Destiny 2 – Pain and Gain Exotic Quest

Destiny 2 – Pain and Gain Exotic Quest

Destiny 2, popularly known as Destiny 2: New Light, is a famous free-to-play multiplayer video game developed by Bungie. It is a first-person shooter game released by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6, 2017. Pain and Gain Destiny 2 is an Exotic Quest that was added to the game to make it more fascinating. 

The Pain and Gain Quest takes the new players to an amazing world and allows the veteran ones to have some fun. It is a small quest that requires only twenty minutes, and you get an Exotic weapon reward at the end. Here is all you need to know about the Pain and Gain Destiny 2.

Important Thing to Consider

The reward of this quest is Riskrunner, which is a powerful version. This reward comes with a remarkable higher light level. It is better as compared to the ones that are normally dropped for you.

These powerful drops are highly beneficial when you reach the new soft-cap, which is present in the light level; 900. Once you reach this level, the powerful reward would be an upgrade for you. 

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Pain and Gain – Destiny 2

Pain and Gain is a short mission that takes the veteran player to the Cosmodrome in order to help the new players in defeating the Fallen Walker present in the Drive. The prize for completing the quest and mission is a Risk Runner with its Exotic Catalyst. It is one of the intriguing Exotic Catalyst present in Destiny 2. 

If you want to start the quest, you need to visit Banshee-44 present in the tower and then accept the mission. There are basically three steps of the quest.

  • Joy in Suffering
  • Risk/Reward
  • Visit Banshee-44

Step 1: Joy in Suffering

The first step in this game is known as Joy in Suffering. In this step, the players need to complete three activities; the first one is the Lost Sector in the EDZ, the second is a Heroic public even, and the third is a Nightfall strike. All three steps are relatively easy to complete. 

  • Lost Sector in EDZ – This one is easy. All you need to do is move to Earth and find the symbols which look like a doorway with a dot. It is scattered through the map. All the doorways will take you to a min-dungeon in which there is a boss at the end. You need to kill the boss. After this, you need to loot the chest, and then you are done.
  • Heroic Public Event – Public events happen regularly across all the zones. However, triggering the heroic version of these events needs meeting specific criteria. Veteran players can easily do this by default. Nevertheless, new players can also try to meet the needs of Heroic events.
  • Nightfall Strike – It is the most difficult version of normal strikes. You can access it from the Vanguard playlist present in the Director menu. You would require two friends as they do not have matchmaking.

After completing all the three quest steps, you move to the second step name Risk/Reward. 

Step 2: Risk and Reward

You need to go to the inventory in order to track this quest. It takes you to EDX on Earth. You can launch this quest easily from the EDZ map. It will take you to the Cosmodrome area where new players of Destiny 2 fight through. 

This part is easy to follow. It will take you to a large battlefield where you have to fight the Devil Walker. In this area, the New Light players fight in order to find their way to gather their first ship. Now open up the Director and choose Earth. You will find a banner that is blue in color and reads Risk/Reward. 

Here you need to beat the three Fallen Captains. All of them will spawn in the building near the Walker. Once all the three are dead, you need to beat the Walker. 

Once the Walker explodes, you need to move to the Breach to find the locked door. Continue moving through the walls and also the jumping puzzle.

The aim is to get through the chasm present on the opposite end. You can use various platforms like pipes to reach the other end. Walk carefully as you can get killed by the Shanks. 

At the end of the puzzle, you will find a workbench. It will have a picture of a chicken. You need to collect the conductors present on the table in order to unlock Riskrunner Destiny 2. 

Now, you have to dop down the big pipe into the next room so that you can beat the Fallen with the help of your new weapon.

Step 3: Visit Banshee-44

The last step in the Destiny 2 Pain and Gain quest includes visiting Banshee-44, who is present in the Tower. It is the final moment between the Banshee-44 and you. Here you can tell him about his close friend Cayde-6. 

You might think that it is an interim reward, but trust me, it is a real deal and an exotic reward. 

Final Words

In Destiny 2, Pain and Gain quest in an amazing jaunt through the stomping grounds. It would be a great idea to take your time exploring the Cosmodrome. Once you finish the mission, you would not be able to come here back unless you create a new character. So make the best use of the golden opportunity to explore Cosmodrome, where the new players fight. You can become a hero by helping the players. 

So what are you waiting for? Explore the new Pain and Gain Destiny 2 and have fun. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 

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