediately without the need to restart Fortnite.

This concludes our discussion of optimal settings for the PlayStation 4 and custom xbox controller in Fortnite. The settings we provided work on both systems, despite some minor changes. You should always run a test and make necessary parameter adjustments.

How sensitive should a controller be for Fortnite?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the player’s level of expertise. Check out our preferences and adjust them to your liking if necessary.


Use Advanced Settings: Sensitivity Multiplier (Build Mode) = 1.7x (Edit Mode) = 1.6x (Use Sensitivity Multiplier) By using the ADS (Advanced Aim Down Sights) Sensitivity.

Take an ADS ADS Horizontal Velocity: 18% Ascent Rate: 18%

360° ADS Flip No horizontal acceleration.

360° ADS Flip ADS Turning Boost, Vertical: 0% Acceleration Period: 0 ms

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Superior – Sensitive

Seems Soggy Duration: 0.3 s

Exponential Aim Help from the Look Input Curve Superiority: One Hundred Percent – Take a Sensitivity

Look Vertical Velocity: 60%

Look Acceleration in the Vertical: 0.5

Turning No horizontal acceleration.

Turning No Height Gain

Powering up Time to Accelerate: 0 Percent

Instant Energizer While Constructing: On


Is there a quick way to modify it using a controller?

Since there are standard shortcuts for everyday construction tasks, it should be no surprise that editing is more efficient and quicker when done using a keyboard.

But with controllers like SCUF controllers, you can construct much more efficiently—maybe not as efficiently as with a keyboard, but close!

Control Schemes That Work Best In Fortnite

To what extent do competitive Fortnite players use controllers?

Yes! Due to the popularity of Fortnite across several platforms, including PC, competitive players often use the usage of controllers.

How accurate is Mongraal if you shoot at it?

While we may never know for sure, Mongraal is said to have a DPI of 800 and a refresh rate of 1000.


You’ll need to adjust to the new features, such as the ability to sprint permanently or the new extraordinary powers included in the Season 1 update to Chapter 4. Since the new season began, we have tested and certified the above-listed best controller settings for fortnite on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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