The Different Types of Fantasy Baseball

The Different Types of Fantasy Baseball

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There’re different types of fantasy baseball leagues. Each has its own advantages & disadvantages, but knowing about them beforehand can make your league run smoother. Also, knowing the different typed of fantasy baseball leagues will help you know about fantasy baseball points league and fantasy baseball points scoring system. 

Here are some of the different types of fantasy baseball leagues that you should know about.

Two Types of Fantasy Baseball League

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  • In fantasy baseball, there are two different types of leagues, the standard and the head-to-head. Both of these leagues are a fun way to enjoy your fantasy baseball season. The rotisserie league is just like a traditional roto league where you have several rounds of competition, and you earn points for each inning pitched by the pitcher. In this league, the most points are won by the team with the highest number of total innings pitched. This leads to a very interesting variation on the standard fantasy league as the winner is decided by innings pitched, not wins or losses.
  • A rotisserie standard roto league is a little bit more complex than the standard fantasy. The definition of an inning is really simple: it is when the pitcher makes a pitch. The innings per inning is just how many times the pitcher has to pitch. In addition, some leagues award points for the top eight or nine outs of the inning. In order to earn points in a standard roto league, a pitcher must be able to go through six or seven innings without allowing more than one run. Most rotisserie leagues reward pitchers who pitch more innings than this, and in order to do this, they often award more points.
  • The rotisserie standard fantasy league rewards pitchers who pitch fewer innings. The rule in this league is that you can’t allow more than two runs in any given inning. As a result, if you are a good pitcher, you will be very hard to find in a rotisserie league. If you are planning on pitching with a great deal of relief, then you may want to start in a standard league but do not expect to be an elite pitcher in this league. Instead, find a good pitcher to pitch behind the major league starter and work them as much as possible.

Rotisserie (Head-to-Head) League

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One of the types of fantasy baseball leagues is the Head-to-head roto league. It is also known as “rotisserie,” which will give each team an individual and unique pitching staff. In this type of league, the winner is the team with the best pitching staff. Each team will have two pitchers, and they will be assigned a different number for each game. This number is used for rotation purposes and for tiebreakers.

The number of pitchers assigned to each team is determined by the standings at the end of the regular season. One team can be short one pitcher and still win the head-to-head league. The head-to-head team, with the lowest number of wins, is declared the winner.

The various “rotations” that are assigned are different types of rotisserie leagues. They are:

  • As mentioned before, there are two innings in the head-to-head league. 
  • With this type of rotisserie league, players can select any starting pitcher from the previous game. Each team gets three choices of starting pitchers. However, the pitcher for the opposite team can only be used against the starting pitcher of the opposing team.
  • There are two “pitchers on deck” in the head-to-head league. These pitchers are named after their respective teams. The name of the pitcher on deck is chosen by the head-to-head league commissioner and is displayed in the commissioner’s section.
  • Another common format in head-to-head leagues is the “leverage” format. In this format, the teams can choose to use either the same or different starting pitchers, depending on who they want to lose.
  • The “leverage” format is similar to the head-to-head league mentioned above. However, each team can use only one pitcher. There is no specific order in which pitchers may be used in this format.
  • If a team wins the “season’s final games,” they win the league. If they lose, they lose the league. There are no playoffs in this type of fantasy baseball league.
  • A win-or-go-home type of league, the schedule is determined by the head-to-head league. Teams can only enter if they have a winning record and lose a team with a winning record.

There are mainly two different types of fantasy baseball leagues that a person can enter. Knowing about them ahead of time will make it easier to draft players and strategize against other teams.

Some Attributes Related to Fantasy Baseball Points Scoring System

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Instead of giving out cash prizes or awards for winning, the fantasy points system uses actual points that are given out by the competitions. And those who are in the various leagues who participate in these types of competitions are not only rewarded for their performances in winning and losing the competitions, but also for the number of points that they are able to accumulate.

  • The first system that is used in this type of league is the point system, which is based on the idea that each player has a certain number of points that they can accumulate. Each player must be able to perform well in their particular leagues and competitions in order to earn these points.
  • The second system that is used in the fantasy points system is the system that uses the different types of categories that the leagues use to assign points. But, not every category that is assigned to a player is really worth anything.
  • The fantasy baseball points league scoring system is used for each individual league, so that they know exactly how much value to give each player or each team. This is another reason why the teams and players are paid for the points that they have accumulated.


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