Simple And Educational Dice Games For Kids

Simple And Educational Dice Games For Kids

Dice games for kids are the ultimate fun way to make them enjoy while learning. The benefits of playing dice games are numerous for kids. Playing the dice games expose the kids to things like probability, calculations, maths, improve their visual perceptions and also improve their manual dexterity. 


The benefits of dice using games are never-ending. Other than improving mental skills, the dice games for kids also improve their social skills. They learn various good habits like patience, sharing, and ethical sportsmanship. What makes them even more fun is that the dice using games are easy and can be enjoyed with fun, thus giving you a fun option to spend time with your little one. 


The only problem with dice games for kids is that there are numerous dice games available in the market, so which to choose for your kids? To help you with this, we have put together a collection of the best dice games which you can play with your young one. The games which we have listed in the article are easy to play and don’t need any specific item to play other than a dice set, a dice roller, and your players. 


Knock Out Dice Games For Kids

Knock out is a very easy and fun dice game that you and your little one are going to enjoy. This game can be played by your kids as soon as they can recognize the written numbers. 


But, which skill do these dice games improve in your kid? Well, the answer is an addition. Yes, your kids’ calculation skills are what improves the most from this game. 


You will need two dice for playing this game and nothing more. 


Instruction To Play

  • Each player in this dice game will need to choose a ‘knock out the number”. The number can be any varying from 6,7,8, and 9. The good thing about this number is that the number can be chosen by more than a single number; thus, two children can have similar numbers.
  • After the players have chosen the numbers, they throw both the dice, one at a time, and then add the numbers on both dice for the final score. 
  • If the player throws a number 6,7 or 8, they will be considered knocked out from the game until the next game round. 


Decide a score before starting the game to win. 


Such dice games for kids are educational and fun as they learn the number adding skills from these games. So this can be one of the most amazing dice games which you can enjoy with your little one. 


“Beat That!” Dice Games For Kids

If you want a dice game that you can use to introduce your kids to the fun of dice games, then this is easy to get and learn games for you. It’s easy and ultimate fun for both kids and adults, and this is why it is one of the most popular dice games for kids. The skill development and fun involved in this game will surely make it a kid and family favorite in no time. 


What makes this game educational is that your kids learn the skills like number recognition, strategic thinking, and place value from this dice game. So you can be sure that your kids are learning something while they play. 


To play this game, you will need a dice set of two for the kids, while seven dice if you want to play with older. 


Instructions To Play

  • Each player in the game takes turns at the dice roller and places the dice in order to have the highest possible number. 
  • For example, if a player in a game where a dice set of two is used throws the dice and gets 1 and 6 there score is 16. Whereas the other player, when throws the dice, gets 2 and 5, then their score is 25. So, the other player with a higher score wins the round.
  • After each round of dice, roller players challenge the opponents to beat their score and say “beat that,” and thus the name of the game. For a more easy winning strategy, you can set a limit of rounds and count the rounds each player won to find the winner. 


Variation To Try In Such Dice Games For Kids

  • Change the rule, and the player with the smallest number wins.
  • Use a dice set consisting of more than two dice.
  • Instead of counting the round, set a score; thus, the player that reaches the score first wins. 


“Catch Up” Dice Game

Want your kids to learn social skills through dice games? If yes, then ‘Catch Up’ is the solution you were looking for as it needs at least four players to play. You can also add more, and up to eight players can play this game at a time. 


You can also go for variations for added fun, as if you have more than eight kids to play the game, divide them into groups. You can make a group of four or eight kids according to the number of kids. Large families or teachers can use this game as an ultimate fun idea or dice game for kids. One thing to know is that each child in this game will need small toys to play the game. 


In this game, your kids learn skills like patience, chatting, and rhythming with other players, thus improving their social skills. To play this game, you will need a dice set of two, and to win; a player needs to win three counters first, then their competitors. 


Instruction To Play

  • In this game, players need to sit in circles on the floor or around a table according to preference and availability. 
  • After the players settle down, divide the dice between these players in a way that each group gets one dice each. After it sets the counter in between the players and you are ready to play. 
  • The children without dice in each group create a rhythm. They slap their knees if on the floor or the table once and then clap the hands one time. After this, the children start chanting ‘are you ready’ ‘are you ready’ ‘if so let’s go’; roll now’ clap clap! What you have? Slap clap’
  • Children continue this chant along with the continuation of the game. 
  • Now start the game by commanding ‘roll now.’
  • Now the player goes for the dice roller and tries to get a six. If the player gets a six, they pass the dice to the player sitting on their left and join the chanting group. 
  • The player wins a game if they have already had a dice with them and gets another dice from the player sitting on the right to them. The winner of the round then collects one counter while the player that collects three counters wins. 


Such dice games for kids are not only fun to play but are also very educational for kids. 



  • If the kids are not very young, increase the chanting speed for added fun in such dice games.
  • If the player is more like six or eight, you can increase the roll passing to two different numbers, like five and six and not just six. This speeds up the game, thus maintaining the fun. 


“Going To Boston” Dice Games For Kids

A famous and popular game that is easy to play, ‘going to Boston’ gives the kids the good practice of adding skills. 


The main skill that the children learn in such dice games is that of adding. But, what makes this game even more interesting is that you need a dice set of three to play this game. 


Instruction To Play

  • First, you need to roll the dice, and the highest number is to keep.
  • Now roll the dice one more time and then set the highest aside.
  • Now all the third and last dice and sum up your total of all three dice. Now write down the score.


When a player rolls the highest sum total for a round, the round is won by them. Keep the score of rounds written, and then the player whose score is highest in the end wins. 


Final Words

Dice games for kids are ultimate fun for everyone and not only children. In addition to this, some families also collect the dice games for enjoyment, and thus you can get some fun and vintage games at garage sales. 


So, when are you getting your little one a dice game?

Jatin Choudhary

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